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- I have gotten so bad at updating, OMG.

- I bought new boots last week. They are Doc Martens and are black with secret rainbows. In that, they are coated with some kind of oil-slick looking substance that you can only see in the right light. I love them, but we are still in the breaking-in process so they hurt my feet.

- My mom is currently in Alabama (ferrying my grandmother to my aunt's house), so Dad and I are on our own. Since most of the tv shows we watch together we also watch with Mom, we're saving them till she gets back and I am getting random movies that look fun for for Dad and me from the library. So far, we have watched Lady from Shanghai and Field of Dreams. You guys, I had never seen Field of Dreams before and it is far and away one of the weirdest stories I've ever seen. I mean, I kinda loved it but wow. That is some weird baseball magic.

- Also, I have read too much Stephen King in my life to think that strange voices in the corn are ever something you should listen to. Don't build a baseball field! Burn down the corn instead!

- Relatedly, I am currently reading 14 by Peter Clines, and Dracula, and Caligari's Chlidren, which is a book on horror film from the late 70's. (Written just before Halloween. The author talks a lot about how horror film comes in waves and I have this weird gleeful joy that he's standing right in front of another one and doesn't know it. I hope he enjoyed it.) And, y'know, I am just a fundamentally happier person when part of my brain is thinking about monsters and horror film. I suppose that's why I always reach for horror when I'm in a bad place. But I am not in a bad place right now, so basically my monsters just make me happy.

- Today, I am meeting my sisters in Seattle for brunch and we are going to the ballet. That sentence sounds like it ought to belong to someone else's life, but it is indeed mine.
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- Since November, I've been trying to write in my paper journal every day. I find this leads to not writing here. Sorry.

- Earlier this week, a notoriously child-hating patron of the library came in and handed me a box of candy canes saying, "There'll be kids in here soon, maybe you can hand these out." I thanked him, put them in the office, and didn't give them to anyone. They were still wrapped, so I'm pretty sure they weren't poisoned, but you never can tell.

- I am still reading a lot of Revolutionary War-related nonfiction. The thing about reading about Thomas Jefferson is that I want to make notes that just say NERD in big letters on basically every line, which is probably not helpful. (Oh god, he was so hilariously terrible.)

- Yesterday, I told a coworker my theory about Washington having magical powers. She nodded and then asked if I had read Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, and we talked about that for a while. Sadly, she works mostly at Poulsbo and was only subbing at Kingston, so she can't be my new work-best-friend.

- I went to see Deadpool yesterday and it was pretty much everything I wanted out of a Deadpool movie, by which I mean that it was full of stabbing and jokes I would feel uncomfortable about if my parents were in the room. Sometimes, that is all I want in life.

- For the past few weeks, I've been attending a Quaker meeting on Sundays. (You can be a Quaker and not be a Christian. Who knew, right?) It is immensely satisfying. Which is maybe a weird thing to say about sitting in a circle with a dozen other people and mostly not talking at all while you all think about god/the gods for an hour, but yeah, it really is. I won't be able to go next week, and I'm pretty sure I'm really going to miss it.

- The reason I can't go is that next week is my grandmother's 90th birthday and all the aunts are coming. Also my cousin and his wife. And my sisters. And while I'm super happy that they can all come to celebrate Granny's birthday, oh my god, where are we going to put them all, what are we going to do with them, I have never met my cousin's wife and will have to make conversation with her, oh no.

And that's what going on with me!
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Yesterday, I went to see Mad Max: Fury Road. Like everyone else on the internet, I love it completely (and would really like to see it again).

I have never seen a Mad Max movie before which, given my love of apocalyptica is a little surprising. Now I'll have to do that, as this movie contained a whole bunch of things I love about the genre: gorgeous wasteland vistas, terrible hellscape societies, crazy-ass religions. Plus, whole bunches of women being awesome and critiques of toxic masculinity, which I do not usually get in my apocalyptica. So that was awesome.

Also, I really appreciated how little exposition there is in the movie. There's a little tiny voice-over at the beginning and then it's essentially a 2-hour action sequence, with characterization via action, and you have to figure everything out yourself. Because that, for me, is one of the great joys of apocalyptica as well - you have to figure out how the world works now by reading about it. And this movie assumes you're smart enough to do that, which is pleasant and refreshing.

