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Things since my last update:

- The library moved! Our new building is big and beautiful and doesn't smell like cabbage! We have shiny new books! The designers foolishly made the carpet textured and now our carts sound incredibly loud while we're shelving! But mostly things are pretty great.

- We also have a backroom! It is amazing how much less stressed I feel at work now that I have a place that I can occasionally go and hide. Also, we can do all of the processing in the backroom, which means that I don't have to try to get it done as quickly, since it's not in the way of the patrons.

- I saw both Batman vs Superman and Civil War. The latter was great, and I am embarrassed to have spent money to see the former. Oh DC, when will you make it less embarrassing to be a fan?

- I finished a new papercraft house that lights up from the inside. I'm very proud of it, so there will be pictures later.

- While building it, I have been listening to my Dark Adventure Radio Theatre cds. Because apparently it is time for a resurgence of Lovecraft fannishness.

- I need someone to tell me that picking a short book I like and translating the entire thing into senesh is a silly project and I shouldn't do. Probably that's a bad idea, right?

- I am, in general, really happy right now. It's pretty great.
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A thought I had this morning:

So. My mother's people are part of the Portuguese diaspora, specifically that part that settled in New Bedford around the beginning of the 20th century. Which means that my family is part of the influx of 'swarthy and degenerate foreigners' who scared HP Lovecraft so much.

And therefore...

I probably really am a Deep One and anticipate growing gills any day now.
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Am at the Lovecraft film festival. Whee!

Jeffery Combs is downstairs and it's kinda weirding me out. Usually the film fest only gets author or filmmaker guests, which is much less awkward-feeling for me. I mean, I find encounters with actors uncomfortable at the best of times (which is one of the reasons I don't really enjoy ECCC), but it is super weird to turn around and suddenly be two feet from someone about whose characters I have spent a lot of time making up terrible fanfic porn in my head. So that's weird. But I am quite looking forward to watching Re-Animator tonight.

In other news, I bought new radio plays from the HPLHS, which is exciting. And the guy at the table gave me a free pack of prop Fleur de Lys cigarettes (that i was also going to buy) because he thought I was a guy and then felt bad about misgendering me. I quite like looking androgynous, so that's a little fun on two levels.
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So, we've been doing a lot of rearranging in the library over the past few weeks, and a lot of book-weeding as a result. Today, a coworker and I were discarding a bunch of weeded books, and she remarked that a lot of our books on the history of Antarctica were going. I mentioned that maybe we might get some new ones and she said something about the history of Antarctica not having changed a whole lot recently.

It was only at the last possible moment that I remembered that said coworker a) has actually been to Antarctica several times and knows actual things about its actual history and b) is not at all a geek. And thus, she is pretty much exactly the wrong audience for jokes about shoggoths and sinister penguins.

Which is a shame, as opportunities for jokes about shoggoths and sinister penguins really don't come up all that often.
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In the random mystery show I watched with my parents tonight, there was a woman named Asenath and her father, Ephraim.

Alas that this fact did not lead to the mystery being about witchcraft and body swapping.
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So, I was having breakfast and I thought to myself that it would be fun to spend the evening after work playing Arkham Horror, since there's no one else in the house to be annoyed by my game taking up the whole of the kitchen table for several hours. Then I thought that I should go ahead and set it up this morning, so I won't have to do that after work, because the game takes a goodly amount of time to set up and I had a new expansion I wanted to incorporate.

It took me half an hour to lay the game out on the table with all the pieces. I swear to god, setting up Arkham Horror is in itself some sort of arcane act of summoning. I'm pretty sure if you did it exactly right, you could actually use the board to contact an Elder God.
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What I Saw At the HPLFF on Saturday:

Cut for length )

And now it is Sunday and nothing starts till 12:30, so I have several hours to just relax. Hurrah!
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And then I guess I didn't post for a week. Huh.

