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Downsides of today:

- Early meeting at a faraway branch of the library, which meant getting up much earlier than I wanted.

- There was an upgrade to our library software we were going talk about at this meeting and I was super excited about it, but during discussion it turns out that the upgrade will not work the way I hoped and so now I am disappointed.

- Also, I forgot to put sugar in the tea that I brought to the meeting/work, and so had to drink it without. I realize that there are people who drink tea like this all the time. I don't understand why you would do that to yourselves.

Upsides of today:

- Because of said early meeting, I got to leave work early. And now I have accomplished all the grocery shopping that I had thought I would need to do Saturday, so Saturday is entirely free.

- I have a delicious stir fry planned for dinner that I am really looking forward to.

- Today was very quiet at the library, which meant that I had time to work on my senesh, and now I have numbers! I can count to 9,999 (which is tof al-uðan tof a-cyon tof a-meis un tof, written out). I can't write that in senesh yet, as I haven't made up characters for numbers yet or figured out how they work in the writing system, but I feel accomplished nonetheless.

- I have finally gotten to Bree in my absurd recording of LotR, which means that now I get to read about stuff that is actually interesting.

On the whole, I think we have come out on the positive side.
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So, along with cooking things yesterday and watching about an hour's worth of Stephen Universe, I decided on a ridiculous plan. I decided that I was annoyed enough by the available options to make my own recording of The Lord of the Rings. And then, I recorded about two and a half hours of it.

This is clearly an absurd thing to do - the whole thing is over two days long, and I am infamous for starting large projects, getting half way through, and not finishing them. Plus, I occasionally get sidetracked trying to find out weird little things about the book that stop me recording*. But, you guys, this book is absurdly fun to read out loud! Plus sometimes I get to sing! So great!

Other the other hand, I have recorded two and half hours of it and am still in chapter three. We haven't even left the Shire yet. Guys, why is the beginning of Fellowship so long? (Probably that is someone's favorite thing, in which case I apologize for maligning it. But I have to admit that I usually start with the Council of Elrond, if I don't just read the Moria bits and then skip straight to The Two Towers.)

Maybe I will actually meet Tom Bombadil by the time I go to bed tonight.

*I spent about 15 minutes yesterday trying to figure out if Cirth runes have names, like Tengwar letters or Futhark runes. As far as I can tell, they don't, but if there are other Tolkien nerds out there who know otherwise, please let me know.
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Y'know what I want? I want an unabridged professionally-done audiobook of Lord of the Rings that isn't read by Rob Inglis. Because, I'm sorry, I'm sure he did the best job he could and kudos to him for reading the whole damned thing and doing all the songs, but Mr Inglis' voices leave a lot to be desired. As does his singing. It is very frustrating.

(Also frustrating is the Phil Dragash version. I mean, dude did a lot of work on that thing and it's pretty amazing, but maybe somewhere in there he should have looked up how to pronounce the words he didn't know. It kinda throws you out of the story when the narrator starts talking about the griddle that Goldberry's wearing.)

In an ideal world, we would have an unabridged full-cast recording with all the people who worked on the 1981 BBC version. Because that version is in all ways perfect. But even in our current not ideal world, we deserve a better audiobook than the one we've got.

(We also deserve a better audiobook reader for ASoIaF than Roy Dotrice, but that is the least of that series' troubles.)
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- I enjoyed tonight's episode of The Flash immensely. I am here for all the Rogue team-ups, please and thank you. (I swear to god, I really do care about Barry et al but you really can't expect me to pay attention to them when I could be thinking about Captain Cold. Also spoilers ))

- I have recently started learning how to draw Celtic knotwork designs and am finding it very satisfying. I really enjoying making big whole-page designs - I find the actual process of drawing them very soothing, because it requires me to follow a series of steps that are time consuming and require concentration but aren't actually difficult and don't really require any sort of artistic talent. And then I get to color them, which is always pleasing. Plus, when they're done, it's very calming to trace over the lines with my fingers. I suppose it's a little like the idea of finger labyrinths or those zentangle things.

- Megan and I went to see the last Hobbit movie this weekend, so I am having a little bit of a Tolkien resurgence. Which is why I'm listening to the Silmarillion on audiobook. Possibly, that way I will actually finish it. Ungoliant has just eaten the two trees at present. If I can get past the Noldor returning to Arda, I will officially be farther than I've ever gotten before.