Plus, the movie is gorgeous. And, for a movie that is essentially a 2-hour action sequence, surprisingly not gory. Violent, yes, but not gory. Which was also refreshing.

I'm trying to convince my mom that we should go see it together today.
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- So that "posting every day in December" thing didn't work out. Ah well. Holidays screw things up a little.

- Tangentially - so, hey, holidays! My Christmas went quite well. We had fun family times and good food, I received many pairs of socks and bars of soap*, some beautiful stationery paper and fountain pen ink, and a new book on monster movies. Plus, a PEZ dispenser shaped like the Flash! We played a lot of Uno and ate a lot of cookies and Megan played the Marty Robbins pandora station a lot. Good times. I hope that you all had a nice time as well, whatever you may or may not be celebrating at this time of year.

- Also, we went to see Into the Woods. Which I have some quibbles with, which are under here, ) but generally enjoyed. Also, the staging of Agony alone is worth the price of admission, so there's that.

- Yesterday, I bought three tiny colorful cactuses for my windowsill because I decided that I needed more plant life around. And then I remembered that I had bought flower seeds this summer for indoor planting and never used them, so now they are in pots on my windowsill. They may not grow, as it is midwinter, but the possibility pleases me.

- I did some Christmas knitting this year - a pair of socks for Dad - and it came down to the wire a little in that I didn't finished them till Christmas Eve. (We open presents on Christmas Eve, to give you some perspective.) Pressured knitting is no fun, but it did remind me that I love making socks and haven't done so in a which. And I have a lot of sock yarn that I haven't knit up yet. So now I am knitting some socks with this yarn, which was given to me three years ago. They are mildly hideous and I love them. And I am not allowed to buy anymore sock yarn until I knit the yarn I have.

- I am pretty sanguine about going back to work today, but there is still a part of me that want to stay home, get out all my dvds of monster movies, and have a day-long marathon. I feel like I need some black and white vampires and beautiful staircases.

*I suppose it is a sign of adulthood that I asked for those things. Most of the socks have monsters or dinosaurs on them, though.
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So, the parentals and I have decided to try to branch out in our media consumption by having a family film series. Each of us is supposed to find five movies in a genre that we're not terribly familiar with and then, over a period of several weeks, we'll watch them together. Since I have been listening to an absurd amount of Sparks Nevada lately and also because I do keep meaning to learn more about the genre, I got westerns. (My dad is doing movies-about-WWII and Mom is doing thrillers.)

You guys, there are a lot of westerns out there - I keep finding really long lists of things, which do not help me find a starting point. Do any of you like westerns? Do you have any you would recommend? Also, if you have any western novels you want to recommend, I would happily take those as well. 8)

(Here is what I have already watched in said genre: High Noon, which I did not care for much. Red River, which was pretty great. Bend of the River, which was okay. The Burrowers, which was nifty, but not something the parentals would be into. Johnny Guitar, which was a little weird, but also really awesome.)
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- Did I spend a good chunk of this morning making a big list of apocalyptica on goodreads? Yes. Yes, I did. Alas that much of it is not at my library, because it is old sci-fi and, unless it is considered "classic", we don't have a lot of that. (Some of it is, though, so I will work my way through that first.)

- My mother, sisters, and I are going to grown-up Girl Scout camp next week, so I am carefully placing holds so that I have a couple books to bring with me. I had thought that I would be able to bring Riddley Walker, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to be done with it before then, even if the language does slow my normal reading speed.

- The thing about reading Riddley Walker especially if you, as I did today, spend time reading it aloud to yourself and you are, like me, something of a sponge for turns of phrase, is that you end up feeling like saying things like, "I ben on my oansome" out loud to other people is perfectly normal. It changes the way I form sentences in my head. Lots of books with particularly strong voices do that, of course (I am apparently very obnoxious after reading Dorothy Sayers, for example), but I haven't read one that did it this strongly in a while. The last one I remember that did was Grapes of Wrath.

- Good gods, has it really been ten years since I read Grapes of Wrath? Maybe I should do that again.