Things about this past week:

- Since the Kingston community center had a car in the wall and the library was closed, the staff of Kingston had been working at the Little Boston library. Which...has a very different library culture than I'm used to. It's a lovely building and the staff are great but it's much less busy than Kingston and everyone is so quiet. Which, yes, I guess you want in a library but neither of the ones where I normally work are quite that quiet. We had all the Kingston holds there and had told Kingston patrons they could come in and pick them up and you could always tell when a Kingston person walked in the door because they were significantly louder than everyone else. 8)

( - There was a somewhat dreadful incident toward the beginning of the week. The Kingston phones were redirecting to Little Boston and one of the staff there got a call from a Kingston patron. The patron was informed that Kingston was closed but that Little Boston was still open and that the patron's holds would be there. The patron then told the staff person that she would never ever go to the Little Boston library because "the area there is just way too creepy". We have no actual proof that the patron was referring to the fact that the Little Boston library is on tribal land but, y'know, the area really isn't creepy and the library is actually in a really beautiful setting. So. I know it's not in any way my fault that some of our patrons are jerks but I kept wanting to apologize to the Little Boston staff anyway for bringing them there.)

- The Kingston staff won an award! For being awesome under the continuous burden of our building falling apart. We had to go to the board of trustees meeting to get our award and they read something our manager had written about all the stuff we've had to put up with in the last six months (not the car - she submitted it before the car happened) and it was hilarious watching the board's faces as the list of crazy got read. Some of it, I had completely forgotten ("Oh yeah, our furnace totally stopped working this winter!"), which goes to show that anything can become normal if you put up with it for long enough. We each got a certificate and $50 (which I will likely be spending on Game of Thrones dvds).

- We did reopen the Kingston library on Thursday. Hooray! Little Boston is lovely and Kingston is falling apart but it's still nice to be home.

- So, I did start making a quilt, did I mention that? It is a rag quilt, and is all blues and greys and greens, and I am really enjoying all the hand sewing. It's a nice occasional alternative to knitting, though it's not as portable and I have to look at it more to make sure I'm actually sewing along the right lines. I'm about a fifth of the way done with it and I'm very pleased so far.

- Next week is the HPL Film Festival! I am totally excited about my trip. They are showing The Stone Tape, which I love, and which will be totally fun to watch with a group of people instead of just by myself. The only problem is that there's so much being shown this year that I can't possibly schedule it so that I can see everything. My tentative schedule right now has me missing nearly all of the shorts, alas. And Beyond Re-Animator, but, well...I have that and also it is pretty skippable in general. But except for that and The Stone Tape everything else is new to me. Hurrah!

- Today, I am going to make oatmeal bread and work on my quilt. That is an excellent plan.
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Today has been alternately irritating and boring at the library today, so I have been browsing ravelry. It is a thing that I do, and is why I have more sock patterns favorited than I will ever make.

I was looking for shawl patterns today because a) I like shawls and haven't knitted one in a while, b) shawls are a thing that I can knit and then wear in the summer, and c) I am going on a trip in early May and shawls make excellent projects for trips.

I have now settled on the pattern I'm going to knit on my trip, because I found this, which seems one of the most appropriate patters for the Lovecraft Film Festival ever. I will get some sort of weedy green yarn and shiny black beads* and it will be my R'lyeh scarf.

*Beads! I have never knitted with beads! It will be new and exciting.
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More good things:

- Today, I got paid to play with Legos. (My manager has to bring some activity to a branch managers meeting and wants to do something with Legos. So she asked me to put together the design she's thinking of using, to make sure it's not too hard.) I haven't played with Legos in forever - they are still pretty cool. I'd rather be building spaceships than the beach house I was assigned to build, but it was still fun.

- OMG, you guys, there is new Dark Adventure Radio Theater! Okay, Call of Cthulhu isn't my favorite story ever, but it will still be fun. And there are more episodes in production, apparently, which is even more exciting! ::flails::
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Tonight, I seriously spent three hours playing Arkham Horror by myself. (I nearly won - I only had one more gate I needed to seal - but then The King in Yellow got performed and the Earth perished in screaming and fire, presumably.)

I thoroughly approve of single-player board games. I get all the fun I ever get out of playing a board game and none of the anxiety they occasionally produce. And no one minds if I start singing bits of Shoggoth on the Roof, which is a plus.
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The other day, I was going through a drawer and found some geek-thing stickers that I bought a while ago with the obvious intention of eventually sticking them on things. One of them is a sticker of the Yellow Sign.