- The thing is, I am really happy for everyone who is rooting for the Seahawks - it's cool that your team won and is going to the Superbowl again - but I will pretty much also be really happy when football season is over and I don't have to talk about it with people at the library any more.
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So, I had to pick Katie up from the ferry tonight and we had the following conversation on the way home. (It is late, and I have been reading a lot of Tolkien lately. That is my excuse.)

Me: So, elves don't die. I mean, you can kill them, but the don't just die. They sail off to an island somewhere and live forever.

Katie: What animal is it, y'know, that lives in the sea and doesn't die?

Me: Lobsters*?

Katie: That's it!

Me: So, lobsters are the elves of the sea.

That is my favorite thing that I've said in weeks.

And now, I am going to sleep.

*This is probably not actually true, but I read it somewhere and I find the idea of immortal lobsters to be utterly charming.
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So, I went to see The Hobbit today and you guys, I am full of feelings about Middle Earth.

I used to reread Tolkien a lot and then I guess I reached a saturation point where I didn't feel like I needed too any more. (This point may have been the moment when I realized that there were significant chunks of dialogue in Two Towers that I could recite by heart. I'm pretty sure I can still do that.) So I don't reread LotR every year anymore and I go long stretches of time thinking that I've outgrown high fantasy. But then something comes along and makes me think about Middle Earth and no, I haven't outgrown high fantasy. I see the flaws in it now, maybe, but I still love it.

And I like Peter Jackson's movies. They're not the books, but they're glorious fanfic full of love for the source and that makes me happy. I don't need them to be the books - I have the books to be the books. The movies make me happy in different ways.

Smallish, mostly unimportant spoilers. )

I have to take my sister to the airport tomorrow and then go to work on Monday. This is sad, because it means I probably don't have time for a giant Lord of the Rings marathon any time soon.
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Today, I finally managed to see The Hobbit. (I have not yet managed to see Les Miz. ::shakes fist at the sky::) It's not a perfect movie, but I found it to be very enjoyable. I don't have any deep thoughts about it, but I do have three not-really-spoilery comments to share with the internet:

1) Movie!verse Thorin Oakenshield = the universe's shortest Klingon. Seriously, the whole movie I was waiting for him to pull out a bat'leth. I think it's the combination of the hair and the cloak. (In this AU, the elves are Vulcans, hobbits are probably Terrans, I have no idea what the Orcs or Men are, and the Istari are probably part of the Q continuum. I would totally read that, wouldn't you?) I loved movie!verse Thorin - probably more than I have ever loved Thorin before - which makes him officially the first Klingon I have ever wholeheartedly loved.

2) While I am very pleased that several of the songs were included in the film, I am going to admit that it is always jarring to me to hear songs from The Hobbit that are not set to the same tunes as those used in the Rankin-Bass movie. Which I now possibly need to watch again. (Also that, since watching the Riddles in the Dark scene, I have had the one riddle that got set to music in the animated film stuck in my head.)

3) So, I am not an elf person. Or a hobbit person. My major identification figures in Tolkein have always been the Rohirrim and the dwarves. It is awfully nice to have a fantasy movie that is full of badass dwarves.

I think I am going to get the audiobook from audible and start it as my new bedtime listening.
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- I am mostly better! Not entirely - I still have a bit of a cough and more mucous than I'd like - but mostly. So that's good.

- I put the BBC radio production of LotR on my mp3 player today and started listening to it for the first time in a long time. It is still amazing and wonderful. It occurred to me today, as I was listening to it, that it was my very first introduction to audio drama. I was probably...11 or 12 when I first listened to it. I'd listened to audiobooks before - I nearly wore out my library's copy of Dragonsong, for example - and one day, the library had this set labeled The Two Towers. Which was (and probably still is) my favorite of the books in the trilogy*, so I snatched it and took it home. And it had sound effects! And music! And different actors for all the different parts! I hadn't realized you could do things like that in an audiobook** - it was seriously a revelation. I listened to The Two Towers and The Return of the King (the library never had Fellowship) so many times that there are entire sections of the book that I am not capable of reading without hearing those actors' voices in my head. It is still, for my money, the best adaptation of LotR there is. And although there are a couple actors I might quibble about (I've never really liked their Bilbo and I have reservations about Aragorn), it has the very best Sam. Which is, of course, the most important thing.