- Tonight was movie night at Bainbridge and we watched Lady from Shanghai. Which was fun. Less fun was the discussion afterward, during which there was a small argument over the question of "is film noir in general and the figure of the femme fatale in specific misogynist?" Which, yes, of course it is. Look, I love me some femme fatales, but if your film genre overwhelmingly presents women as being manipulative and evil and then being punished for it, maybe your film genre has a problem with women. But several middle-aged dudes disagreed with me on that and were condescending and one of them actually said, "Well, some women really are like that." Which, just, wow. Look, dudes, I am not trying to take your movies away or tell you that you are bad people for liking them - I like them too. And I get that it can be hard liking something that is problematic - you want to talk about a genre that has problems with women? Come watch horror films with me sometime. But middle-aged dudes do not get to tell me that the movie I just watched about an evil scheming woman destroying all the men in her life because she is an evil scheming woman is not maybe a little misogynist.

- Staff meeting tomorrow. I do not want to go. Alas.
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This week's saga segment is going to be a bit late. I got about half of it recorded today, but it was very slow going as my tongue was entirely refusing to cooperate and I had to record each sentence about three times apiece. And tomorrow we are going to Seattle to celebrate birthdays (my dad's is the 23rd and my sister's is the 24th), so I will have no time to do it then. So probably Wednesday. Sorry about that.

I have, in fact, felt a bit off all day. I've been tired all week and today have mostly had an intermittent headache. It got better after dinner, but then Mom and I went to see Maleficent*, which caused it to intensify to the degree that I feel a bit nauseated. So now I am going to bed.

*Which I thoroughly enjoyed. I am so very much here for powerful scary magical women with wings having important relationships with other women that are the focus of the story.

Also I am here for adorable snarky corvine minions. But I figure we knew that already.
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- I seem to have gotten out of the habit of regular blogging. I should correct that.

- We are now officially over two weeks into Summer Reading. (Excuse me - I believe we are calling it "The Summer of Learning" this year.) I have mixed feelings about Summer Reading. On the one hand - reading is awesome! Everyone should do that and it should be celebrated! On the other hand, I kinda hate dealing with it. However, there is a pretty cool robots/mad science theme this year, so that's nifty.

- I have started knitting a sampler afghan and am really enjoying it. I recently did a little lap blanket knitalong with my mom and, y'know, as much as I enjoy making garments, there is something really satisfying about blankets. So now I am making an afghan big enough to be a bedspread because why not? A sampler afghan is nice, because it's all made in separate bits and each bit is a different pattern, so I don't have enough time to get really bored with any one particular bit. Which is good because I get bored easily.

- When I bought the yarn for the afghan, the cashier told me that the colors were too autumnal to be buying this time of year. Which irked me a little, I will admit, because I think it is a bit rude to comment on someone's purchases in a negative way. (Or at all, really, but I think that may just be a me-thing rather than a normal person-thing.) Also, have you ever tried to find yarn colors that are bright enough to be summer-appropriate and aren't on the much less pleasing side of the acrylic spectrum? Because it is hard, let me tell you. Also also, autumnal colors are the best colors.

- Because I am ridiculous, I may have started reading old Fourth World comics from the 70s. I feel like New Gods should be completely ridiculous and it really kinda is, but I also find it weirdly compelling. Even if everybody does have ridiculous names. (I am reading 70s Mr Miracle at the same because why not and also because Barda is the best ever. Yes.)

- Due to a couple of articles I read on The Toast this morning, I now really want to have some sort of vintage film fest, but I'm pretty sure that none of my family members would wish to join me, which is a little disappointing. Maybe I will ask the sisters anyway.
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Everyone should post their ten most CRUCIAL CRUCIAL CRUCIAL-ASS movies, like the movies that explain everything about yourselves in your current incarnations (not necessarily your ten favorite movies but the ten movies that you, as a person existing currently, feel would help people get to know you) (they can change later on obviously).

1. Bride of Frankenstein. This is the one that I pretty much do make everyone I know watch. BECAUSE IT IS THE PERFECT FILM.

2. The Great Mouse Detective. Y'know how kids do that thing where they get obsessed with something and just want to watch it over and over again until everyone around them wants to scream? This was that movie for me. I'm pretty sure that I can still recite the whole thing along with the characters.

