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Things since my last update:

- The library moved! Our new building is big and beautiful and doesn't smell like cabbage! We have shiny new books! The designers foolishly made the carpet textured and now our carts sound incredibly loud while we're shelving! But mostly things are pretty great.

- We also have a backroom! It is amazing how much less stressed I feel at work now that I have a place that I can occasionally go and hide. Also, we can do all of the processing in the backroom, which means that I don't have to try to get it done as quickly, since it's not in the way of the patrons.

- I saw both Batman vs Superman and Civil War. The latter was great, and I am embarrassed to have spent money to see the former. Oh DC, when will you make it less embarrassing to be a fan?

- I finished a new papercraft house that lights up from the inside. I'm very proud of it, so there will be pictures later.

- While building it, I have been listening to my Dark Adventure Radio Theatre cds. Because apparently it is time for a resurgence of Lovecraft fannishness.

- I need someone to tell me that picking a short book I like and translating the entire thing into senesh is a silly project and I shouldn't do. Probably that's a bad idea, right?

- I am, in general, really happy right now. It's pretty great.
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Today, I got two cavities filled and spent most of the day with my tongue entirely numb. Because both my cavities were on the same side of my mouth, but the hygienist read something wrong and numbed both sides instead. Which is not a huge big deal or anything, but did leave me with an entirely numbed tongue for several hours.

Fortunately, I had already requested the day off.

Which meant I had the rest of the day free for catching up on comics! Now I have read all of the Convergence books I bought, as well as the first issue of Fresh Romance. (Which, guys, do you want a romance anthology comic that's written and drawn by ladies? Fresh Romance is pretty great.) Also, I read some of the preview comics for the upcoming DC books and oh, man, the new Black Canary looks amazing. I am so excited.

Plus, I got to have pho for dinner. So, all in all, not a bad day for a day that started with getting holes drilled in my teeth.
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- Went to Emerald City Comicon this past weekend with my sisters, which was pretty much exhausting and honestly, not as fun as I'd hoped. I mean, I had a pretty good time, but there are just too many people and the panel format doesn't allow for discussion and, really, it's just not the kind of con I enjoy. (Plus, standing on the crowded show floor for more that five minutes made me literally feel like I wanted to cry, just from overstimulation.) So, I will probably not be back next year. Maybe next year I will try to go back to Wiscon instead.

- Though, I will admit, hearing the current creative team on Batgirl talk about the book was pretty cool. (Also, I am so excited for the upcoming Black Canary book, OMG.)

- The library is unveiling our new brand today, which...okay, I am not a sales-and-marketing kind of person, I understand why this sort of thing is important but I find it hard to get excited about. Mostly, it means that I have a new nametag. Which is on a lanyard now, so while I will be wearing something that obviously marks me as a library employee (which will make my managers happy), it will also be something that is easily manipulated to not obviously show my name (which will make me happy). So that's an improvement.

- I am going through one of my periods of being actively fannish about Discworld. This is always a little weird, because Discworld is normally just part of the background noise of daily life - my bedtime audiobook is a Discworld novel 95% of the time. I enjoy them as I'm going to sleep and basically don't think about them during the day. Except now I am actually reading one of them, and also reading fanfic. It is very exciting.

- Last night, I was seized by the urge to rewatch Farscape. (Or, let's be honest - an urge to rewatch all the Scorpius bits of Farscape.) I'm going to wait and see if the urge lasts till this weekend before embarking, because that is a perilous journey, fraught with emotion. (And also fraught with complaining about the general lack of the type of fanfic I want to see in the world, let's be real. I will be on my deathbed complaining about the internet's general lack of Scorpius porn.)
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- I am currently terrible at posting. Must try to improve.

- I am also currently sick. And have been so since Wednesday. Fortunately, it seems to be a very quick cold, as I have already moved through the sore throat and wooziness stage to the coughing and lost voice. I hope to be over the whole things soon.

