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Things since my last update:

- The library moved! Our new building is big and beautiful and doesn't smell like cabbage! We have shiny new books! The designers foolishly made the carpet textured and now our carts sound incredibly loud while we're shelving! But mostly things are pretty great.

- We also have a backroom! It is amazing how much less stressed I feel at work now that I have a place that I can occasionally go and hide. Also, we can do all of the processing in the backroom, which means that I don't have to try to get it done as quickly, since it's not in the way of the patrons.

- I saw both Batman vs Superman and Civil War. The latter was great, and I am embarrassed to have spent money to see the former. Oh DC, when will you make it less embarrassing to be a fan?

- I finished a new papercraft house that lights up from the inside. I'm very proud of it, so there will be pictures later.

- While building it, I have been listening to my Dark Adventure Radio Theatre cds. Because apparently it is time for a resurgence of Lovecraft fannishness.

- I need someone to tell me that picking a short book I like and translating the entire thing into senesh is a silly project and I shouldn't do. Probably that's a bad idea, right?

- I am, in general, really happy right now. It's pretty great.
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So, my dad's off on a business trip and my Mom had been planning to spend yesterday and today in Seattle, so I took those two days off so that someone would be at home with Granny. And also, as a mental health break. It has been great

Yesterday, I did all my laundry, made bread, and built a wee paper dollhouse.

Wanna see my wee paper dollhouse? )

Today, I have caught up on correspondence. I owed four penpal letters and a birthday card to my sister, and now all of them are in the mail. (Well, not one of the letters, because it is actually a penpal journal, where we mail a notebook back and forth. That means I need a mailer, which I don't have, and need to go to the actual post office. And it is raining really hard and I don't want to go outside past the mailbox, so it will get mailed latter. But it's written, at least!)

Now I am going to go make fancy hot chocolate* and catch up on my comicbook backlog. Today is a day of accomplishments.

*Friends, have you always thought that hot cocoa wasn't rich or thick or chocolatey enough? Do you have 20 minutes free? Go and make that thing. You will not regret it.
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So today, instead of going to work and feeling miserable, I stayed home, sat in a chair listening to audiobooks, and made a tiny paper city.

Wanna see my tiny paper city? )

I really love making paper models, you guys. It's fiddly enough to hold my attention for a long time without being so hard that it's frustrating, it's a pretty inexpensive hobby, and I get to feel like I've made something cool at the end. Plus, when I get tired of whatever it is I've made and want to make something new, the old thing is recyclable.

And now I have sat quietly all day and feel much better, so that's two accomplishments in one.
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I finished a sweater! That I started knitting almost exactly a year ago!

I say "finished" but I still have to weave in all the ends and sew on the buttons. (And buy the buttons.) But the knitting part is done and after tomorrow, it will be a wearable garment that actually fits and is comfortable and, while not being perfect, is pretty good looking.

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Things I am doing today:

- Working on a sweater that I started almost exactly a year ago. At the time, I told myself that I'd be able to finish it before it got too warm to wear. Now I only have one sleeve to finish and I'm telling myself the same thing again, but it's much more likely to be true this time.

- Rewatching Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. Which is an excellent decision, as the first time I watched it was with my mother and though my mom is a lovely person and fun to watch tv with, she doesn't really have the patience for my type of fannish watching, which involves talking to the characters and making weird squeaky noises when they do things that are cute and rewinding scenes several times so that I catch dialogue that I missed the first time. It also involves mild complaining about there being scenes that Childermass isn't in because, really, what is the point of that? So now I am watching by myself and doing all those things, which is lovely.

And that's all!
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When I opened this, I was going to make another crabby complaining post*, but that's boring. So instead, I am going to make a list of things that are currently making me happy:

- My dumb DC superhero shows are all back, hooray! And The Flash is doing ridiculous multiverse stuff and there's Jay and his goofy hat and I'm so happy.

- I got to write stuff today with my favorite pen, it is always such a joy. Seriously, this is my advice for people who are insecure about their handwriting: get a pen with a 1.1 italic nib. (I like the Pilot Plumix - it's cheap and comes in purple and you can buy a converter to make it use prettier ink. Mine currently has Diamine's Ancient Copper, which is gorgeous.) The italic nib makes basically anything look prettier.