3. Dracula. Ahahaha, weird creepy childhood crush on Dwight Frye. Maybe this movie is not really that great but I still have so many feelings about Dracula, you guys, and this is where it started. (Also, basically, the first thing I ever wrote fanfic about. Also, basically, my first slash fandom.)

4. Son of Dracula. I spent a lot of my childhood wanting female monsters and not finding satisfying ones. And then, a few years ago, I watched this film and found what I'd been missing. It is not a good movie, probably, but Kay Caldwell is a good monster.

5. Re-Animator. This is my "I've had a bad day and want to feel better" movie. Which I suppose says something about me.

6. Dark City. There are a couple films I watched obsessively in college and this is one of them. It is so beautiful and weird and probably doesn't make a lot of sense if you think about it too hard but I just want to live in this film sometimes.

7. The Maltese Falcon. Another college obsession film. I'm pretty sure I had elaborate fanfic for this at one point, but I never wrote it down and have forgotten most of it. But everything about the movie is great.

8. Labyrinth/(Nightmare on Elm Street). Labyrinth is the last of the college obsession films on this list. It's the one I watched obsessively with other people. Nightmare on Elm Street goes here too because a) I love it and b) they are the same movie. Watch them as a double feature sometimes - it is absolutely true.

9. The Abominable Dr Phibes. I feel like this movie sort of sums up everything you need to know about my sense of humor.

10. The Wicker Man. The original, obviously. 8) Okay, this sounds weird, but I actually have complicated religious feelings about this movie. Which I will put under this cut. ) Sgt Howie died for your apples, basically.

It would be fun to do this again with tv, I think.
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Am currently at movie night on Bainbridge.

Discussing The Caine Mutiny in a navy-heavy/sailor-heavy area is kinda awesome.
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Bad things about today:

- Family drama )

Good things about today:

- So, I saw Pacific Rim. Which was a movie about giant robots punching giant lizards and, really, I am totally down with that. And also with watching Idris Elba do just about anything. Plus, I didn't know Burn Gorman was going to be in it, and he was pretty much adorable. So that was cool.

- In a moment of beautiful synchronicity, I picked up the perfect book to go along with listening to Welcome to Night Vale. It is called American Elsewhere and is about a creepy town in the American Southwest that is, apparently, concealing many creepy secrets. I am about 100 pages in and I keep yelling things like "Do not look at the dog park!" at the protagonist.

- In April, a girl in choir invited me to join her gaming meet-up group, which I did. And it hasn't met all summer. Last night, I decided to find a place where I could RP online (with strangers, because apparently RPing online with people I actually know fills me with crippling anxiety and then I never post), specifically to play Call of Cthulhu. Because I've wanted to for years and have no one here to play with. So I found a forum and joined a game where we're all travelling on the Orient Express in the late 1930s. I am so excited! Also, I realized after I came up with my character concept that I had basically designed him to be played (in the Universal horror film of this game) by David Manners. That is hilarious.

We are going to concentrate on the good things.
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- A patron came in and told me that she was glad I was here because she had just heard an interview with Anne Rice where people who practice IRL vampirism were talked about and she figured, if anyone knew anything about that particular subculture, it would be me. I'm not entirely certain how I feel about that. (For the record: I have read about people who practice IRL vampirism - there is a chapter about them in David Skal's The Monster Show - but I've never personally met any. Also, YKINMKBYKIOK and all that.)

- Last night was movie night at Bainbridge and we watched The Scarlet Empress. About which three things. 1) Hey, wow, pre-Code film. There are totally naked ladies in this movie. I did not expect that. 2) One of the really neat things about the film is the way that it's so clearly a transitional work between silent movies and talkies. There are long stretches with no dialogue and much broader acting than you get later, and there are intertitle screens every five minutes or so. Often hilarious intertitle screens. Even though it was made years later than, say, Frankenstein, it feels older because of that. 3) I kinda want the entire Imperial Russian palace from this movie. Not quite as much as I want the castle from Son of Frankenstein or Hjalmar Poelzig's house from The Black Cat, but the furniture is just amazing.

