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- Since November, I've been trying to write in my paper journal every day. I find this leads to not writing here. Sorry.

- Earlier this week, a notoriously child-hating patron of the library came in and handed me a box of candy canes saying, "There'll be kids in here soon, maybe you can hand these out." I thanked him, put them in the office, and didn't give them to anyone. They were still wrapped, so I'm pretty sure they weren't poisoned, but you never can tell.

- I am still reading a lot of Revolutionary War-related nonfiction. The thing about reading about Thomas Jefferson is that I want to make notes that just say NERD in big letters on basically every line, which is probably not helpful. (Oh god, he was so hilariously terrible.)

- Yesterday, I told a coworker my theory about Washington having magical powers. She nodded and then asked if I had read Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, and we talked about that for a while. Sadly, she works mostly at Poulsbo and was only subbing at Kingston, so she can't be my new work-best-friend.

- I went to see Deadpool yesterday and it was pretty much everything I wanted out of a Deadpool movie, by which I mean that it was full of stabbing and jokes I would feel uncomfortable about if my parents were in the room. Sometimes, that is all I want in life.

- For the past few weeks, I've been attending a Quaker meeting on Sundays. (You can be a Quaker and not be a Christian. Who knew, right?) It is immensely satisfying. Which is maybe a weird thing to say about sitting in a circle with a dozen other people and mostly not talking at all while you all think about god/the gods for an hour, but yeah, it really is. I won't be able to go next week, and I'm pretty sure I'm really going to miss it.

- The reason I can't go is that next week is my grandmother's 90th birthday and all the aunts are coming. Also my cousin and his wife. And my sisters. And while I'm super happy that they can all come to celebrate Granny's birthday, oh my god, where are we going to put them all, what are we going to do with them, I have never met my cousin's wife and will have to make conversation with her, oh no.

And that's what going on with me!
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And then, I guess I fell off the internet. I mean, I've been reading my flist and all, but haven't really wanted to post anything. But here are some things:

- This is the Week of Birthdays for my family - Dad's is today and Katie's is tomorrow. So we celebrated Dad's last weekend (concurrent with Father's Day) and we'll do Katie's this weekend. Dad's was fun - we went to Port Townsend and hung out in a park and threw frisbees. We even had a bunch of little boys come and ask if they could play, so we taught them how to throw frisbees too. We are none of us any good at it, so our teaching may not have been productive, but we had a good time.

- I have been reading some Marvel comics. Mostly Daredevil, which I am thoroughly enjoying, but I'm also rereading Alias. Which was the first Marvel comic I ever read, probably around 10 years ago. I enjoyed it then but I think I'm getting more out of it now since, y'know, I know who some of the other character are. (My exposure to Marvel comics prior to the MCU consisted of a few cartoons, Alias, a friends continuing to try to get me interested in the X-Men. Protip: this has never worked.)

- In other, more ridiculous comics news, I'm gonna talk about Fourth World things. So, as you may know, one of the fannish things I do is make fanmixes. Mostly just for me, as they are always mildly ridiculous. I have an Apokolips fanmix, because of course I do, have you met me? It's pretty good (though there's at least one song on there that's tonally wrong but I keep it because it makes me giggle.) I keep thinking I should try to make a New Genesis fanmix and then I realize that all the songs I want to put on the New Genesis fanmix are absurd. Seriously, among the songs that would definitely be on the mix are In Time from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, We Don't Need Another Hero from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome and Donovan's Universal Soldier. I'm not even kidding.

( - No, man, We Don't Need Another Hero is actually a wonderful Mister Miracle song, you don't even understand, it is perfect. I have this whole big incoherent explanation for this, which includes tangents into how Scott is the ultimate embodiment of the Life Equation because of his absurd domestic sitcom life, comparing Scott and Orion's respective destinies, and also ranting about how everything involving the New Gods post-Flashpoint is wrong and terrible*, but I will spare you. No one actually needs to listen to me talk about Fourth World. There's a lot of flailing involved. Scott just wants to get beyond Thunderdome, you guys!)

- These are all pretty happy things, but I am actually currently kinda depressed. I mean, I will still absolutely do the animated flailing about Thunderdome thing, but there's kind of a grey flatness underneath it, which sucks. I mean, I'm pretty sure it will eventually go away but, y'know. There we are. Oh well.