- Oh man, it has been years since I actually read those books, I should totally do that. I should buy it for my kindle - my copy is one of those all-in-one omnibus things which is too heavy to carry around. Apparently they are including materials from the appendices in the Hobbit movie? I should reacquaint myself with those.

- Tonight was movie night at Bainbridge. We watched The Wolf Man, which I had not seen in years. I have never been a big Wolf Man fan, I must admit. I do, however, very much like Claude Rains and he is lovely in it. And the yak hair is still hilarious, and I still find it charming that after his first transformation, Larry Talbot apparently decides to change his clothes before stalking the moors in search of prey. And I had fun during the discussion afterwards, because we got to talk about how much werewolf "lore" comes from this film, and about Werewolf of London (which is neat, because it was made before this movie and so doesn't use a lot of that "lore"), and about Universal monster films in general. There was a moment of I Have Opinions, when one of the guys who runs the movie night said that he thought that Dracula was the best of the Universal monster movies, because that is obviously wrong. Now, I love Dracula as I'm sure we all know, but I am fully willing to admit that it's not actually what you could call a good movie. The Transylvania bits are awesome and Mr Lugosi is lovely throughout, but everything that happens in London is so boring. And also incoherent and nonsensical. (What happens to vampire!Lucy, you guys? We never find out.) I vote Bride of Frankenstein for best Universal monster movie, but it's possible that I'm biased. What do you guys think?

*It has the Rohirrim, and Saruman, and Wormtongue, and the Ents, and Faramir, and the Uruk-hai, and Theoden, and Shelob, and Gandalf's return, and the Dead Marshes, and Shadowfax, and Eowyn, and did I mention the folk of Rohan? Look, I was a proto-heathen kid who was still really into horses the first time I read these books. The Rohirrim are the best thing ever. Anyway, Fellowship takes a while to get going (I used to skip straight to the Council of Elrond and go from there, after the first few times I read them) and Return is the depressing one, whereas Two Towers is nothing but awesome.

**Not that it's properly an audiobook, but as a tiny person, I did not really know that.
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The thing about rereading The Hobbit, which I haven't done in years and years, is that I had forgotten how much my internal vision of the book is influenced by the Rankin-Bass movie. The Lord of the Rings proper mostly sounds like the radio plays, but The Hobbit is all about the cartoon. I still know the tunes to all the songs from that movie, the characters and scenery look like that movie, and Gandalf still (and always) sounds like John Huston.

It's also due to watching that movie many many times as a small child that, in my head, elves are always slightly blue. Honestly, I'm always slightly surprised when I watch other things and the elves aren't blue. I realize that's actually a little crazy but, y'know, formative childhood influence. Elves are always slightly blue.
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- One of the things I always do when I clean my bedroom is rearrange my altar. My room's been messy for a while this time and I haven't redone my altar since Disting (missing Ostara entirely, yes) but now it is all red candles and copper and Loki. And orange soda and gummi worms, because I like to give Loki silly things and sweets occasionally. It feels good, getting back to altar work. Like waking up, somehow.

- Like everyone else, I watched that behind-the-scenes video from the filming of The Hobbit. I watched it this morning, and immediately went to amazon and bought the book for my kindle, since the only copy I have is an enormous hardback. I don't think I've read Tolkien since the movies happened - it is still so amazingly good. Maybe I will reread LotR as well.

- Along with DS9, recently, I have been watching Sanctuary. I had watched something like half of the pilot once before, but got bored and wandered off. However, recently, I've been seeing lots of people talk about it online, so I decided to give it another chance. (The fact that I read spoilers helped a bit too - if I know that, eventually, there's going to be Nikola Tesla the electrokinetic mad scientist vampire, I can put up with a good deal of boring protagonist guy.) Unlike Fringe - the other show where I wandered off during the pilot and then came back later and enjoyed things more - I don't think this is actually a good show, but it is a terribly enjoyable show, and it's fun to watch while I crochet. Also, it gave me an episode where the plot was "shapeshifters and/or paranoia in frozen places". That is pretty much my favorite sci-fi/horror plot ever, so I was terribly glad to see it.

- I got the yarn for the Kira vest yesterday and started working on, since the shawl was finished. (Well, except for weaving in ends.) It is knitpicks' Cotlin, which I used before on my skirt and which I absolutely love. It is a cotton/linen blend (hence the name) and has a really pleasing weight to it. I think it'll work nicely for the openwork in this project and will hang nicely once the thing is done.


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