- We have a sub today - one I've worked with a lot - who was not around while I was reading Les Miz. (Which, no, I still haven't finished. Someday!) And somehow, we ended up talking about it. Apparently, my sales pitch for getting people to read Les Miz is totally the wacky dead nun shenanigans. I think this is because I figure that everyone knows the book is sad but no one ever told me that it was also occasionally really really funny.

- So, I am currently listening to an audiobook of Clash of Kings. It is not a bad audiobook, so much, as an audiobook in which the reader makes decisions that I do not understand. For instance: Tyrion is inexplicably Welsh. I understand that with a cast that large you have to do what you can to distinguish characters but none of the other Lannisters are in any way Welsh and so it throws me out of the performance every time Tyrion talks. (On the other hand, the reader has at least remembered that maybe Stannis and Renly should have similar accents and thus is one up on the show.)

- Starting next Thursday, the parentals are going to California to visit my sisters. And I have that Friday through Tuesday off. I am counting down.
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Today, the parentals and I went to Les Miserables.

I guess there might be spoilers in all the rambling? I don't know what counts as a spoiler for Les Miz. )

It's not a perfect film but it is almost everything I wanted. I'm looking forward to getting the dvd and seeing if I can ever get through it without crying.
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Today, I finally managed to see The Hobbit. (I have not yet managed to see Les Miz. ::shakes fist at the sky::) It's not a perfect movie, but I found it to be very enjoyable. I don't have any deep thoughts about it, but I do have three not-really-spoilery comments to share with the internet:

1) Movie!verse Thorin Oakenshield = the universe's shortest Klingon. Seriously, the whole movie I was waiting for him to pull out a bat'leth. I think it's the combination of the hair and the cloak. (In this AU, the elves are Vulcans, hobbits are probably Terrans, I have no idea what the Orcs or Men are, and the Istari are probably part of the Q continuum. I would totally read that, wouldn't you?) I loved movie!verse Thorin - probably more than I have ever loved Thorin before - which makes him officially the first Klingon I have ever wholeheartedly loved.

2) While I am very pleased that several of the songs were included in the film, I am going to admit that it is always jarring to me to hear songs from The Hobbit that are not set to the same tunes as those used in the Rankin-Bass movie. Which I now possibly need to watch again. (Also that, since watching the Riddles in the Dark scene, I have had the one riddle that got set to music in the animated film stuck in my head.)

3) So, I am not an elf person. Or a hobbit person. My major identification figures in Tolkein have always been the Rohirrim and the dwarves. It is awfully nice to have a fantasy movie that is full of badass dwarves.

I think I am going to get the audiobook from audible and start it as my new bedtime listening.
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So, I have a coworker who's trying to come up with some movies to play at the library in December that are winter-but-not-Christmas movies. The requirements are that they not contain Santa or Jesus but that they do contain at least one scene with snow in it.

This afternoon, while discussing it with one of our other coworkers (who is a film buff and helps run the library movie night every month), we could only come up with movies that were a) really bleak, b) wholly inappropriate for showing at the library, or c) both. ("Ginger Snaps 3 has snow in it," I said. "Let the Right One In is full of snow," movie buff coworker said. "Ooh, we could watch The Thing!" I said. "And The Shining!" he said. "There's The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe," I said, "except that contains both Santa and Jesus.")

Can any of you think of any happy movies with snow but with neither Santa nor Jesus?
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Twice in the past two days, I have had conversations at the library - with different people - about the film Billy the Kid Versus Dracula*.

Only one of these conversations was started by me. Sometimes, these things just happen.

*Which is totally on my list of Terrible Movies I Want To See Solely Because Of The Title. Along with Hell Comes to Frogtown, The Howling 2: Your Sister is a Werewolf, Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter, and Chopper Chicks From Zombie Town.
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Today, la familia and I went to see the new Bourne movie because of course we did. Or, at least, of courseI did, and it seemed polite to invite everyone else. (From this experience, I have learned that probably I should not invite my dad to ridiculous action movies. He likes things to make a degree more sense than they often do and he requires more from a movie than me. Also, he has a harder time suspending disbelief. So he doesn't enjoy them, which is not his fault but does harsh my squee. So, lesson learned.)