- I think I will now go read more comics.

*It continues to be wrong and terrible and yet I keep reading it, what is wrong with me?
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- Okay, so, I've been really terrible about actually posting of late. And that topic-a-day meme is going around again - I'm not doing that, but I am making a little resolution to post at least something every day in December, and we'll see if that gets me back in the habit of regular posting.

- Today was my first day back to work after my vacation. Which was great, btw - I had several days of doing nothing whatsoever, which is really lovely once in a while. I did some knitting, caught up on some tv (Gotham is ridiculous, but I kinda love it), played some computer games. And yesterday, I went to visit my sister and watch weird old musicals with her. We watched Yankee Doodle Dandy (which marks the first time I've ever actually seen a James Cagny movie), There's No Business Like Show Business (my first Ethel Merman movie), and 42nd Street. So that was cool. Megan has decided that next time we do a movie marathon together, we're going to watch Footlight Parade and Gold Diggers of 1933. Which is something to look forward to. Megan is great fun to watch movies with (when we're getting along) because we watch them in a very similar manner - we both talk all the time during the movie, we're both okay with rewinding several times if we miss something, we both like the subtitles on - and it's always better when you're watching with someone else like that. I like to discuss a movie while I watch it and so does she, but no one else in our family really does. (We both also do this while watching tv, but we usually have very disparate taste in shows, so it's harder to find one we agree on. Eventually, we're going to have to have a Flash marathon together, if only because it's a show we both watch.)

- Alas, the heating situation in the Kingston library has not improved while I was gone. When I got to work this morning, it was 49 degrees and when I left at one for my shift at Bainbridge, it had just hit 60. Too cold.

- My Christmas concert is next week, which seems entirely too soon. I think it's going to be a good concert, though. Our big piece is Z. Randall Stroope's Hodie and it is the most Star Trek-sounding piece of choral music I've ever sung. I can't wait to sing it with the instrumentalists.

And now, bed!
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- I have felt really kinda blah all week. No real reason for it - just feel bored and tired. However, I actually slept well last night, so maybe things will improve.

- Also, it is Friday and I have nowhere to go tomorrow and thus can just relax. And on Sunday, we are going to Seattle to see my sisters and have brunch and possibly (weather permitting) go to the zoo. So that's cool.

- Also also, Friday is now Family Movie Night. Tonight is my movie, so I have to provide snacks and a western. (I am doing westerns, Mom is doing mysteries/thrillers, and Dad is doing WWII movies. So far, we have watched The Third Man, which was great, and The Thin Red Line, which was so. very. long.) So we are watching Stagecoach and I am making salty honey pie. Which is a terrible name, but I think the pie will be good. ETA - I think I will call it a honey chess pie from now on. That name is accurate and I feel much better about it.

- So, the other day I read a semi-recommendation for a scifi book series* (semi in that it pointed out things that were really cool about it and also things that were really awful and I decided that I could deal with the awful because of the cool) and I got the first one from the library. And I am really enjoying it and am about halfway through, so I thought I'd put the next one on hold. But the library doesn't have it - it has books one and five, which is terrible. So now I am trying to decide what to do. I can submit a purchase request, which could take a couple of months and there's not guarantee they'd buy it, or I can buy the book myself, even though I just want to read them and don't have any sort of burning fire to own them. It is a conundrum.

- Speaking of which, what are your favorite books that you can't in good conscience recommend to people? Y'know, the books that absolutely do something for you and you love them but are maybe terribly written or are about things that you don't want people to judge you on. And while you read them, you find yourself constantly saying, "Why the hell am I reading this book?" but you can't put it down. I love those kinds of things. Mine are the Jurisdiction series by Susan R Matthews. They are kind of terrible and also written really weirdly in places but I got the first one from the library, read half of it, and immediately bought the rest of the series. Fortunately, the covers look like respectable space opera so you can read them in public. Unlike my other favorite terrible books, the Black Jewels series. I love these books and would never actually recommend them to anyone ever, because you can't without a page of caveats that make you look like a creeper. Tell me about your favorite books like that.