- I ordered new tea from the internet yesterday and it shipped this morning. I love buying tea.

- Tomorrow, my mom, my sisters and I are having a crafternoon, where we each bring a different craft project to teach the other three. I am bringing a simple chain maille bracelet pattern I just learned and a bunch of multicolored jump rings. Very exciting.

- Because I am a giant nerd who can't get the songs from Hamilton out of her head, I started reading the Hamilton biography by Ron Chernow it's based on. Which is honestly pretty great - if you want to read an 800-page biography of Alexander Hamilton, I recommend it. (I say that with the caveat that, y'know, I haven't gotten to the end of the war yet. It is a long book.)

- I have a new podcast! It is Wolf 359 and it is full of pretty great space adventures and creepy space mysteries. (As a Trekkie, it does slightly confuse me every time they say the title, though, because they say three-fifty-nine and it just sounds wrong.) I am about 10 episodes in and I love everything about it.

- I am really looking forward to the grilled cheese sandwich I'm planning to make for dinner tonight. It's going to have Hawaiian bread and spices and it's going to be delicious. I love grilled cheese sandwiches.

So that is a short list of things that are making me happy today. What's making you guys happy today?

*OMG, lady, when I warn you that the library printer is broken and so you can't print, that is not something I'm doing to you maliciously to ruin your day, and it's not going to magically fix itself if you're mean to me. I'm sorry you came here just to print something and wasted a trip because that sucks, but it's not an excuse for you to act like that.
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- This weekend, along with tea jelly, I also made an abacus bracelet. I'm always losing track of what row I'm on when I knit and now I have a bracelet that can count up to 99 and will remember for me. I'm very pleased with it. Also, it's a pretty bracelet. I might have to make another one just because. I am a little tempted to make it three strands so it will count to 1000 but I'm pretty sure that's silly.

- The thing about reading Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell is that it has a very strong narrative voice that is very different from the way I usually speak and it gets into my brain and I start saying things like "I haven't any of those" and wanting to spell surprise with a z and I have to remind myself that I'm not an English person from 1811 and I shouldn't talk like one. I think I've kept it under wraps enough that no one around me has noticed but I feel like I'm being very obnoxious. Or possibly I just talk like a weirdo all the time and people around me don't think it's anything different.

( - This happens when I read Riddley Walker too, but that's somewhat more of a problem.)

- I started listening to the BBC radio Raffles series and it is entirely adorable. Fortunately, I am listening to them alone in my car and thus can pause the show for squeaky noises and shouting, "Oh you adorable little rabbit!" whenever it's necessary. (Spoilers: Bunny is a adorable rabbit all the time. I end up pausing a lot.)

- Yesterday was entirely too full of crying babies at the library. I am hoping very hard that is not the case today.

ETA - I knew I had another thing! I am looking for a good and singable version of Tam Lin. I like Anais Mitchell's version to sing, but it doesn't have the fairy queen in it. Fairport Convetion's is hard to sing without accompaniment, and the melody of Tricky Pixie's version gets a little monotonous without instruments. Do any of you have a favorite version?
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So, a little while ago, I somehow ended up reading an article online about people who make models. Which reminded me that I have always been really intrigued by model-building, as a hobby, because I enjoy puzzles and putting things with small parts together. The reasons I've never gotten into model building are a) I don't really have room for them, b) it is a spendy hobby, and c) I don't much care about cars or planes.

Well, the other day I realized that I could just start making paper models, which would elimate most of those problems. Paper is not very expensive, there are lots of paper models of things that aren't cars or planes, and, well. I often enjoy making things like this more than I enjoy having them and, if they're made of paper, they'll be easy to get rid of once I get tired of them. And then I can make more!

So right now, I am making a locomotive. (Eventually, I hope to make a whole train.) It was perhaps not the best choice for a first project, as there are a lot of parts and all the instructions are in French, but it is such a pretty train!

And then, I will make a bunch of houses, so my train has a village to stop in.
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- I am currently terrible at posting. Must try to improve.

- I am also currently sick. And have been so since Wednesday. Fortunately, it seems to be a very quick cold, as I have already moved through the sore throat and wooziness stage to the coughing and lost voice. I hope to be over the whole things soon.