I enjoyed it, but have no proper spoilers. Stuff blew up, Jeremy Renner shot people, I am easy. However, my mind tends to wander somewhat during especially extended action sequences and I started wondering where are all the stories where a scared and inexperienced civilian guy is taken under the protection of a female badass superspy/assassin. Because I would watch that movie. And then, after a moment's more thought, I realized that that is, in fact, what happens with early Black Widow and Hawkeye in the comics, except we don't actually get to see it. So now I want, like, pages and pages of Natasha and Clint's wacky adventures being...I don't actually know what, considering the constantly moving timeline, but whatever kind of spies/enemy agents they were, with Natasha being competent and scary and Clint shooting stuff and being a hilarious asshole.

Someone should totally write that and then link me to it.
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Movie night at Bainbridge. This month, we watched Fat City. About which I have nothing to say except that every time I watch movies from the 70s, it reminds me why I don't watch more movies from the 70s.

It was one of those situations where everyone else there loved the movie, too. Which is good, in a way, because then they explain what it is about the film that works for them and I can go, "Oh, okay, I can see that - it doesn't work for me, but I can see why you like it." But it doesn't make the film any more pleasant for me to watch.

Next month, we are watching a Hitchcock movie. Hitchcock, at least, is seldom boring.
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Things I have done today:

- Went to the Batman movie. Spoilers )

- Reread some Starman. OMG, you guys, Starman. I am full of so much ridiculous love and I kinda want to live in Opal City. The problem with rereading Starman, though, is that I don't actually have all of it. I got rid of my scans and I stopped buying the graphic novels when the omnibuses started coming out but I drifted away from comics in the middle and thus didn't buy all of the omnibuses. Now I am kinda stupid tempted to buy all the ones I don't have at once, which I really don't need to do. Maybe I will just buy one of them...
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Went to see Prometheus. There were goo snakes and robots and many people died.

I approve of the fact that the determined I-will-go-into-space-and-find-stuff-out scientist is named Elizabeth Shaw, even if she isn't a redhead and doesn't work for UNIT.
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Brief reactions to The Avengers, because it is late and I am both keyed up and about to fall asleep )

Two non-spoilery things:

1) I am totally going again on Sunday. It is a plan.

2) We can have a Black Widow&Hawkeye movie now, right? (Or Black Widow/Hawkeye. I would be totally down with that.)
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- Today was actually a very good day. I read ridiculous and happy-making fanfic before work*, I had a good time at work, and also it was movie night at Bainbridge, which is almost always fun.

- Accomplishment that was a big deal for me, if not for anyone else: Today was library snapshot day, which means that we record certain stats and also take a lot of pictures. So there was a guy going around with a camera, recording the goings on of the library. He snuck up on my while I was shelving in adult nonfiction and started taking pictures without asking which is, in my opinion, really rude. And I hate being photographed. I'll do it if I have to, or if a family member or good friend insists, but I really dislike it. I thought for several seconds about which would be worse, making a request of a stranger or having to endure being photographed, and then said, politely, "I know that you're just doing your job, but I really hate being photographed. Would you mind not taking my picture?" Which he did, though he didn't apologize. So I got what I wanted, even if I did have to spend the next couple minutes talking to myself to get over the anxiety of Talking To a Stranger and Asserting Boundaries When They Might Inconvenience Someone Else. Go me!

- My favorite thing about movie night, other than the movie, is the two hours that I have between work and movie time. It's not enough time to go home and come back, so it's two hours wherein I don't have to talk to anyone and can just be quiet and by myself with no expectations upon me. Today, I bought fake grocery store Chinese food and ate it in my car near a little park, and then knit and listened to Doctor Who audios until it was movie time. And it was my favorite kind of day, where it's not too cold but a little rainy and the clouds are like a thick grey blanket that makes everything quiet and soft and cozy. It's been sunny here recently and I know that many people were happy about that and I'm glad for them, but it made a cozy grey day like this kind of a relief for me. So that was pretty great.