*It is The Myriad by R M Meluch. It is a fun space adventure with neat aliens and space romans and weird wormholes things and I am really enjoying it but oh god, the female characters make me twitch.
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- This past weekend, my mother, sisters, and I went to Women's Own, which is Grown-Up Girl Scout Camp*. It was absurdly fun. The great thing about being at camp as an adult is that you get to do whatever you want. There were schedule events you could attend if you wanted and meals were always at a certain time but other than that, you get to figure out whatever you want to do and do it. We did various arts-and-crafts things, went swimming in the Hood Canal, did a little hiking, and spent most of Saturday sitting in a chair reading a book, which I haven't done for far too long. There was a camp fire and a talent show and a night we all dressed up in make-shift 1920's regalia to play bingo and roulette to win cheap-ass prizes. And everyone was friendly and helpful and welcoming, but willing to leave you along if that's what you wanted. We are already planning to go back next year and if you are a lady who lives in Washington and wants to go to Grown-Up Girl Scout Camp, I thoroughly recommend it.

- Also, I bought a gorgeous Girl Scout pocketknife in the camp store because I have always wanted a good pocket knife and it was beautiful and I am an adult and can buy myself knives if I want to.

- While at camp, I read about 200 pages of The Stand, which I haven't read in about 10 years. You guys, that book is still pretty great. Though of course I'm not quite sure if that's because it was definitely one of the Books Of My Adolescence. I read The Stand a lot as a teenager - it's one of those books I can point at and say, "That is where I learned this thing".*** It's not quite as scary as it once was, but the little creepy things remain very effective - the dead soldier with the soup in his eyebrows, those first few glimpses at Randall Flagg, "Come down and eat chicken with me, beautiful - it's so dark". (It's possible that I think that whenever I am in dimly-lit staircases.) I am unsurprised but a little ashamed to find that I still really identify with Harold Lauder in a lot of ways. Look, I was - am - a pretentious nerd and while I like to think that I wouldn't really go to the Dark Side, if you'd caught me at the right point in my lonely pretentious nerdgirl adolescence, I can't promise that I would haven't. Like Eleanor Vance, my identification with Harold is undeniably present and undeniably uncomfortable (I am not ashamed of my continuing love for the Trash Can Man.) The fact that I have never yet managed to read The Stand at a point when I don't have a runny nose always adds to the experience somewhat.

- It is the last week of Summer Reading which is always both a little melancholy and a little bit of a relief. Now, of course, we get a bunch of emails about our annual All Staff Day, which is coming up in about a month and about which I am not excited. The higher-ups really want us to be excited, though. This year, there is apparently some sort of after-party. I cannot imagine who will be attending that - after a mandatory 8 hours of meeting and socializing while seated in uncomfortable chairs, all I want is to go home. At least now it's on a Thursday instead of Monday, so I don't have to go to choir right afterwards.

- Choir starts in two weeks! I'm so excited! I haven't sung properly since April and my range has probably atrophied terribly, but I'm still so excited!

*My mother always wanted to be a Girl Scout but never got to be. Thus, all of her children were, for varying lengths of time**.

**I stayed in the longest and made it to Juniors. (Got my wings, baby!) Sometimes, I regret not sticking with it for longer, but my troop kinda sucked and I wanted to take taekwondo, so...

***I don't think it's the first book I read in which abortion was mentioned, but it's definitely the first book that connected it with coat hangers. What an odd thing to remember. It is also the book where I learned about That One Yeats Poem Every Horror Fan Knows.
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Spent pretty much the entire weekend helping my sisters move. Into their third-floor apartment, complete with narrow staircases. That is now accomplished and I feel good both about having helped get them set up in their new place and about no longer having their stuff cluttering up my bathroom. 8)

Also, I am exhausted.

I have called in sore to work tomorrow. I am taking a day off from doing pretty much anything that isn't sitting still and comfortably. Maybe I will go to the Lego movie.
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- Apparently, I am really bad at updating lately. I'm going to try to do better about that. I feel better when I blog, I think, even if it's wholly inconsequential stuff.

- I found a semi-local (well, they're in Port Orchard) pagan meet-up group and I'm planning to go to my first meet-up this weekend. I am super nervous about it. I love the idea of having a group of people to to worship with but then I actually go to things and it involves a lot of talking to people I don't know and I freak out. Still, going at all is a good first step.

- This also neatly gets me out of feeling like I ought to think of something to do for Disting. (The thing I'm going to is really an Imbolc thing, but they happen around the same time, so...) I always have trouble with Disting.