- Because, on Thursday, I am going on vacation! And taking myself on a trip, by myself, to Longbeach, where I will stay in a little bungalow, walk on the beach, look at birds, and not talk to anyone. For four whole days. (And then I'll come back to a fifth day off, as the library is closed for President's Day.) I am so excited, you guys! I might finish my current pair of socks! Or write the three letters I owe people! Or read actual books! (That last might be a lie as it's not like I won't be bringing my computer with me and thus will have access to all my comics...)

- I have been reading a lot of comics lately, btw. Currently, I am reading Nightwing comics from the late 90's. I love Dick Grayson a lot more than I expected to, I must admit.

- Today, I was out running some errands and sort of accidentally purchased doll-making supplies. Or, well, I bought them on purpose, but they were not the purpose of the errands and I had not intended to buy them. But sometimes I am seized with the urge to make rag dolls. I never liked dolls much as a child, but starting when I was in college, I am frequently compelled to make rag dolls. I'm not sure what that's about. The current doll is named Eleanor. She has multi-colored yellow-and-orange hair and will, when I'm done making it, wear a blue dress with stars on it. She also has a star tattooed on her face (or embroided, I suppose). I believe she is some sort of futuristic neo-glam rocker who's decided to take a few years off from making music and hitchhike through space with her mechanoid companion, Del-9. (Yes, there's going to be a robot ragdoll too.) Possibly I like dolls better now because I'm capable of coming up with much better stories for them than I was when I was little.
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- I enjoyed tonight's episode of The Flash immensely. I am here for all the Rogue team-ups, please and thank you. (I swear to god, I really do care about Barry et al but you really can't expect me to pay attention to them when I could be thinking about Captain Cold. Also spoilers ))

- I have recently started learning how to draw Celtic knotwork designs and am finding it very satisfying. I really enjoying making big whole-page designs - I find the actual process of drawing them very soothing, because it requires me to follow a series of steps that are time consuming and require concentration but aren't actually difficult and don't really require any sort of artistic talent. And then I get to color them, which is always pleasing. Plus, when they're done, it's very calming to trace over the lines with my fingers. I suppose it's a little like the idea of finger labyrinths or those zentangle things.

- Megan and I went to see the last Hobbit movie this weekend, so I am having a little bit of a Tolkien resurgence. Which is why I'm listening to the Silmarillion on audiobook. Possibly, that way I will actually finish it. Ungoliant has just eaten the two trees at present. If I can get past the Noldor returning to Arda, I will officially be farther than I've ever gotten before.

- The thing is, I am really happy for everyone who is rooting for the Seahawks - it's cool that your team won and is going to the Superbowl again - but I will pretty much also be really happy when football season is over and I don't have to talk about it with people at the library any more.
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- So that "posting every day in December" thing didn't work out. Ah well. Holidays screw things up a little.

- Tangentially - so, hey, holidays! My Christmas went quite well. We had fun family times and good food, I received many pairs of socks and bars of soap*, some beautiful stationery paper and fountain pen ink, and a new book on monster movies. Plus, a PEZ dispenser shaped like the Flash! We played a lot of Uno and ate a lot of cookies and Megan played the Marty Robbins pandora station a lot. Good times. I hope that you all had a nice time as well, whatever you may or may not be celebrating at this time of year.

- Also, we went to see Into the Woods. Which I have some quibbles with, which are under here, ) but generally enjoyed. Also, the staging of Agony alone is worth the price of admission, so there's that.

- Yesterday, I bought three tiny colorful cactuses for my windowsill because I decided that I needed more plant life around. And then I remembered that I had bought flower seeds this summer for indoor planting and never used them, so now they are in pots on my windowsill. They may not grow, as it is midwinter, but the possibility pleases me.

- I did some Christmas knitting this year - a pair of socks for Dad - and it came down to the wire a little in that I didn't finished them till Christmas Eve. (We open presents on Christmas Eve, to give you some perspective.) Pressured knitting is no fun, but it did remind me that I love making socks and haven't done so in a which. And I have a lot of sock yarn that I haven't knit up yet. So now I am knitting some socks with this yarn, which was given to me three years ago. They are mildly hideous and I love them. And I am not allowed to buy anymore sock yarn until I knit the yarn I have.

- I am pretty sanguine about going back to work today, but there is still a part of me that want to stay home, get out all my dvds of monster movies, and have a day-long marathon. I feel like I need some black and white vampires and beautiful staircases.