I took it out of the drawer and looked at it, trying to think where I wanted to put it, what would be appropriate to stick it on. And, as I thought about it, I realized that I couldn't think of anything I wanted to put it on. Not because I didn't like it, but because there's that little twinge of fear that it would end with, y'know, horror and death and possession by the Tattered King. It went back in the drawer.

So, two things. One, well done, Robert Chambers. And two, I may have wasted a dollar on a sticker I can never use but it might be worth it for that little frisson.
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Experimental cooking of the day: Coconut balls.

Result: Complete and utter failure. I don't know if it was the recipe or the ingredients or me but nothing about these worked at all. They fell apart, they had a disconcerting and unhealthy texture when cooked, and they smelled...wrong. So they were scrapped and we will not be eating them. Fortunately, the empanadas I made the other day to be eaten on Christmas Eve look wonderful.

However, if I ever in my life need to make a tiny model shoggoth, I will know just what to do.
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Things I learned today:

- People are going to keep making short films out Music of Eric Zaan (which I'm sure I misspelled) and I am never going to care.

- There is a sculpture of a giant mouse perching on a sleeping man at the Seattle Art Museum. It's pretty neat.

- Night of the Demon really would have been a better film if the demon had been kept off screen. It's still pretty good though.

- If someone ever gives you the opportunity to watch director's workprint of a movie you've never seen before or otherwise do not love, the correct answer is "No". And two hours is much too long to spend watching one. Seriously, that was like an endurance event.

In conclusion, I watched seven movies this weekend and five of them were fun. And I bought a new bento box and didn't permanently lose my kindle. In general, a positive experience, though I much prefer the Portland festival.
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Today's movies:

The Dunwich Horror: This is not a good film. It is, however, a film I am unaccountably fond of, probably because it's just so groovy. I find Dean Stockwell's groovy free-love pornstache Wilbur Whateley to be charmingly absurd and the climactic magic battle (which consists of people yelling nonsense words at each other while performing silly gestures until Wilbur randomly catches on fire) is hilarious and marvelous. It is a fun, ridiculous movie. We had more people today and they all seemed to share my opinion of the film, so a good time was had.

The Whisperer in Darkness: Okay, so, this movie is probably at least 70% of the reason I wanted to attend this film festival at all. And it completely lived up to my expectations. Hell, it surpassed them. Spoilers )Completely and wholeheartedly recommended. I will be buying this one.
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Update on the kindle: I called the SAM lost and found this morning and they did indeed find it. So when I go in for more movies today, I can just pick it up!

I am amazingly relieved.

So now I can talk about yesterday's movies, most of which I had seen before. Haunted Palace is always lovely, because Vincent Price is always lovely and because the movie is gorgeous - I still want the titular palace. And Mr Price's dressing gown. (One of the audience members did say irritatingly disparaging things after it ended, but he appears to be one of those guys who never grows out of the tendency to try to be the smartest and most jaded person in the room, so to hell with him.)

Re-Animator is a lot of fun in a room with lots of other people, and on a big screen. That one drew the biggest crowd yesterday - there were maybe 15 for Haunted Palace but 30 or 40 for Re-Animator. And in the row in front of me was a woman who had quite obviously never seen it before and seemed to be having a really great time, which was pleasant to watch. Total crowd-pleaser, everyone had fun. Man, but I love that stupid film.

The last movie of the night was Die Farbe, and there were only about 10 of us in the audience. This was the only one yesterday I hadn't seen and I'd heard some good things about it, so I was looking forward to it. Alas, I was greatly disappointed. It is, as the title indicates, a German adaptation of The Colour Out of Space and, oh dear gods but it's boring. It's black and white and trying so hard to be "artistic", with long lingering boring still shots of houses or trees or grotesque pears. There's a forgettable (and boring) framing narrative that never really pays off but the bulk of the film is a very straight retelling of the original story. It's not a bad adaptation, the actors do a fine job, and there are a couple of moments that start to capture some of the creepy wrongness of the original setting (there's a wonderful giant wasp at one point, for example) but the majority of the film is just so dull. It does do the one thing that I've sort of wanted in an adaptation of Colour Out of Space, which is to film in black-and-white except for the titular color, in order to properly represent the idea that this is a color that's not of this world, that's indescribable in human terms. Unfortunately, Die Farbe chooses to do this by making the color a neon pinkish-purple which is just so ridiculous that it doesn't work at all. (Me, I would try to keep it as close to black-and-white as possible. Maybe a dark blue or green or, yes, purple that's almost but not quite right. That would be effective, I think.) And that just makes me sad, because it's a good idea but done so badly and in such a boring movie. So disappointing.