- This is the week that Megan moves back home! She's coming up from Santa Barbara on Tuesday. So all the family will be back in Washington! She and Katie are planning to find an apartment in Seattle, but they'll both be living with us until they do. (Fingers crossed that we don't kill each other.) Honestly, though, I'm looking forward to having her here. 8)

- We are doing exactly two pieces in chorale this session. One of them is a Vaughan Williams piece (which I still don't have music for, despite there only being two pieces and the session having started 4 weeks ago) and the other is the Verdi Requiem. Which explains why we only have two pieces. I have read actual novels that are shorter than this score. We get to perform with the Bainbridge orchestra, in a venue that isn't a church! I'm so excited!

- The problem with Monday is that I don't get a break till 1 o'clock and I always want lunch at least an hour before. I am hungry.
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And then I guess I didn't post for a week. Huh.


- I had Monday and Tuesday off from Kingston, which was nice. When I came back, I was told that someone (no names were given) had set fire to the microwave, so that the fire department had to be called, and that there was a mysterious beeping box in our break room. The box had been there since the room had been the office of the building's county representative, so we had assumed it belonged to the county. We called the county, to get them to stop the beeping, but they told us they had no idea what it was. So we didn't want to unplug it, because what if that would lock all of the doors to the building, or make it explode, or open a portal to another dimension. This morning, there was an email in my inbox saying that the beeping had been stopped, but still no information as to what the box actually is. So that's worrisome.

- My sister got a job! She's working at a pie shop in Fremont. It's all very exciting, and sometimes, she brings us pie. In fact, I have a macaroni and cheese pie waiting for me in the fridge at home, which I'm sure you are all jealous of. 8)

( - Of course, if my digestive system would cooperate long enough to eat the pie, that would be awesome. I've been having freaky stomach cramps and nausea for the past two days. It's not debilitating - I'm at work right now and doing fine - but it's deeply irritating.)

- I have no Halloween plans as yet, which makes me a little bit sad. I mean, I have the day off (and the day after), but nothing I'm planning to do as yet. It may end up just being a movie marathon - nothing wrong with that - but I'm struggling to pick a coherent theme. (There is a part of me that wants the theme to be "movies in which women's bodies are monstrous", and I could watch Ginger Snaps and Carrie and Jennifer's Body, but I'm pretty sure that would end up being really depressing.) Thoughts and/or suggestions?
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Bad things about today:

- Family drama )

Good things about today:

- So, I saw Pacific Rim. Which was a movie about giant robots punching giant lizards and, really, I am totally down with that. And also with watching Idris Elba do just about anything. Plus, I didn't know Burn Gorman was going to be in it, and he was pretty much adorable. So that was cool.

- In a moment of beautiful synchronicity, I picked up the perfect book to go along with listening to Welcome to Night Vale. It is called American Elsewhere and is about a creepy town in the American Southwest that is, apparently, concealing many creepy secrets. I am about 100 pages in and I keep yelling things like "Do not look at the dog park!" at the protagonist.

- In April, a girl in choir invited me to join her gaming meet-up group, which I did. And it hasn't met all summer. Last night, I decided to find a place where I could RP online (with strangers, because apparently RPing online with people I actually know fills me with crippling anxiety and then I never post), specifically to play Call of Cthulhu. Because I've wanted to for years and have no one here to play with. So I found a forum and joined a game where we're all travelling on the Orient Express in the late 1930s. I am so excited! Also, I realized after I came up with my character concept that I had basically designed him to be played (in the Universal horror film of this game) by David Manners. That is hilarious.

We are going to concentrate on the good things.
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This morning, I went to the grocery store in order to prepare for my parents coming home and bringing several relatives (Granny, my aunt, one of my sisters) with them. And I was in the produce section and decided it was time to make more shrubs, so I bought fruit. Troublesome fruit, really.

I bought lychees. Because I love lychee flavored things and it will make an interesting experiment, if nothing else. They are pretty messy to peel and very messy to pit, FYI. But now they are all peeled and pitted and macerating, so that's done. We'll see how that turns out.

And I bought cherries. The thing about cherries is that, not only are they annoying to pit, but the darker varieties look sort of horribly, viscerally meaty when pitted. And leave red juice all over your hands. So now I have this bowl full of cherry corpses and I feel kinda like Lady Macbeth.