- Tonight's movie was The Sweet Smell of Success, which is a very good film but full of thoroughly dreadful people. One of the things that I like about the movie group is that we watch movies that are quite good but that I would likely have never watched on my own. This isn't my favorite of the movies we've watched that were new to me - that's probably a tie between Night of the Hunter (which is gorgeous) and Witness for the Prosecution (which is amazingly fun) - but is certainly in the top ten. (Also, I won a bet with myself. Halfway through the movie, I thought to myself, "I will bet a dollar that there is slash fic about this movie, probably written for yuletide." Well, friends and neighbors, I have won that dollar.) Next month, we are watching Harvey, which I have seen before but love. And neither of the guys running the group have seen it before, so that's something to look forward to.

- Tomorrow is going to be long, what with training and work and dress rehearsal. Hopefully, it will still be a pretty good day.

*Animal transformation fic. Seriously, if I have even the slightest interest in a fandom and you turn one of the characters into a small furry animal and then have other characters take care of him/her, I will read your story and probably make dolphin noises. I am not even slightly ashamed.
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Movie night at Bainbridge. Also, since I have two hours between getting off work and movie time, I took myself to my favorite local Thai place for dinner. I am always hesitant to go to restaurants by myself because I don't want to talk to the hosts or waitstaff, but once I'm seated I always end up enjoying it. It is very pleasant to eat good food quietly while reading a book and not have to do the dishes afterwards.

Tonight's movie was Witness for the Prosecution, which I wholeheartedly adored. It has everything I want in a courtroom drama - snarky judges, snarky lawyers, dramatic witness testimony, last minute twists - and also contains Marlene Dietrich, whom I had never actually seen in a movie before but who was wonderful. And there was Charles Laughton and Elsa Lanchester, bickering with each other adorably. And Una O'Conner, who is always fabulous. If you haven't seen it and it sounds like the sort of thing you would enjoy, you should totally check it out because it's great. (Also, there is a narrator who comes on over the ending credits and asks you not to spoil the ending for your friends. That is adorable. And I won't.) I have convinced my parents that they should see it, mostly so that I can watch it again.

All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable day. Which is nice, since the last several have been rather disappointing and frustrating. It's nice to go to bed feeling happy.
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- Today, we are celebrating my birthday! (Since I was on a plane for much of the actual day.) There will be pizza and swashbuckling movies, one of which has Christopher Lee as a pirate! And also tangerine cake! (In my house, not in the movie with Christopher Lee the pirate. I believe he is a French pirate, also.) And it is blustering quite nicely outside and I have sock knitting to do while we watch and basically, today is ideal.

- Speaking of Christopher Lee. A little while ago, I watched The Devil Rides Out and found it to be quite entertaining, so now I am reading the book. Thoughts of the rambly and incoherent type. )

- Also, while in Santa Barbara, I read the first Hilary Tamar novel, which was recommended to me back when I asked for new mystery novels. It was hilarious and terribly entertaining and I may have ordered the other four used on amazon. (This is an idiosyncratic thing but it heightened my enjoyment: I am not a visual thinker, so I don't visualize things much when I read, but I do fairly clearly hear the character voices in my head. And I was watching a lot of Blakes 7 before starting this novel. So, for whatever reason my brain decided that everything Hilary says - including all the narration - should be read by Paul Darrow. Totally awesome. I hope it continues for the other three books.)

- I am almost halfway done with my Christmas knitting. Unfortunately, the rest of it is for a person who lives in this house, which means that I can't work on it while watching tv with other people. Which means I get to work on more socks for me in public, and secret knitting in private or while on breaks at work. 8)

- I am really looking forward to that tangerine cake.
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Things I learned today:

- People are going to keep making short films out Music of Eric Zaan (which I'm sure I misspelled) and I am never going to care.

- There is a sculpture of a giant mouse perching on a sleeping man at the Seattle Art Museum. It's pretty neat.

- Night of the Demon really would have been a better film if the demon had been kept off screen. It's still pretty good though.

- If someone ever gives you the opportunity to watch director's workprint of a movie you've never seen before or otherwise do not love, the correct answer is "No". And two hours is much too long to spend watching one. Seriously, that was like an endurance event.

In conclusion, I watched seven movies this weekend and five of them were fun. And I bought a new bento box and didn't permanently lose my kindle. In general, a positive experience, though I much prefer the Portland festival.


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