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So, my dad's off on a business trip and my Mom had been planning to spend yesterday and today in Seattle, so I took those two days off so that someone would be at home with Granny. And also, as a mental health break. It has been great

Yesterday, I did all my laundry, made bread, and built a wee paper dollhouse.

Wanna see my wee paper dollhouse? )

Today, I have caught up on correspondence. I owed four penpal letters and a birthday card to my sister, and now all of them are in the mail. (Well, not one of the letters, because it is actually a penpal journal, where we mail a notebook back and forth. That means I need a mailer, which I don't have, and need to go to the actual post office. And it is raining really hard and I don't want to go outside past the mailbox, so it will get mailed latter. But it's written, at least!)

Now I am going to go make fancy hot chocolate* and catch up on my comicbook backlog. Today is a day of accomplishments.

*Friends, have you always thought that hot cocoa wasn't rich or thick or chocolatey enough? Do you have 20 minutes free? Go and make that thing. You will not regret it.
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Friends, I want to make a cake this weekend. I do not want it to be terribly fancy, and I do not want it to be chocolate or contain nuts. Beyond that, there are so many options that I am having trouble deciding.

What is your favorite cake recipe that I should make this weekend?
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Okay, weird experiment explanation time. I drink a lot of tea, as you may have gathered, and I drink my tea with a lot of sugar. This is not ideal, as I sometimes feel that I consume more sugar in the course of the day than I would wish. But I can't drink tea without sugar - it's gross.

Then I thought "What if I made herbal tea from savory herbs? My brain won't expect that to be sweet, so drinking it unsweetened will be okay." So I've been trying that, and I also bought some things from the weird bulk tea section of my grocery store to experiment with: clover, and dandelion leaf, and dandelion root. Parsey tea is good, and so is sage.

All of this to say that today I made dandelion tea with a pinch of salt. And it tastes distressingly like drinking milk.

I have nothing against drinking milk when it's actually milk. But weird herbal tea that mysteriously tastes like milk instead of plants is kinda freaking me out.
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When I opened this, I was going to make another crabby complaining post*, but that's boring. So instead, I am going to make a list of things that are currently making me happy:

- My dumb DC superhero shows are all back, hooray! And The Flash is doing ridiculous multiverse stuff and there's Jay and his goofy hat and I'm so happy.

- I got to write stuff today with my favorite pen, it is always such a joy. Seriously, this is my advice for people who are insecure about their handwriting: get a pen with a 1.1 italic nib. (I like the Pilot Plumix - it's cheap and comes in purple and you can buy a converter to make it use prettier ink. Mine currently has Diamine's Ancient Copper, which is gorgeous.) The italic nib makes basically anything look prettier.

- I ordered new tea from the internet yesterday and it shipped this morning. I love buying tea.

- Tomorrow, my mom, my sisters and I are having a crafternoon, where we each bring a different craft project to teach the other three. I am bringing a simple chain maille bracelet pattern I just learned and a bunch of multicolored jump rings. Very exciting.

- Because I am a giant nerd who can't get the songs from Hamilton out of her head, I started reading the Hamilton biography by Ron Chernow it's based on. Which is honestly pretty great - if you want to read an 800-page biography of Alexander Hamilton, I recommend it. (I say that with the caveat that, y'know, I haven't gotten to the end of the war yet. It is a long book.)

- I have a new podcast! It is Wolf 359 and it is full of pretty great space adventures and creepy space mysteries. (As a Trekkie, it does slightly confuse me every time they say the title, though, because they say three-fifty-nine and it just sounds wrong.) I am about 10 episodes in and I love everything about it.

- I am really looking forward to the grilled cheese sandwich I'm planning to make for dinner tonight. It's going to have Hawaiian bread and spices and it's going to be delicious. I love grilled cheese sandwiches.

So that is a short list of things that are making me happy today. What's making you guys happy today?