- Because, on Thursday, I am going on vacation! And taking myself on a trip, by myself, to Longbeach, where I will stay in a little bungalow, walk on the beach, look at birds, and not talk to anyone. For four whole days. (And then I'll come back to a fifth day off, as the library is closed for President's Day.) I am so excited, you guys! I might finish my current pair of socks! Or write the three letters I owe people! Or read actual books! (That last might be a lie as it's not like I won't be bringing my computer with me and thus will have access to all my comics...)

- I have been reading a lot of comics lately, btw. Currently, I am reading Nightwing comics from the late 90's. I love Dick Grayson a lot more than I expected to, I must admit.

- Today, I was out running some errands and sort of accidentally purchased doll-making supplies. Or, well, I bought them on purpose, but they were not the purpose of the errands and I had not intended to buy them. But sometimes I am seized with the urge to make rag dolls. I never liked dolls much as a child, but starting when I was in college, I am frequently compelled to make rag dolls. I'm not sure what that's about. The current doll is named Eleanor. She has multi-colored yellow-and-orange hair and will, when I'm done making it, wear a blue dress with stars on it. She also has a star tattooed on her face (or embroided, I suppose). I believe she is some sort of futuristic neo-glam rocker who's decided to take a few years off from making music and hitchhike through space with her mechanoid companion, Del-9. (Yes, there's going to be a robot ragdoll too.) Possibly I like dolls better now because I'm capable of coming up with much better stories for them than I was when I was little.
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And today I discovered that Green Lantern: Godhead has been completed. So I am in the process of downloading all of it, whereupon I will put it in order and transfer it all to my phone.

I mean, I'm pretty sure it's going to make me slightly angry, as I remember being a little angry when I read the first special issue and I'm generally displeased with the way the New Gods have been treated in the DCnU, but I'm going to read it anyway.

Because Metron and Orion and Lightray are in it and I will read things that hurt me for characters I love. (See also the fact that I continue to read Earth 2, despite the fact that it has fucked up the JSA, ruined Apokolips, and doesn't really know what to do with Scott, Barda, Desaad, or any of the Furies. I am suitably ashamed of myself, but I don't stop.) Also, I don't think I know how to read comics without being slightly disappointed.

Well, except while reading, say, Starman or Doom Patrol.

Being a DC comics fan is frustrating.
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Okay, here are some nifty things that happened today:

- The other day, I discovered a website called Graphic Audio, which produces (among other things) DC comics audiodrama. And then I downloaded a whole bunch of them. (I am really excited about the one about the Flash because it is Wally and has Linda in it and I miss them so much, you guys.) Right now, I am listening to a Batman one and enjoying it immensely. It's a little goofy - some of the writing is stilted and there's a lot more narration than I'm used to in an audiodrama - but it's still a lot of fun and allows me to indulge my comics obsession aurally. So now DC comics joins the ranks of fandoms like LotR and Doctor Who, where I can read, watch, or listen to them. Which is great. I'm hoping to get to the point with some of them that I can use them as bedtime listening.

- I am learning awesome things about geology! Awesome thing 1: tectonic plates that move under other plates melt down and get recycled into mountains! I guess I somehow always assumed that they stayed solid and just moved around - this is so much cooler. Awesome thing 2: the Atlantic Ocean is growing at a rate of about 2-3 inches per year and the Pacific is shrinking by the same amount, so the North American continent is slowly shifting west. Western Washington used to be islands in the Pacific that collided with North America and stuck there. Eventually the same thing will probably happen with other islands in the Pacific, including probably Japan. Awesome thing 3: when basalt lava erupts under the ocean, it cools into formations that look like sofa cushions, so geologists call them "basalt pillows". Awesome thing 4: geology is really surprisingly exciting. I'm really enjoying learning about it.

So today was a pretty good day.
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So, hey, comixology is having a 99 cent Grant-Morrison-Vertigo sale and I am just maybe in the middle of a Doom Patrol reread right now so maybe you should go and buy some Doom Patrol comics and then come talk to me about how Cliff and Jane and Rebis are all that is wonderful and lovely in this world.

That could be a thing.
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- Apparently, I had requested today off at Kingston and then completely forgot about it. I did not request today off at Bainbridge. (I have checked. Three times.) So I showed up to work and everyone was surprised, but we decided that it would be better if I stayed and then called the person who was meant to come in to cover lunches and let him know that he could stay home until his normal shift later in the day. So here I am!