*I suppose it is a sign of adulthood that I asked for those things. Most of the socks have monsters or dinosaurs on them, though.
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- Apparently, I had requested today off at Kingston and then completely forgot about it. I did not request today off at Bainbridge. (I have checked. Three times.) So I showed up to work and everyone was surprised, but we decided that it would be better if I stayed and then called the person who was meant to come in to cover lunches and let him know that he could stay home until his normal shift later in the day. So here I am!

- Yesterday, I was seized by a desire to reread Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol. I am currently in the middle of two books and trying to be better about finishing things, but Doom Patrol. So now I am reading that too. (OMG, Rebis, I love you, I missed you!)

- This weekend, my mother and I went to Goodwill and bought puzzles. Because that seemed like a good idea at the time. So we have cleaned off the dining room table (which is never used except for storage) and have a giant puzzle spread out all over it. It's pretty great.

- Next weekend, we are visiting my sisters for a crafternoon and we're each supposed to have some sort of autumnal/Thanksgiving-related craft to share. I am having trouble coming up with one. I mean, once you get past handprint turkeys, what else do you do? Maybe I will teach them to make friendship bracelets and only bring string in autumnal colors.
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I have this red sweater - it's long and it buttons up the front and it's 100% wool but not so thick that it's too warm to wear in the autumn and early spring and I love it. I've had it since college. Towards the end of college, it started developing thin patches at the elbows and holes under the arms, so I put it away in the back of my closet because I couldn't bear to get rid of it. And it stayed there for a while, until a couple of years ago, I decided to fix it. I knit patches for the elbows and learned to darn to fix the holes under the arms (and the tiny moth holes - it's the only sweater I own that has ever developed moth holes) and I knit a new and extra pocket. And then it was once again my favorite sweater, if one that I didn't tend to wear out of the house.

Over the summer, it developed more moth holes, one big enough to need a new knitted patch, so I mended them all yesterday. Eventually, this sweater is going to develop into a my-grandfather's-axe situation, where it's entirely darns and patches and kinda sorta a new sweater, but right now, I'm just really happy to be wearing it again.

I feel like that's an excellent beginning to November.
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- Yesterday's seed cake turned out to be delicious. It's very much a tea cake - not sweet enough to make me want to eat it as a proper dessert, but very tasty and a nice accompaniment to lunch. (Next time, I think I'd put more of the candied lemon peel. As it stands right now, I don't much taste it in the cake.)

- Today's culinary experiment is pickled apples. I love making pickles, because I love eating pickles, but I am particular about them. (As I am about all foods, really.) I like sweet pickles, and I find that I tend to like pickled fruit better than I like pickled cucumbers. Not that cucumber pickles are bad - my nana used to make delicious sweet cucumber pickles - but if I'm going to pickle something, why not have it be something I really enjoy anyway? Thus, pickled apples. They won't be ready to eat for a couple of days, alas.

- On Friday night, there was an in-concert version of Sweeney Todd on PBS starring Emma Thompson and...some other people, so I taped it. And I watched it last night. The great thing about watching musicals when I'm on my own is that no one minds if I sing along. (If there are other people in the room, or if I'm in a movie theater, I just mouth the words. Yes, I did that throughout the entirety of the Les Miz movie.) I was not super-thrilled with the guy playing Sweeney, but Emma Thompson's Mrs Lovett was pretty awesome.

- The other day, I found a book at the library on making friendship bracelets and took it home on a whim, since I've never known how to make those. (The ones you make with embroidery floss. When I was little, the ones make with gimp were a big deal.) And then I found this website And voila, I have a new craft obsession. They are absurdly fun to make and I'm going to make dozens of them.

- I had originally planned to do laundry today. I don't think that's going to happen.
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- I seem to have gotten out of the habit of regular blogging. I should correct that.

- We are now officially over two weeks into Summer Reading. (Excuse me - I believe we are calling it "The Summer of Learning" this year.) I have mixed feelings about Summer Reading. On the one hand - reading is awesome! Everyone should do that and it should be celebrated! On the other hand, I kinda hate dealing with it. However, there is a pretty cool robots/mad science theme this year, so that's nifty.