Ah, well. I'm trying a new thing - using the recipe on this page, where you actually cook the fruit and vinegar together and add the sugar several days later. I've never done it like that - all of my shrubs so far have been cold-processed - so it should be interesting to see the difference.
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My mom just ran into my room with an empty garbage bag, yelled, "Look what fun you can have with a bag!", spun around several times so that the bag inflated, yelled, "You can make your own balloon!", and then ran out of the room again.

That is a thing that just happened.

My life, ladies and gentlemen.
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In which I describe life with my grandmother:

So, I take Jack out for his nightly constitutional. The tiny yappy dog up the street whose owners let him run around at all hours in defiance of leash laws and common courtesy*, launches himself at us. I yell at the dog, Jack starts barking (and hiding behind me, because Jack is terrified of tiny yappy dogs) - it is no good.

We go back inside the house and I start singing a little song: "Tiny nasty dog up the streeet, someday I'm going to kick you in your faaace, I'll dropkick you into the neeeeighbooor's yaaard...**"

Granny, who is reading in the den, says, "Oh, that's all right, honey, I'm fine just sitting here - I've got my book."

Oh Granny. What conversation do you think you're responding to?

*His name is Spike, because of course it is.

**Disclaimer: I would not ever actually do these things. But they're pleasant to think about.
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So, hey, I am totally back from vacation!

It was pretty much the perfect vacation (for me), also. I went to Santa Barbara to hang out with my sisters and basically just mooched around their apartment for a week. I mean, we went out to eat a couple times and Katie took me to her favorite bookstore, but mostly, just hanging around the apartment. When they were there, we played board games and watched tv (I have now seen the first seven episodes of Teen Wolf - it is kinda terrible and I love it) and had long conversations, and when they were not there (because of work and classes and such) I talked to the rabbit and read Les Miserables and knit quiltbits. I have a total of 253 quiltbits now and have finished the barricade section of Les Miz. I then had to take a break for a day or so because I was terribly terribly sad, but now I am reading again and learning all of Victor Hugo's Opinions About Waste Management. He has a lot of them. Good lord. Also, I read through the entirety of the Les Miz kink meme, much of which is ridiculous but all of which fills me with a giant gleeful love for fandom.

And because I am a ridiculous person, I may possibly have acquired the audiobook of Les Miz as well and listened to parts of it while I was there. Because, while I cannot read a book and then immediately read it again, the performance aspect of an audiobook renders it almost like an adaptation for me and so the experience is not the same as reading. Also, the audiobook is a different translation. I would like to note that I started listening to it pretty much as soon as I got to the airport on my way down, listened to it the whole time I was on the plane and when we landed we were still talking about Monsignor Bienvenue. On the way back, I managed to get to Fantine. (I slept through most of M Tholomyes, which I am perfectly all right with.)

But now I am back. I got back yesterday but took today off as it's nice to have a day after traveling to recover before going back to work, if at all possible. Of course, that does mean that my first day back is the day of a staff meeting. Ah, well. I suppose it can't be helped.
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This morning, my mom came into my room while I was doing my morning internet things and sat down on my beanbag chair to chat. I tend to read my comics in my bean and they're all piled up next to it. I offered her one so she'd have something to do while I was dinking about the interwebs and she picked up Hawkeye #1, which was on top of the stack. And started reading it out loud, as she is wont to do with comics. But either she wasn't paying attention or something, because the next thing I consciously heard was "I'm a orphan raised by canaries."

The best part is, she's in no way conversant with Hawkeye's backstory but is completely aware that comics are made of crack, so that didn't even phase her. She just kept reading like that was a reasonable backstory. Hell, considering some origin stories, maybe it is.

Clint Barton - raised by canaries. That is fantastic.
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Thanksgiving is under way. Thanksgiving has properly been underway since this morning (or yesterday, really, since that's when the pie was made.) The turkey is out of the oven, the stuffing is in, the rolls are waiting to be baked, and I am roasting vegetables. That and the rolls are my contribution to the meal, and I'm making roasted cauliflower and broccoli with bacon and garlic because delicious. And either the garlic was not very garlicky or that thing where you rub your hands on stainless steel and they lose the garlic smell is actually true because my hands are remarkably ungarlic-scented. That stainless steel thing seems like black magic, though.