*OMG, lady, when I warn you that the library printer is broken and so you can't print, that is not something I'm doing to you maliciously to ruin your day, and it's not going to magically fix itself if you're mean to me. I'm sorry you came here just to print something and wasted a trip because that sucks, but it's not an excuse for you to act like that.
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Things I have done today:

- bought danish

- ate danish

- watched cartoons

- cried while listening to Steven Universe songs

- ate more danish

- made up a bunch of seneshi verbs

- decided that I hated the way I had designed past tense conjugations and revised them

- made big lists of nouns and adjectives I should make up and then had a long debate with myself about whether it would be better to do this on the computer, where I have to copy-paste all the special characters all the time but the words would all be automatically saved or on paper, where it's easier to write but I'd just have to type them up later

- that's where I'm stuck - I have not yet resolved this debate

- I did write a thing about two of the characters in the involved story insulting each other in ways that required me to think about the difference between their cultures, so that was cool

- now I think I'll make dinner, so that I eat more than danish today

I feel vaguely accomplished because of the verbs, but really, today has been ridiculous. It's pretty great.
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Downsides of today:

- Early meeting at a faraway branch of the library, which meant getting up much earlier than I wanted.

- There was an upgrade to our library software we were going talk about at this meeting and I was super excited about it, but during discussion it turns out that the upgrade will not work the way I hoped and so now I am disappointed.

- Also, I forgot to put sugar in the tea that I brought to the meeting/work, and so had to drink it without. I realize that there are people who drink tea like this all the time. I don't understand why you would do that to yourselves.

Upsides of today:

- Because of said early meeting, I got to leave work early. And now I have accomplished all the grocery shopping that I had thought I would need to do Saturday, so Saturday is entirely free.

- I have a delicious stir fry planned for dinner that I am really looking forward to.

- Today was very quiet at the library, which meant that I had time to work on my senesh, and now I have numbers! I can count to 9,999 (which is tof al-uðan tof a-cyon tof a-meis un tof, written out). I can't write that in senesh yet, as I haven't made up characters for numbers yet or figured out how they work in the writing system, but I feel accomplished nonetheless.

- I have finally gotten to Bree in my absurd recording of LotR, which means that now I get to read about stuff that is actually interesting.

On the whole, I think we have come out on the positive side.
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So, hey, I made chicken soup!

It's pretty good, though I think the recipe needs some tweaking for my taste. It definitely needs more salt (or possibly more soy sauce), and I think I'd cut out a little of the vinegar next time and add more chili paste. Plus, I want more chicken - considering that it's chicken soup, I feel like it should have a goodly amount of chicken in it. But it's definitely edible and pretty tasty and has so many vegetables. (4 cups of cabbage and bok choy is a lot.) And, once I finished chopping all the vegetables (I have very poor knife skills, it takes me a while), it took hardly any time to make.

So: success!
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Tonight's dinner was mozzarella mac 'n' cheese, which is one of my favorite food items in the whole world. I make it pretty much any time I have the house to myself (and when people are here, if I can convince them they want to eat it) - it is delicious and super easy and makes a good amount of leftovers. I always eat far too much of it, to the point that I make myself feel somewhat ill, but it is completely worth it.

If you want to stuff delicious gooey cheesy things in your mouth, you should totally make it.

(Notes: the recipe calls for 1/2 lb of pasta - I have always made it with a whole pound and not changed anything else. I have also never actually measured the amount of cheese I put in. I get between two and four of the larger size fresh mozzarella balls - the ones that are a little smaller than your fist - depending on how gooey I want it and that usually works. I have no idea how much cheese that really is.)
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The parentals are leaving on Tuesday for a two-week trip to Oaxaca, which leaves me with two weeks on my own. I am, essentially, treating it as a staycation - I'm going to work (except for a couple days I took off), but my time off work belongs to no one but me. Which, among other things, means it's time to cook a) all my favorite things and b) things I've wanted to try but don't want to try around other people in case they are terrible and I have to order pizza.

Part of the experimental cooking is going to involve chicken soup. I have long told people that I dislike soup, but recently I've discovered that I do like pho and that clam chowder is at least edible. So, possibly, I just dislike all the soups my parents have ever made. (They make a lot of tomato-based soups, to be fair, and tomatoes are a definite no-go for me.) And soup is one of those things that I want to like*, because it really would be nice when it's cold to be able to make and enjoy a pot of soup. It is a winter thing that I've always felt a little left out of. (Generally, I try to make do with oatmeal, but it doesn't quite seem the same.) So I'm going to find a soup that I like and can make, and then I will make it all winter. I am starting with this recipe, which contains nothing I don't like, so I have high hopes for it.