- I have started knitting a sampler afghan and am really enjoying it. I recently did a little lap blanket knitalong with my mom and, y'know, as much as I enjoy making garments, there is something really satisfying about blankets. So now I am making an afghan big enough to be a bedspread because why not? A sampler afghan is nice, because it's all made in separate bits and each bit is a different pattern, so I don't have enough time to get really bored with any one particular bit. Which is good because I get bored easily.

- When I bought the yarn for the afghan, the cashier told me that the colors were too autumnal to be buying this time of year. Which irked me a little, I will admit, because I think it is a bit rude to comment on someone's purchases in a negative way. (Or at all, really, but I think that may just be a me-thing rather than a normal person-thing.) Also, have you ever tried to find yarn colors that are bright enough to be summer-appropriate and aren't on the much less pleasing side of the acrylic spectrum? Because it is hard, let me tell you. Also also, autumnal colors are the best colors.

- Because I am ridiculous, I may have started reading old Fourth World comics from the 70s. I feel like New Gods should be completely ridiculous and it really kinda is, but I also find it weirdly compelling. Even if everybody does have ridiculous names. (I am reading 70s Mr Miracle at the same because why not and also because Barda is the best ever. Yes.)

- Due to a couple of articles I read on The Toast this morning, I now really want to have some sort of vintage film fest, but I'm pretty sure that none of my family members would wish to join me, which is a little disappointing. Maybe I will ask the sisters anyway.
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I have an 8 hour training today in a room with no windows.

I have prepared for this over the past weekend by watching an absurd amount of Dark Shadows (taking up from approximately where I left off the last time I watched an absurd amount of Dark Shadows) and starting a new new knitting project. So I have soap opera vampires to write about in my notebook when I get bored, and excitingly new knitting to do on breaks. And emergency lunch, in case the food provided isn't something I can eat.

It's possible that I am not approaching this training in the proper spirit.
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Three things about today:

1) Okay, so, this is the most horrible/hilarious thing that has happened to me this week. At Kingston, we have a patron who is somewhat brain damaged and he comes in every day for movies. We end up putting a lot of things on hold for him. On Tuesday, he asked me to put Primeval on hold, so I got him the first season. Today, he came in, picked it up from the hold shelf, and walked it over to my desk.

Patron: I'm just going to turn this back in.

Me: Oh, was it not what you were looking for?

Patron: No, it is. It's just, it's got four discs and I don't have a four disc player.

I hastened to assure him that you play the discs one at a time, not simultaneously, and he took the set home. So now he knows he can get tv shows from the library and watch them successfully and I know why he's never taken home the first season of SG-1, despite having put it on hold multiple times.

2) Today was the first of our two Crafternoons this month and was the one I wasn't expecting anyone to come to, due to the snafu over the date. So I got to sit in the cavernous room next to the library, at a table all alone, facing the door in case anyone came in. It's not possible to get to the library without passing that room, so basically I got to be the creepy solitary knitting girl, staring at all our patrons. (I did say hello if they looked at me.)

One of our chattier patrons did actually come in and ask me what I was doing, so I got to explain the situation with her. And she told me that she wants to learn to knit, so I gave her a beginning book and some recommendations on first projects and what supplies she'd need for them. She promised to come back next week for the Crafternoon that got actual advertising. Winner!

3) I got a hold today that I remember placing, but it was a couple months ago and I have no idea now why I wanted it. It is Still Life, by Louise Penny, and is apparently the first in a series of mystery novels set in a small town south of Montreal. Possibly someone recommended them to me? I don't know. But the first 10 pages have been good, so possibly my inexplicable past self had the right idea.
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The thing about knitting small things is that they don't seem all that impressive when you show them to other people.

For instance, I spent a large part of yesterday knitting a chemise for a doll. The chemise is maybe three inches tall and is just stockinette, but the collar is a strip of lace six inches long and knitted on size 1 needles and it took me seriously over two hours to do. And it looks awesome but it's tiny and even I kinda start downplaying it when I talk to people about it*.

But, actually, it is complicated work done on freaking tiny needles and I am a knitting badass.

(There would be pictures, but her bloomers aren't finished and I feel weird posting pictures of a half-naked doll. Oddly, if she were fully naked, I don't think I'd feel as weird about it.)