This is the first Thanksgiving I can remember where it's just me and my parents. The California Contingent is doing their own thing down in Santa Barbara and none of the other relatives are at our place this year. It's a little weird being less than at least five, and it means thinking about scaling down a little bit, but it's kinda nice too. I mean, I miss Megan and Katie a whole lot but it being just the three of us means the day is pretty informal, with people snacking on the deviled eggs and spinach squares whenever they feel like it instead of waiting for Official Dinner Time. And we had pie last night, so that's something.

I hope everybody out there who celebrates is having a good Thanksgiving and that your turkey (or choice of alternative main dish) is delicious.
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And then, I didn't update for a week. Huh. Here are some things that happened:

- Katie came up from Santa Barbara to visit for the weekend, which was lovely. We picked her up from the airport on Friday night and then decided to go find an IHOP. Things we discovered: 1) there is not an IHOP in Burien, despite the fact that our GPS thought there was, 2) cheesecake pancakes, OMG. We didn't get home till about 2:30, though. It was a weekend of sleep deprivation.

- I have learned to play cribbage! Which has ridiculous names for pretty much everything. It is charming, I love it. And the boards are pretty. So far, I only know how to play with one other person, but I guess you can somehow play with three or four? Something to look forward to. Mom and Katie and I played a lot of cribbage this weekend, with Dad stepping in occasionally.

- Katie made me watch Parks and Rec, which is awesome. I had been kind of avoiding it, since I thought it might hit my embarrassment squick but no, it is lovely.

- I am experimenting with Unfuck Your Habitat because, frankly, my bedroom is unacceptably messy. I tend to think of cleaning as this all day, all-or-nothing thing where I clean all the things and then don't do any cleaning for, like, a month. Which is not really working for me and there's clutter and I never vacuum and it makes me sad but I am terribly lazy. But 20 minutes of cleaning almost every day? I can totally do that. 20 minutes sounds small enough not to be intimidating but is, as I discovered this morning, enough time to thoroughly clean off my chest of drawers and reading table, empty the trash can, gather up all the miscellaneous garbage that's lying around, and empty the laundry basket. I can close my closet door now! It's totally exciting. Tomorrow, I'm going to put away all the clothes on top of the dresser. And maybe dust something.

- Christmas knitting progress: I have one project completely done, one that's 85% done, one that's half done, one where I haven't actually turned the heel of the first sock yet, and one that I had finished half of and then discovered that I had made the thing way too small and had to start again. So. There's that. Maybe I will try to finished the 85% one today.
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My mother is a lovely and intelligent woman but, for some reason, she has a hell of time remembering titles of things, especially tv or radio shows. So she makes up her own. Fringe, for at least a season, was either "Filch" or "Flinch", which at least sound similar. The NPR show Wait Wait Don't Tell Me became "Hey Hey What Is It?" (which is still what my family calls it most of the time, because that's hilarious). The best one so far is So You Think You Can Dance which somehow at one point turned into "Hey, Look At You Who Thinks That You're Dancing Now". That is amazing.

Right now, the parentals and I are slowly watching through Inspector Lewis on Netflix. Tonight, over dinner, my mom looked at my dad and I and said, "So, do you guys want to watch Inspector Gadget tonight?"

It doesn't top SYTYCD, but it's pretty awesome.
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So, recently, our dryer exploded a little bit and we had to replace it. We decided to replace the washing machine at the same time. My mom is currently doing her first load of laundry in the new washing machine.

And by "doing laundry", I mean that she is sitting on the floor of the laundry room, watching the laundry.

My mother, ladies and gentlemen.
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I just had a conversation with my mother about the possibility and feasibility of getting a tapir.

My family, ladies and gentlemen.

(We can't have a tapir because we don't have anywhere to keep it. But if we do get a tapir, it will be solely my mother's responsibility. I completely refuse to walk the tapir.)
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Hey, guess what I forgot to mention: I am on vacation! Mom and I are in a little rented cottage near Ocean Shores, bumming around till Wednesday. It is great.