I am also going to make chocolate cobbler, but I feel like there's much less chance that I won't like that.

*Also on the list of things I don't like but wish I did: bananas, strawberries, hardboiled eggs. Strawberries smell good and eggs and bananas would be so convenient! So every once in a while, I try them again and discover that nope, I still hate them. (Life would also be easier if I liked potatoes, but potatoes are horrible so I don't wish that I did and I am not interested in giving them any more chances.)
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So, this weekend is Lammas/Lughnasadh/Freyfaxi (delete as appropriate) and is thus the first harvest holiday! Traditionally, I celebrate by baking bread, but I am going out of town later this week and won't have time to eat all the bread before it goes bad. Which would feel unfortunate. So I am celebrating by harvesting something else.

There's actually a surprising amount that's harvestable around my house right now. We have blackberries growing everywhere, of course, and there's a few apple trees in the neighborhood that don't appear to actually belong to anyone and are currently full of apples. But I am a weirdo, so I went out and harvested a bunch of Queen Anne's Lace.

Did you know you can make jelly from Queen Anne's Lace? Because I did not until a few days ago, but I am totally going to do it. Though it's going to have to wait until the tea jelly is eaten, so I'm going to dry the flowers and use the dried version to make the jelly. Since you essentially make a tea with them and then make jelly from that, I don't anticipate this being a problem.

And now I know two new exciting facts: 1) you can make jelly from Queen Anne's Lace, and 2) Queen Anne's Lace looks a lot like Poison Hemlock. So now I know how to very carefully tell those two plants apart.*

I'll let you know how the jelly comes out once I make it.

*The easiest way is to bruise the leaves. Queen Anne's Lace smells carroty (being a plant in the wild carrot family), while hemlock evidently smells nasty. Also, Queen Anne's Lace has hairy stems and doesn't get as big. The More You Know!
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I have successfully made tea jelly!

Here is a picture for proof. )

I used this recipe, but halved it, because I cannot personally eat two and a half pints of jelly in anything like a timely manner. Halved, the recipe made almost exactly one pint, which is just what I wanted. I used my rose flavored tea, and I'm hoping the rose flavor comes through nicely. I tried a little bit - you have to test the jelly on a frozen plate to make sure it's cooked enough, so after testing I ate it - but it wasn't enough to really be able to tell. If not, I might try making the tea a little stronger next time, or use a more strongly-flavored tea. (Ooh, like my lapsang souchong!)

From start to finish, making the jelly took maybe 15 minutes, which is really ideal. Plus, easy - the hardest thing about making it for me was figuring out how to halve "one package" of powdered pectin, since I'd bought a jar of the stuff. I hate doing food math.

And now I have jelly! And since I only made one pint, I don't have to do any actual canning! Triumph, Galatea!
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Yesterday, I was thinking about jelly. As you do. And it occurred to me that one could probably make jelly from tea, so I did some research and yes, you can.

Friends, I now want to make jelly from all the varieties of tea I own. And also a variety of herbs that I like to make tea out of, that it would not have previously occurred to me to make jelly from.

The trouble with this is that I don't actually eat all that much jelly on a regular basis. So I'll have to find an tweak a recipe until it only makes about a pint each time.
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Today, no one's home but me and I have no obligations except laundry. It is lovely. I am spending the day knitting and listening to the audiobook of Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell* and having a wonderful lunch.

Two food things that are making me very happy:
- I buy most of my tea from adagio.com - I tend to buy four to five 3 oz bags at a time, as I like to have a variety, and I find that generally lasts me about three months. Of course, that means that I have to choose fairly carefully or I won't have something I want (or worse, be stuck with a tea I don't enjoy) for a quarter of a year. The last time I bought tea, I neglected to get a lapsang souchong** and found that I missed it a lot. Last week was my most recent tea order and I did get one this time and oh, it is so wonderful.