*Part of this is undoubtedly due to my own internal ambivalence about the fact that I make a lot of dolls and stuffed toys. Because on the one hand, I am thirty-one years old and maybe that's weird. But, on the other hand, fuck it, I like dolls and stuffed toys and I enjoy making them. So, y'know, there's that.
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Look, you guys - I made a sweater! )

It's from this pattern, though I modified the sleeves a bit - made them bell more and added lace at the cuffs. I've been working on it on and off since May (which is a stupid time to start a sweater, for the record - you think, "Oh, I'll have it done by September!" but then you realize that, June through August, it's going to be too hot to hold on your lap) and finished it last week. So now I get to wear it! Hurrah!

I have another sweater in the works as well - this one. And, you guys, bulky-weight yarn and large needles are like magic because I started that sweater last week and have already finished the body. I just need to do the sleeves and it will be totally wearable.

And then, I will probably start another sweater. Homemade sweaters are the best.
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So, I am making this hat.

Except that I am currently on my second try at the charted section and have just realized that I made a series of ridiculous mistakes 6 rows ago and am about to rip it back to the row before the chart again.

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What I did today:

- Finished knitting the first sock of a pair. I am torn between elation - because it is a really lovely sock, with fancy cabling, and I am really going to enjoy wearing it - and despair, because the yarn is really stiff and thicker than I'm used to so it is a pain in the ass to work with and hurts my hands and now I have to knit another one.

- Listened to Big Finish Doctor Who things. See, while Jax was here, I ended up talking to her about them, and I promised to send her some. So yesterday, I went through mine and picked out a bunch to send her: two for each Doctor, and the first episode of Gallifrey because of course. (Okay, she hasn't actually seen anything with Leela or Romana in it, but Gallifrey. Yes.) Which reminded me that I hadn't listened to any of them in good long while. So I did Neverland, because I want to listen to Zagreus again, and then maybe possibly the first three episodes of Gallifrey. And then went and bought season 5, since I hadn't yet. Because it's apparently time for my semi-annual resurgence of the urge to buttonhole random people and tell them about President Romana and Leela of the Sevateem and Coordinator Narvin. It is these things that make me so popular.

And now I am going to watch Invasion of Time and cast on my second sock, with a grimly determined look on my face.
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- Today, I am making cantaloupe pickles! Technically, I started making them yesterday, as they have to sit in a vinegar-and-spice mixture overnight. Now the pickles are simmering on the stove and the whole house smells like vinegar. I'm not actually canning them, which is nice, as I find the process of canning somewhat scary and also I don't have any new lids.

- Yesterday, I went swimming! And kinda sucked at it, since I hadn't gone swimming in about a decade, but it was still fun. Today, my arms are sore, but it's a good kind of sore. And I will be going again on Wednesday.

- I've started working on my quilt again, so that possibly it will get finished sometime this summer, before it's too lightweight to be the main bedcovering. I have discovered that, if I keep the laptop actually on my lap, I can watch subtitled episodes of Sailor Moon while sewing. Which is easier than doing so while knitting, so the resurgence of my desire to work on my quilt was well-timed.

- I am enjoying Sailor Moon to a somewhat ridiculous degree, btw. Last night, I watched an episode with an evil tennis demon. It was great.

ETA - The pickles are now in jars, waiting for the pickling liquid to reach syrup consistency. I poked one of the pickles to check on consistency and texture - I wanted them to be soft but not mushy - and then licked my fingers and, wow, you guys, these taste awesome. If you like cantaloupe and pickles, you should totally make these.

I halved the amount of pepper in them and found them exactly spicy enough for my taste, for those of you who want to play the home game, but YMMV.
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- It is hot today and is apparently going to only get hotter this week, and today I get to work in the building that's stuffy all the time and has no air conditioning. I am not looking forward to it.

- On Thursday, my coworkers and I made a busload of kids cry. See, we had a program - Dr Dave's Reptile Safari - that required preregistration, since we could only let about 30 people in (so as not to stress the animals). We had 30 people signed up, all sitting in their seats, waiting for the show to start, when a schoolbus full of kids showed up. And told us they were signed up for the program, which was news to all of us. And we had to turn them all away. It was tragic. (Their coordinator called later, very angry, and told us that she had called a different library branch that was doing the same program and was told that their program was full but that they would be signed up for the Kingston program. 1) No one told us and 2) I don't actually believe it happened that way at all. But still, I feel really bad for the kids.)