Yesterday, we drove here through all the weather. Seriously, there was wind, there was rain, hail, sleet, everything. It apparently snowed last night. We had all the weather. Also, we stopped at many thrift and antique stores. At one of them, I bought a copy of The Dispossessed for 50 cents. At another, we found an issue of a vintage nudist magazine. Although that was hilarious, I did not buy it because it was eight dollars. I did take a picture of the cover, though.

Today, we walked on the beach (very cold, though not precipitating in any way) and drove to Ocean Shores for lunch. Also, we went to a couple more thrift/antique stores. And then we came back to the cottage and decided to do nothing for the afternoon/evening. So Mom has been chilling in her room and I have been chilling in mine, knitting and watching absurd amounts of Dark Shadows. Because if vacation doesn't mean yarn crafts and ridiculous vampires, I don't know what it's for.

(Note to vampires and other monsters: You cannot kidnap random people and brainwash them into being your dead girlfriend. It is not going to work out and will end in blood and tears for everyone concerned. Also, I realize that people would notice and probably object, but is there no way that we cannot feed the irritating child actor to the vampire already? Apparently not.)

Vacation = pretty awesome.
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Things I have done this weekend:

- Celebrated my grandmother's 86th birthday! My Auntie Lamb came out for it and everything. We bought a ridiculous pink cake because we are still used to having a five-person household and not a three-person-plus-Granny-who-doesn't-eat-much one. There is so much cake.

- Went thrifting with my mom and my aunt. Which is an endurance event, let me tell you. They are not quite the kind of people who have to touch everything in a thrift shop, but they have to touch 75% of the stuff, yes. Yesterday, we went to a St Vincents, a Value Village, and a little antique store that I didn't catch the name of, as well as the grocery store. And we almost went to a Pyrex museum (!) but it was closed. I'm not sure if I'm sorry about that or not.

- Gave my aunt my Wolfman monster doll. Let's face it, I have never really been a werewolf person. Larry was fun to make, but I don't love him like I love my vampires or mad scientists, so he never got taken anywhere fun. But Auntie Lamb thought he was adorable and then carried him about with her all weekend, so I know he's going to a good home. He'll be happier with her, I think.

- Finished the torso of the sweater I'm working on. I bound it off too tight the first time and thus had to unbind it and then bind off again (using a larger needle and a different bind-off to boot), but now I just have to do the sleeves and the neckline and it's done! Hopefully before it gets too warm to wear it.

- Watched a somewhat ridiculous amount of Dark Shadows. You guys, did you know that part of that is streaming on Netflix? It is pretty great knitting tv, as it's quite talky and if you miss anything important, they'll tell you about it in the next episode. Also, vampires. Well, a vampire. Not that he has done any onscreen vampiring as yet. But he does have a lovely Renfield. I am enjoying it immensely.* Also it's really interesting on a how-different-people-watch-tv level, because I have never really watched a soap opera before and am far more accustomed to other genres of tv, like sci-fi or crime procedurals. Those genres always have a quest of some sort, something for the characters to be aiming at. Not to say that these characters don't have things they're trying to accomplish, because they certainly do. It's just that those wants don't necessarily lead in one direction and it's perfectly okay to sort of pause the action for an episode and talk about their relationships. I keep having to adjust my expectations as to how the story's going to work, which is kinda neat.

*I am, however, a little glad that I didn't get around to watching any with my mom and my aunt (who, like every mid-50's woman I know, have stories about rushing home from school everyday to watch Dark Shadows), because it's always a little weird being around while they're revisiting childhood fandoms that I now share. I always feel like I'm retroactively destroying their childhoods or something. I had the same problem with Man From UNCLE.
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Am in Santa Barbara. We got in yesterday, but I had no time to post, because we had many adventures. Including visiting Katie's tiny and adorable office on the UCSB campus, making paper turkeys, and throwing up due to the worst headache I have ever experienced in my life. (I am now fully recovered.)

Today, we are going to drive Megan to her new job (!) and go grocery shopping for Thanksgiving. Possibly, there will be more crafts.

Also, this morning, we were greeted by a flock of ducks on our hotel room balcony. Very exciting.

And now, breakfast!
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Today my sisters (and Katie's boyfriend) moved to Santa Barbara.