- Today for lunch, I made sauteed radishes. If you have never sauteed radishes and you like radishes, you should get on that, because they are delicious. I just did them with butter and salt, which was great, but next time I might add a little honey at the end. So good!

*Mom and I are watching the show, so I thought it was time to revisit the book. This was an excellent decision. The show is a lot of fun and not at all curbing my affection for Mr Norrell. I spend a lot of time watching it (or listening to the book) and saying things like, "Oh god, you are the worst, you are the most terrible person ever, I love you." He is so awful, I want to hug him all the time.

**I have a general rule of thumb when making my tea purchases which is: one fruity tea, one floral (usually their Summer Rose, which is so good, OMG), one warm (something spicy/nutty/apple-flavored), and one dark. The dark is usually a lapsang souchong but last time I had a pu ehr blend, which was the wrong choice. I mean, it was fine and I drank it, but I like smoky teas better.
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Exciting fact I learned tonight:

You can totally toast marshmallows in a toaster oven.

I learned this in the process of making this, which wanted me to do them in the oven, but preheating the oven just to broil some marshmallows for two minutes seems like overkill. Hence, the toaster!

This is an amazing fact that I'm sure I will in no way use for evil.

ETA - Also, the milkshake is pretty fabulous. Highly recommended.
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A story about food hoarding:

A couple years ago, I made a bunch of pies in jars and stuck them in the back of the freezer. "Someday," I thought, "I will want a pie, but not want to have to make a pie or go buy a pie, and these pies will just be ready, in the freezer."

It is now literally years later, and today I get to have a delicious homemade pie, with no effort beyond heating the pie in the oven.

And that, friends, is the benefit of having the kind of brain that constantly thinks, "I'm not going to eat this now because I might need it later."*

*Note: this only works with things that are not highly perishable. Do not hoard fresh fruit, for example - you will end up being sad about it.
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This post is about food and my weird feelings about food. If that sounds like something you don't want to read (which is cool), please scroll on by.

So, food. Is kinda the worst. I mean, I'm fine with eating and whatever, but it's all so tedious all the time - human beings have to pretty much be constantly thinking about acquiring food and preparing food and consuming food and cleaning up after food, and then you have to do it again. It's terrible. (Plus I have my added bonus problems of not enjoying a lot of foods because I'm a weirdo who doesn't like a lot of things - mushy things are terrible and most fruits don't taste good and I honestly don't understand most sauces, why would you do that to yourself? Food is already unpleasantly juicy a lot of the time - why would you make that problem worse?)

Basically, right now, I'm going through one of my exciting periods of "food is terrible, why do I have to do this?" where nothing is at all appealing and I sort of eat mechanically because I'm aware that my body needs fuel, but it's really not enjoyable. And we have not invented reliable food pills yet. I swear to god, when the cyborg revolution comes, I'm going to have my digestive system replaced with something I can just plug in overnight like a cell phone.*

The one time during the day I don't have these problems is breakfast. And that is because I have eaten the same breakfast nearly everyday (barring breakfasts eaten away from from home) since I was 13: a toasted bagel with cheese and a cup of tea. It's enjoyable when I'm okay with eating and inoffensive when I'm not, the process of making it is pleasingly ritualized at this point, and I don't have to think about it. So today I thought, how can I extend that method out to other meals? Dinner can't be the same thing every night, because I eat it with other people, but I stress a lot about lunch, which I eat alone, and I'd rather not.

So today, I am beginning an experiment. It involves smoothies. Today, I am going to start making some kind of vanilla-almond** green smoothie and, by continued experimentation, I will eventually develop a smoothie that a) tastes inoffensive, b) is reasonably healthy, c) is filling enough to serve as a meal, and d) I can make without thinking about it. And then I will have that for days when food sounds like a terrible idea.

It's not a food pill, but I suppose it will do.

*I will also have my eyes upgraded and my reproductive system entirely removed.

**Vanilla and almond are among the least offensive flavors of things for me. Also, it's easy to get vanilla yogurt and I have almond butter already.
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Mom: So, I'm going over to Seattle today to hang with my sister, and we're going to meet up with Dad and Granny and Megan and Katie for dinner. Do you want to come over on the ferry and meet us?