- Yesterday, I was seized by a desire to reread Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol. I am currently in the middle of two books and trying to be better about finishing things, but Doom Patrol. So now I am reading that too. (OMG, Rebis, I love you, I missed you!)

- This weekend, my mother and I went to Goodwill and bought puzzles. Because that seemed like a good idea at the time. So we have cleaned off the dining room table (which is never used except for storage) and have a giant puzzle spread out all over it. It's pretty great.

- Next weekend, we are visiting my sisters for a crafternoon and we're each supposed to have some sort of autumnal/Thanksgiving-related craft to share. I am having trouble coming up with one. I mean, once you get past handprint turkeys, what else do you do? Maybe I will teach them to make friendship bracelets and only bring string in autumnal colors.
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- It has been unnecessarily hot this week, and sunny, but today it is cooler and overcast and I am so much happier.

- In related news, I have literally started telling people at work that I'm a vampire, because that seems to redirect the conversation away from them telling me again about how goddamned beautiful it is outside. Instead, they either laugh at me or start talking to me about the undead, both of which are preferable.

- So, three different sagas each got one vote on the saga poll, so I put those names in a hat and pulled one out. Our next saga will be (drum roll)...Njals Saga! I should have the first part up tomorrow. Get excited!

- I guess another car hit the Kingston Community Center this morning. (And isn't that an awesome thing to be able to say?) Fortunately, no one was hurt and very minimal damage was done, and it happened before we were open.

- I'm trying to convince myself that reading comics again doesn't mean that I ought to do a Justice League rewatch. Because that just leads to me watching Double Date and Flash and Substance and absurd number of times and then irritating everyone around me. Convincing myself isn't going particularly well, though.
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What I have done today:

- Miscellaneous crafty things.

- Watched cartoons.

- Read comics. )

- Absolutely nothing else.

This is the first weekend in at least six weeks where I haven't had somewhere to go or something to do. It is awesome.
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Someone just turned in a copy of George Washington's Secret Six and immediately my brain started writing the "Scandal Savage, Catman, Deadshot, et al during the Revolutionary War" AU.

I can't decide if I prefer them to be period-appropriate, or if they're time travelling and thus have modern weaponry.

Either way, it's pretty awesome.
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There is a tiny girl in the library, wearing a frilly pink dress, loudly proclaiming her love of Batman.

I really don't want to shush her.
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Hey, y'know how the other day I was talking about reading a comic with the Shadow and the Green Hornet and other pulp heroes fighting crime and government corruption and it was awesome?

Well, the first issue is free today on comixology.com.

So, y'know. If you're into that, you should totally check it out.
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Sometimes, when I get my pull list from Midtown Comics, they have thrown in a random free comic in order to entice me to subscribe. I got one this week called Masks, which is about various pulp-era characters teaming up to fight crime and government corruption which, I'm not going to lie, I thought was pretty awesome. Because I love pulp. So well played, Midtown Comics.

Anyway. One of the characters in the comic was the Green Hornet. Which means I am now going to tell you a rambling anecdote about my childhood.

When I was little, I was a huge fan of the Adam West Batman show. It was pretty much my first ever introduction to superheroes and I loved it. It was funny, it was exciting, it was ridiculous, sometimes the heroes were almost killed by giant cakes. It was great. My sister Megan was also a fan. (She liked Robin, I liked the Penguin. Yeah, I don't know either. He had a purple top hat and a cigarette holder! I have liked certain things from a very young age.) We watched it every chance we got.

Batman came on in a block of similar shows, like Wonder Woman and Green Hornet. So we often ended up watching those as well, though not as often. Green Hornet and Kato actually appeared on Batman at one point and got turned into giant postage stamps. Because that is the kind of show Batman was. You'd get commercials for the other shows during Batman and the channel had a kind of goofy vibe and would sometimes make weird little commercials sort of making fun of the shows. One of those commercials made up words to the Green Hornet theme song. (I'm pretty sure that, for a while, Megan thought those were the real words to the Green Hornet theme song.)