Today is Dunwich Horror, which is awful but enjoyable, and Whisperer in Darkness, which I've seen clips from and have great hopes for.
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- Today is another moving day. Today's goal: move all the books upstairs. Which I have accomplished! They're all sitting in stacks in the den, since the bookshelves themselves can't be moved up till the parentals get back and someone can help me with them. The books take up most of the den. It's a little scary, honestly. And now I am covered in dust.

- Last night, I made green tea and coconut soda out of a book my dad got from the library. It is amazing.

- Next weekend is the Lovecraft Film Festival at the Seattle Art Museum! I am totally stoked, especially to see Whisperer in Darkness but also because on Friday night they're showing Re-Animator and I have never actually seen that in a large group setting. Or, indeed, with people that I wasn't making watch the film. So that should be fun. (I'm kinda hoping, since it's at the SAM, we get some people who aren't actually horror people but are instead Art Museum people. Because I like playing horrify the newbie. This is me owning my evil impulses.)

- The other exciting thing about going to the film festival is that I will be in Seattle anyway, so I might as well go early and finally sign up for a Seattle Public Library card. Because I think their digital collection is larger than ours and that's exciting. The gods know I need more library books. 8)
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Hey, northwesterly people! The HPLFF is not being held in Portland this year (alas!) but there is a smaller HPL film festival at the Seattle Art Museum this October!

And here is the schedule. I am already planning which movies I want to show up for.

(I am definitely going to Whisperer. And oh, Dunwich Horror, ahahaha, that movie is so awful. I would totally go to that. And pretty much all of Sunday looks good. I am so excited.)
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Today in frustrating things:

I have been poking around the internets for potential patterns I can build off of for the projects mentioned in last night's poll. And found this, which isn't any of the projects I was thinking about but is amazing. And the creator sells patterns in her etsy shop.

But not for that. Woe!

(On the other hand, she did make this, for which there is a pattern. And, okay, I wouldn't make the little tableau or anything but the cultist is pretty awesome and those are some of the best crocheted tentacles I've ever seen.)
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So I'm reading this DS9 novel, right? It is Fallen Heroes and is pretty good - I'm enjoying it. And I'm reading along and, at one point, one of the characters thinks about having gone to see a production of The King in Yellow performed on the station.

And my immediate thoughts were 1) Doesn't the Federation have rules about maybe not performing plays that inevitably result in madness and destruction? and 2) that is why everything bad that has happened in this book has happened. I don't care what the actual reason turns out to be - the ultimate reason for all the bad things is that someone decided that it would be a good idea to summon the Tattered King.

(This is my favorite random shout out in a DS9 novel so far. Though I also really enjoyed the fleeting mention in one of the others about Ayvon of the Seven, a famous Bajoran freedom fighter.)
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Okay, so, I'm watching The Dunwich Horror - the one from the 70's, with Dean Stockwell. It is...kinda terrible and definitely one of those movies where having actually read the original story puts one at a disadvantage, but I'm enjoying it nonetheless. Because I like terrible things.

However. The music that plays over the opening credits. I know that I have heard that piece of music before, probably in some other movie, but I can't place it for the life of me. And bits of it keep being played as background music and it keeps bothering me. So, I know this is a hell of a long shot as there is no real reason to suspect that any of you have watched both this movie and whatever the hell other movie it was that I heard that music in but...have you?

It's kinda driving me crazy.
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The problem with being in the grip of crafty fervor is that I have two knitting projects currently (as well as several crochet projects on the back burner) and yet my brain still tries to come up with more.