Me: Y'know, as long as no one will be hurt, I really think I'd rather stay here and have a quiet day.

Mom: Oh, that's fine. You should do something fun for dinner yourself - order a pizza or Chinese or something.

Me: ...oooh, I could roast vegetables! I have a recipe I've been meaning to try.

And then I realized that I actually am an adult. Yup.
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So, I've started making fermented sodas. (IE, sodas where you add yeast to get carbonation, rather than making a syrup and adding sparkling water.) Last week, I made a ginger ale that turned out pretty well, despite the fact that I used cider yeast, rather than the champagne yeast suggested.

Now I have champagne yeast and am making blackberry soda, since we have bags and bags of frozen blackberries left over from the summer. I'm pretty excited about it.
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I'm trying to get back into the habit of making bread on the weekends, so that I can have it throughout the week. I eat a lot of sandwiches, and it's nicer if I've made the bread myself. So today I'm making sourdough with apples and raisins in it, as that feel sufficiently autumnal.

Sourdough is like the most low-key version of having a pet/animal husbandry ever. I captured wild yeasts and tamed them and now they help me out in the kitchen in return for being fed once a week! It's pretty neat. Plus, it is potentially a lifelong companion, assuming I keep up my side of the bargain.

I have named my sourdough starter Jerome, because I am that kind of person.
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- I have felt really kinda blah all week. No real reason for it - just feel bored and tired. However, I actually slept well last night, so maybe things will improve.

- Also, it is Friday and I have nowhere to go tomorrow and thus can just relax. And on Sunday, we are going to Seattle to see my sisters and have brunch and possibly (weather permitting) go to the zoo. So that's cool.

- Also also, Friday is now Family Movie Night. Tonight is my movie, so I have to provide snacks and a western. (I am doing westerns, Mom is doing mysteries/thrillers, and Dad is doing WWII movies. So far, we have watched The Third Man, which was great, and The Thin Red Line, which was so. very. long.) So we are watching Stagecoach and I am making salty honey pie. Which is a terrible name, but I think the pie will be good. ETA - I think I will call it a honey chess pie from now on. That name is accurate and I feel much better about it.

- So, the other day I read a semi-recommendation for a scifi book series* (semi in that it pointed out things that were really cool about it and also things that were really awful and I decided that I could deal with the awful because of the cool) and I got the first one from the library. And I am really enjoying it and am about halfway through, so I thought I'd put the next one on hold. But the library doesn't have it - it has books one and five, which is terrible. So now I am trying to decide what to do. I can submit a purchase request, which could take a couple of months and there's not guarantee they'd buy it, or I can buy the book myself, even though I just want to read them and don't have any sort of burning fire to own them. It is a conundrum.

- Speaking of which, what are your favorite books that you can't in good conscience recommend to people? Y'know, the books that absolutely do something for you and you love them but are maybe terribly written or are about things that you don't want people to judge you on. And while you read them, you find yourself constantly saying, "Why the hell am I reading this book?" but you can't put it down. I love those kinds of things. Mine are the Jurisdiction series by Susan R Matthews. They are kind of terrible and also written really weirdly in places but I got the first one from the library, read half of it, and immediately bought the rest of the series. Fortunately, the covers look like respectable space opera so you can read them in public. Unlike my other favorite terrible books, the Black Jewels series. I love these books and would never actually recommend them to anyone ever, because you can't without a page of caveats that make you look like a creeper. Tell me about your favorite books like that.

*It is The Myriad by R M Meluch. It is a fun space adventure with neat aliens and space romans and weird wormholes things and I am really enjoying it but oh god, the female characters make me twitch.
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- Yesterday's seed cake turned out to be delicious. It's very much a tea cake - not sweet enough to make me want to eat it as a proper dessert, but very tasty and a nice accompaniment to lunch. (Next time, I think I'd put more of the candied lemon peel. As it stands right now, I don't much taste it in the cake.)