Fifty percent of the time, I cannot remember the name of the woman who sits next to me in choir, but I am going to remember the made up words to the Green Hornet theme song until I die. And they have been stuck in my head from the moment I opened that comic and realized that the Green Hornet was in it. Alas, I cannot find that commercial anywhere on youtube and it may only be Megan and I who remember it, but here are the words:

He's the Greeeen Hornet,
Alias publisher Britt Reid.
He fights criiiime with cool gadgets.
Look out for his hornet's sting!

His butler's named Kato.
He's also his chauffeur.
He driiives the Black Beauty.
Watch him make that motor sing!

There are so many other things I could be devoting those brain cells to, but no. Green Hornet theme song. Now you can sing it too. Enjoy.
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- I have the best behind-the-desk snack today. I stopped at the grocery store before lunch and availed myself of their bulk section to buy honey roasted peanuts and sunflower seeds and dried cranberries and blueberries and raisins. It is awesome and cost maybe two dollars because I didn't buy a lot of anything. I am totally happy with it.

- My manager informed me this morning that now we are actually being required to wear our nametags. Grr. I hate nametags. However, my manager totally agrees with me and has said that I can wear it on the hem of my shirt or my sleeve or something as long as I technically have it on. So that's something.

- Along with all the superhero comics, I have started rereading Transmetropolitan. Which is still awesome and also appropriate, considering how much Mitt Romney reminds me of the Smiler. (I am pretty sure that Paul Ryan wasn't grown in a vat but I suppose you never know.)

- Not only do I have the Bainbridge horror movie fest to look forward to, but my coworker has just informed me that the little theater in Kingston is going to be showing Rocky Horror the weekend before Halloween. I probably won't be doing anything but watching my own movies on the actual day - Wednesday is a stupid day for Halloween - but it looks like the weekend will be pretty awesome.

- It is cool enough that I am comfortable wearing knee socks and long sleeves. Hurrah.
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- One of my boots is broken. The bottom part of the sole is coming away from the upper part. This is especially frustrating as I had this problem a few weeks ago and took the boot - the same boot - to the cobbler to be repaired. I feel as though I ought to get some sort of refund. Mostly, I just want my boots to be wearable.

- We're planning a horror movie fest at Bainbridge for the Friday before Halloween. This is awesome on two levels. 1) Horror movie fest! 2) Every time I come to work now, people want to talk to me about horror films. It's great. It started out just being classic horror (where classic = made before 1980, I guess), but now we're doing two screens so we have classic and modern stuff and people can move between them as they will. I don't know what's on the modern screen, but the classic lineup sounds awesome (it has The Black Cat, so it has to be good). I am totally excited.

- This is the week of All Staff Day, the big eight hour everyone who works at the library meeting. It's on Thursday. I am not terribly enthused. Also, I am slightly worried about lunch, as it's meant to be provided at the venue and is apparently going to be sandwiches. Now, I eat a lot of sandwiches as a rule but, see, those are sandwiches that I make. I know what's on them. I have no way of knowing what these people are going to be putting on their sandwiches and it's probably rude to deconstruct a sandwich on a buffet table before deciding whether it's safe to eat. Maybe I will pack a lunch.

- I am reading this book called Supergods, by Grant Morrison. It is a sort of history of superhero comics, interspersed with autobiographical details from Mr Morrison's life. I have just gotten to the creation of Spider-Man. Mostly, it reminds me a lot of Stephen King's Danse Macabre, in that it is a rambley, conversational thing, written by someone who both loves and works in the field, and in that if you gave it to me and didn't tell me the author, I could potentially guess just because I'm familiar with their other work. Danse Macabre could be written by no one but Stephen King and Supergods is maybe the most written-by-Grant-Morrison book possible that isn't a comic book. I mean, I'm really enjoying it but occasionally there are passages about how Mercury is one of the patron gods of comic books and how Billy Batson became Captain Marvel through a shamanic experience and is the Hermetic magus as superhero. And yes, that is interesting (if also really odd), but mostly it makes me feel inexpressibly fond. Also, the book has reminded me that I have meant for some time to read The Ten Cent Plague, so I should maybe put that on hold.*

- The yarn for my new sweater might come tomorrow. (Today, the tracking information says it is in Kent, so I'm hopeful.) It was something like 72 degrees today, so sweaters are still inappropriate to wear but I am going to knit this one nonetheless. I think there's a part of my brain that believes knitting the sweater will force autumn to actually happen.