So, I'm working on these fingerless gloves, right? (Not the pair I finished or the other pair I mentioned before, because those were very fiddly so I'm taking a break by doing something on larger needles.) And these gloves have a sort of abstract tree-looking pattern on the back. It's very pretty and it's done just by purling on a background of knitting, so it's very easy. I'm quite pleased with how it's coming out. But apparently my knitting has thus far not been geeky enough because I keep thinking things like "Okay, you've knitted one and a half pairs of gloves now, you have a basic understanding of how knitted fingerless gloves work. Surely, it is time to make up your own pattern in order to make knitted fingerless gloves with the Elder Sign on them. You know how much you enjoy your crocheted pair."

The thing is, that is obviously a brilliant idea. Every craft project can only be improved by being either Bride of Frankenstein or Lovecraft themed. However. I have to finish at least one of the current knitting projects before I am allowed to find appropriate yarn for this idea, because three half-finished pairs of gloves is just ridiculous.
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So, okay, I'm rewatching Fringe with Mom and we are in the middle of season two. Which is fun, because sometimes I notice things that I didn't the first time.

For instance )
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Today in What The Hell, How Is This My Brain, I Don't Even Know:

So, when I work on Sunday, it is a shelving day. That's pretty much all I do all day long - shelve books. It's cool though, because I like shelving to a certain degree and because I get to spend the time telling myself stories. These vary between things that I'd actually like to write down eventually and terribly indulgent mental fanfic. Sometimes, they continue for weeks and sometimes they're one-shots. I always enjoy them.

Today, I didn't have a continuing story I wanted to play with and had no new inspiration biting especially hard, so I did my normal thing and let my brain just sort of drift and shuffle through the pack of cards that is my favorite tropes and character types. And today, my brain settled on vaguely Innsmouth-inspired fish people. Cool, I thought. Fish people are great and I haven't done anything Lovecraftian for several months, since my brain stopped being All Re-Animator All the Time. And Innsmouth means that the fish people can be cultists, which is even better.

So I'm bopping along, thinking about fish people. And, since my stories are all about feeding into my personal story preferences, it eventually turned into creepy fish people romance. Because who doesn't want creepy fish people in love? Surely that has a universal appeal.

However, there comes a point when one realizes that one has been making up a story in which there are fish people performing eldritch rites naked in a river and eventually there is going to be fish people sex and one has spent the last few minutes considering the erotic possibilities of gill slits.* While shelving in the children's library.

At which point I started wondering what the hell was wrong with me.

Fortunately, fairly soon after that, I got to go home.

*I don't personally find gill slits to be particularly sexy but I imagine that fish people - and especially (as these were) the kind of latter-generation Innsmouth folk who sort of fetishize that which is more fishy than human - definitely would.
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I am back from Portland. I had a lovely time and saw some ridiculously fun movies.

- There was a really great preview of the HPLHS's Whisperer in Darkness which I am so stoked about I can't even tell you. Seriously, that movie looks awesome. I can't wait till it comes out. (I also can't wait till they get back to Dark Adventure Radio Theater because I love me some radio drama and they do really great work. And they said there may some day be a DART version of Herbert West: Reanimator, which would be pretty rockin'.)

- They showed The Whole Wide World which is not a horror movie at all, but a rather touching movie about Robert E Howard. Which mostly reminded me that I should read more Howard because I've only ever read a couple of Conan stories, but they were awesome. Gloriously awesome. And I hear really good things about Solomon Kane. I should get on that.

- There was this little Australian movie called Primal which I don't think was actually very good but was an amazing amount of fun. Not overly scary but it had some nice jumper moments and some very nicely done gore (the kind of gore I like, where everything is over the top). And there were leeches and a couple of nice body horror moments. You can't help but like a movie that gives you all that and a creepy girl turned into a monster in pink pajamas pants tearing a kangaroo in half. And somewhat icky spoilers, I guess? ) And I'm not going to say that that sort of thing is pleasant or anything but it's kinda nice when a film so completely fulfills your expectations that way. 8) More spoilers: ) This may have been the most fun movie I saw all weekend.

- And there was Stuart Gordon, so we watched Dagon and a filmed staged reading of Re-Animator: the Musical which, um...so, okay, the music is really quite dreadful but I'm not going to lie. If there ever actually is a stage show and it ever comes to Seattle, I will be there with bells on, because you really have to support your fandom when it does completely ridiculous things, don't you? Of course you do.

And this morning I went to Powells and bought horror novels and Richard Siken's Crush. All in all, an excellent weekend.


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