- Today's culinary experiment is pickled apples. I love making pickles, because I love eating pickles, but I am particular about them. (As I am about all foods, really.) I like sweet pickles, and I find that I tend to like pickled fruit better than I like pickled cucumbers. Not that cucumber pickles are bad - my nana used to make delicious sweet cucumber pickles - but if I'm going to pickle something, why not have it be something I really enjoy anyway? Thus, pickled apples. They won't be ready to eat for a couple of days, alas.

- On Friday night, there was an in-concert version of Sweeney Todd on PBS starring Emma Thompson and...some other people, so I taped it. And I watched it last night. The great thing about watching musicals when I'm on my own is that no one minds if I sing along. (If there are other people in the room, or if I'm in a movie theater, I just mouth the words. Yes, I did that throughout the entirety of the Les Miz movie.) I was not super-thrilled with the guy playing Sweeney, but Emma Thompson's Mrs Lovett was pretty awesome.

- The other day, I found a book at the library on making friendship bracelets and took it home on a whim, since I've never known how to make those. (The ones you make with embroidery floss. When I was little, the ones make with gimp were a big deal.) And then I found this website And voila, I have a new craft obsession. They are absurdly fun to make and I'm going to make dozens of them.

- I had originally planned to do laundry today. I don't think that's going to happen.
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Well, the parentals are gone for the next week and I am off work till Wednesday. You know what that means - time to cook things that might be terrible! Because if they're great, I can make them again when the parental are here, and if they're awful, no one will know.

Today's experimental cooking project is seed cake. I am a fan of caraway - I love pumpernickel bread - so I'm excited to see how it works in a sweet-rather-than-savory environment.

(I'm also planning to begin the process of making a sourdough starter today, but that won't produce exciting results for a while. But! Capturing wild yeast! Pretty cool, right?)
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On the plus side:

- It is kinda sorta autumn! A bit! The sky is overcast, the weather is cool, and I saw my first pomegranate at the grocery store.

- I am wearing a totally cute skirt with robots all over it. And it has pockets! It makes me very happy. I hadn't worn it in a while because it had a small rip in one of the seams, but I mended it this morning and it is wearable again, hurrah.

- This weekend, I made excellent food things. I made a coconut custard pie on Saturday that was amazing and is now gone, and yesterday I made these pickled grapes, which are completely delicious and really easy to make. Mine have only been pickling for about a day, so they don't have a whole lot of tang yet, but they're already great and should only get better as the flavors meld.

- Also, I bought a new coloring book and markers and spent several hours this weekend coloring and listening to my backlog of Thrilling Adventure Hour. It was pretty great. I may continue coloring this evening - I find it very calming.
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Today, I made failure cake.

Tonight, we're having guests for dinner. Some weeks ago, my dad decided he was going to try his hand at making beer, and it should be ready by now. Tonight is the Beer Sampling Ceremony, and my sisters and my aunt are coming, and dad's making steak, and it should be lovely. And I said I'd make dessert.

So I went into my recipe bookmarks and found a cake recipe that sounded nice but that I had never tried before: a spicy mocha poundcake. Because poundcake is delicious and who doesn't like spicy baked goods? So I made it.

Oh man, you guys, it is the worst cake I've ever made. First of all, way too much cayenne. Secondly, even once you adjust to the spice, the chocolate and the coffee flavors are almost entirely absent. And it's not even sweet! (Also, it's not properly a pound cake - the dense solidity of the poundcake is totally missing. Just because you made it in a loaf pan does not make it poundcake.) It is a complete failure as a dessert, which is very sad.

So, with a heavy heart, I threw it away. And now I am making these instead. This time, I tasted the batter before I baked them, so I know they will not also be failure cakes.
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It is the weekend and the parentals have gone on a mini-vacation, so I have the house to myself. Which is awesome, because the last few weeks have been a little over-full of people. Not having to talk to anyone for a couple days is really pleasant.

To celebrate my solitude, I am making grape pie. Grape pie is delicious and I am totally looking forward to eating it, but cutting 4 cups of grapes individually in half is a pain in the ass. Alas, I cannot figure out a way to speed up that step. (Though at least my grape pie doesn't call for the grapes to be peeled. Because I would never make that.)


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