*I also kinda vaguely want to read Seduction of the Innocent, but I feel like that would probably be a mistake.
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- While driving to work today, I found myself behind a car with an "Agent Coulson Lives" bumper sticker. I don't know who you are, sir or madame, but you are officially my favorite person in Kitsap county today.

- The thing about being home alone is that it means that, if I want to spend extensive periods of time knitting, I can do so uninterrupted. Which is why the pair of socks I started last week is nearly finished. I'm pretty pleased with them: the cabling turned out pretty well and I've now learned how to knit an afterthought heel. (Like most things that I learned to do in crochet first, it is more fiddly and difficult but looks better.) Alas that it is not quite cold enough to start wearing handmade socks.

- All that knitting requires knitting tv. I have been rewatching Justice League, which is still immensely fun. I have also been reading comics about the Flash. Here is what I love about Flash comics today: ice skating themed supervillains. I have not actually read a lot with the Golden Glider, but her existence fills me with joy. Mostly, I like the Rogues in general. I find myself charmed by the idea of a group of supervillains who have basically all said, "Screw taking over the world - I just want to rob banks and watch hockey." Because, let's face it, that is exactly the kind of supervillain I would probably be - clever enough, but not particularly ambitious. Though, in my case, the hockey would probably be replaced with sci-fi tv.

- You could tell that school had started at the library today, because we already had kids coming up to the desk and asking for school supplies. Ah, September. (Also, the thing where school here starts on the Wednesday after Labor Day continues to confuse me. Why would you start school on a Wednesday? I mean, I suppose starting on a Tuesday makes just as little sense, but it's the thing that I grew up with and thus is Correct, right? Heh.)
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- I made my tea-for-work irritatingly weak this morning. I don't know how that happened. I mean, I'm still drinking it, but it makes me sad.

- Summer reading is almost over! I like summer reading in principle - getting kids to read is always a good thing - but it practice, I really hate dealing with the various summer reading paraphernalia. We always run out of some of the bits and the prize books take up a lot of room. Still, we got a good number of finishers this year, and that's nice.

- I started a new pair of socks today, because it is getting to be that time of year. They have cables, which will either be fun or irritating, and are deliberately mismatched in color, in hopes that the different colors will keep me from getting too bored with the second sock. We'll see how that goes.

- Yesterday, I watched Justice League: Doom. About which, three things: 1) I hate Hal Jordan significantly less when he's voiced by Nathan Fillion. I don't know if I can make that effect transfer over to actual comics. 2) I like Michael Rosenbaum as the Flash as much as anyone, but having him be Barry in this movie rather than Wally was really confusing. 3) Claudia Black should do voicework in everything ever.

- I am seriously going to have to make tea as soon as I get home because the tea I have now is just disheartening.
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- Today, I was stuck in traffic for approximately 2 hours. And thus, an hour and a half late to work. This is what happens when you work on an island and people have car accidents by the bridge. This is also why I always have at least one book (and probably more) and a snack on my person at pretty much all times.

- I really don't hate children but I do kinda wish that they wouldn't shout directly outside my bedroom window. Though hearing people yell "Malachi, I know you're faking! I'm going home!" "Wait, no, I'm dead!" is pretty funny.

- Okay, I probably would have at least tried the pilot of Arrow anyway, but this almost makes me actively excited.