- I finished my shawl! It looks like this. ) Alas, the photo is not very good and you can't really see the beads but I promise they are there. I'm quite pleased with it.

- I am working on a sweater right now, which will be awesome when it's done and also cool enough to wear it, but right now it is too hot to knit anything large enough to actually pile up in my lap. Maybe I should start some socks...
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And then I guess I didn't post for a week. Huh.

Things about this past week:

- Since the Kingston community center had a car in the wall and the library was closed, the staff of Kingston had been working at the Little Boston library. Which...has a very different library culture than I'm used to. It's a lovely building and the staff are great but it's much less busy than Kingston and everyone is so quiet. Which, yes, I guess you want in a library but neither of the ones where I normally work are quite that quiet. We had all the Kingston holds there and had told Kingston patrons they could come in and pick them up and you could always tell when a Kingston person walked in the door because they were significantly louder than everyone else. 8)

( - There was a somewhat dreadful incident toward the beginning of the week. The Kingston phones were redirecting to Little Boston and one of the staff there got a call from a Kingston patron. The patron was informed that Kingston was closed but that Little Boston was still open and that the patron's holds would be there. The patron then told the staff person that she would never ever go to the Little Boston library because "the area there is just way too creepy". We have no actual proof that the patron was referring to the fact that the Little Boston library is on tribal land but, y'know, the area really isn't creepy and the library is actually in a really beautiful setting. So. I know it's not in any way my fault that some of our patrons are jerks but I kept wanting to apologize to the Little Boston staff anyway for bringing them there.)

- The Kingston staff won an award! For being awesome under the continuous burden of our building falling apart. We had to go to the board of trustees meeting to get our award and they read something our manager had written about all the stuff we've had to put up with in the last six months (not the car - she submitted it before the car happened) and it was hilarious watching the board's faces as the list of crazy got read. Some of it, I had completely forgotten ("Oh yeah, our furnace totally stopped working this winter!"), which goes to show that anything can become normal if you put up with it for long enough. We each got a certificate and $50 (which I will likely be spending on Game of Thrones dvds).

- We did reopen the Kingston library on Thursday. Hooray! Little Boston is lovely and Kingston is falling apart but it's still nice to be home.

- So, I did start making a quilt, did I mention that? It is a rag quilt, and is all blues and greys and greens, and I am really enjoying all the hand sewing. It's a nice occasional alternative to knitting, though it's not as portable and I have to look at it more to make sure I'm actually sewing along the right lines. I'm about a fifth of the way done with it and I'm very pleased so far.

- Next week is the HPL Film Festival! I am totally excited about my trip. They are showing The Stone Tape, which I love, and which will be totally fun to watch with a group of people instead of just by myself. The only problem is that there's so much being shown this year that I can't possibly schedule it so that I can see everything. My tentative schedule right now has me missing nearly all of the shorts, alas. And Beyond Re-Animator, but, well...I have that and also it is pretty skippable in general. But except for that and The Stone Tape everything else is new to me. Hurrah!

- Today, I am going to make oatmeal bread and work on my quilt. That is an excellent plan.
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Guys, over the past week or so, I have been seized by the desire to take up quilting. And, because it's me, I don't want to start with small projects. No, I want to make a twin-sized quilt to go on my bed.

On the one hand, this is an awesome desire because it means learning a new craft and new skills. And it would mean I would actually have a summer-weight bed cover, which is something I don't actually have right now. (What I have now is a multiplicity of winter-weight bed covers that I add to or subtract from as needed, so if it gets hot I am left with just sleeping under a sheet, which is often unsatisfactory.)

On the other hand, I'm not actually that interested in machine sewing. I mean, it's a skill I would like to someday acquire because it would open up whole new vistas of making clothing, but I kinda want to handsew my quilt, which feels a bit ridiculous. I like hand sewing, though! Also, I have just finished reread Clash of Kings and am firmly in fannish obsession mode, which is bad time for me to take up new craft projects unless I'm fully committed to them being at least stealth geeky. I'm horribly afraid that any quilt I started now would end up being ASoIaF themed and that doesn't really seem conducive to sleep.

It is a conundrum.


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