Okay, to be accurate, they left from our house 20 minutes ago, my dad driving the moving truck with Megan, and Katie & Eddy following along behind in Eddy's car. Katie's going to grad school at UCSB - I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but she is awesome enough that they offered her a free ride for five years. Like, not just "sent her an acceptance letter" but "called her on the phone because they really wanted her to attend their school." So she is off to California to study medieval literature and Eddy and Megan (since the three of them are a bit like a little family unit) are off with her.

Which is a little sad but mostly a lot awesome because, even though I complain about them sometimes, they are pretty cool people who are going to do pretty cool things. I'm really proud of them.

Since I can't get back to sleep, I am writing them letters. Everyone likes getting mail, especially when they move to a new place.
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- Hey, did I mention that my sister Katie graduated from college this past weekend? Because my sister Katie graduated from college this past weekend, summa cum laude, and is, in general, pretty awesome. It was a long weekend full of relatives and ceremonies and things and was very tiring but hey - Katie graduated. Hurrah!

- Summer reading has started at the library and school actually got out yesterday. This year, Kingston has made room for a sign-up table which is awesome because it means that we don't have to help every single kid get themselves signed up. (Not that we don't still end up helping a lot of them, but not having to help everybody is nice.) I go back and forth on summer reading - it is kind of a huge hassle and I'm always glad when it's over, but it's pretty awesome seeing the kids who are really enthusiastic about it.

- I finally got a bobbin case for my sewing machine! Now all I have to do is learn to sew...

- I have finished the main body of my bloomers and now just have to do the ruffles and the lacy bits on the cuffs. Every once in a while I glance over at them and, really, that "hey look - I made a garment!" feeling really never gets old. Even if they aren't quite finished yet.

- I did go ahead and order the Hollander translations of the Commedia and am eagerly awaiting their arrival. Apparently, I have put enough time between my Dante seminar and now to be actually really enthusiastic about this. The fact that I don't have to write a paper on Dante every week or so this time probably helps with that, of course. As does the fact that it's been over a month since I've found a book that I really want to read. I can only go so long reading nothing but fanfic. Also, I remember basically nothing about the Purgatorio (Maybe there were some people carrying rocks? We discussed synaethesia a lot. And the importance of properly articulated vowels, because "antepurgatory" is different from "antipurgatory". Oh, and the fact that "seraphim" is a plural which I was honestly surprised people didn't know). Or the Paradiso (Beatrice, giant Rose, everything is shiny). I'm really excited about rereading.

Today is a happy day.
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Mom had her tonsils out on Monday and thus has spent most of the week on the couch, being lethargic and pitiful and all the other things that people recovering from surgery are allowed to be. So she has been using my laptop, mostly, and I have not.

Not that anything of great importance has happened that needed to be recorded, but I feel a bit odd if I go more than a day or so without posting. So here I am.

I did manage to make Mom watch the first episode with the Eleventh Doctor, which seems to have been a success. DS9 kinda crashed and burned with her*, but maybe we can do Doctor Who together instead. Fringe ends for the season tonight, after all - we're going to need another show to watch in its place.

(Not that I imagine I'll be watching Fringe tonight, since Mom's bedtime this week has been about 8, it comes on at 9, and I can't watch without her. The DVR'll get it - it'll wait till tomorrow.)

Also! I have been reading Persuasion, because [personal profile] toft posted about it a bit ago and I haven't read any Austen that isn't Pride and Prejudice and it's in public domain and thus cheap to read on my kindle. I'm about 3/4 of the way through and I love it, mostly because it's really nice to have a heroine who is shy and quiet and retiring and obliging to those around her, occasionally to her own detriment, and still (I'm assuming, because it is Austen) gets to have a happy ending without having to change herself. It's possible that I am over-identifying with Anne a bit. Which is nice, too, because it's very pleasant to read a story and go "This person is just like me!" without that story being written by Shirley Jackson.***

And those are my thoughts this evening.

*She doesn't like Kira. Which I don't understand. I mean, we only got about 5 episodes in and, yes, tastes differ and maybe I am blinding by my occasionally embarrassing crush on her** but...Kira. How does one not like Kira?

**Hey, she canonically ends up with a person who is essentially asexual, in humanoid terms. It could work out. (Another time, we will deal with the fact that the only fictional people I can think of who are asexual and not considered by canon to be in some way damaged are all aliens. Ah, well.)

***It's not a very comfortable thing, when the literary character one most sees one's self in is Eleanor from The Haunting of Hill House.


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