- I have gone from being vaguely afraid of lapsang souchong to basically thinking it is the best thing ever. In a minute, I am going to go find the largest mug we own and make myself some more.
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Things I have done today:

- Went to the Batman movie. Spoilers )

- Reread some Starman. OMG, you guys, Starman. I am full of so much ridiculous love and I kinda want to live in Opal City. The problem with rereading Starman, though, is that I don't actually have all of it. I got rid of my scans and I stopped buying the graphic novels when the omnibuses started coming out but I drifted away from comics in the middle and thus didn't buy all of the omnibuses. Now I am kinda stupid tempted to buy all the ones I don't have at once, which I really don't need to do. Maybe I will just buy one of them...
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- I had free points things on Adagio the last time I ordered tea, so I decided to use them to get something I wouldn't normally buy, since it's not like I was spending real money on it. So I bought a lapsang souchong blend. I am drinking it now. It's a little weird, since the smokiness makes me think of meat products, but I think I like it. So that's cool.

- So I was rereading Suicide Squad and remembering how much I like Deadshot (How much do I like Deadshot? A lot.), so then I started reading Secret Six because he was in it. You guys, Secret Six is amazing. It is funny and badass and has Deadshot (!) but mostly it is awesome because it is a team book about disparate freakish people who care about each other and have each other's backs and use affectionate nicknames for each other and they're all villains. I think I may possibly like this even more than I like evil-people-in-love.

- Also, they had a crossover with Birds of Prey, which reminded me of how much I loved Birds of Prey. So now I am rereading that as well. Oh, comics. I love you so much when you aren't actively trying to hurt me.

- Guys, can you recommend some knitting tv? I find myself between shows. I would prefer something that skews towards talky rather than towards long action sequences, as I knit without looking at the screen much. (And ideally, something that I can stream via Netflix or Hulu.) Any suggestions?
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In which I am a dorkface, but in constructive ways:

I go to McDonalds once a week on Mondays, so that I can have lunch while I drive between Kingston and Bainbridge. It's really convenient and so I keep doing it, but the food isn't good for me and I don't really feel good after I eat it. The problem is that, if I don't do that, I have to make two meals to take with me in the morning (because I eat both lunch and dinner at work) and I'm terribly lazy. So I need something to motivate me.

I figured out approximately how much money I spend a month eating at McDonalds on Mondays and told myself that, if I stopped doing that, I could spend that money on something nerdy and fun. And then I went to midtowncomics.com and set myself up a pull list.

I am bribing myself with superheros to make myself eat better. Alas that I have not as yet figured out a way to bribe myself to exercise.
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So. As I may have mentioned, I have been reading a lot of Marvel comics of late. But I ran out of Avengers-related cartoons and still have knitting to do, and thus I have been rewatching Justice League. Which has led to me rereading the DC comics that I have on my computer (mostly JLI and Suicide Squad).

I am enjoying Marvel comics a lot, but DC still kinda feels like "real comics" to me*. Even though I have pretty much ignored everything that DC has done in the past several years, because it seemed like everything that they were doing was calculated to cause me pain and I am a firm believer in the idea that comics should be fun. But I guess there has been a massive reboot that I didn't really pay attention to lately? So maybe they are doing fun things again.

Thus, I am coming to the internet to ask for recommendations. I like Batman (well, I like his rogue's gallery), never really cared much about Superman but would be willing to try, really love toon!verse Wally West but have never really read other Flashes, have never properly read Wonder Woman, and kinda want to punch Hal Jordan in the face all the time. I don't mind dark or creepy but I do draw the line at soul-crushingly depressing. I am willing to put up with bad art if the writing is fun. I like kickass ladies and would ideally prefer stories in which those kickass ladies are neither raped nor murdered.

Do any of you guys read semi-recent DC comics and do you have any that you would recommend? I would really appreciate it.

*I think part of it is the fact that I have not quite gotten over how everyone in Marvel comics lives in New York. That is crazycakes.
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One of the things that I love about working at the library is tiny children who come to the library wearing costumes for no apparent occasion.

Today, there is a little boy in a Batman costume with, and this is the crowning glory, Spider-Man wellingtons.

I'm pretty sure that if you tried to combine Bruce Wayne and Peter Parker into one person they, or possibly the universe, would explode but still. Well done, that kid.
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Slow night at work - poking around on ravelry.

This is my favorite nerdy craft of the month.


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