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- Since November, I've been trying to write in my paper journal every day. I find this leads to not writing here. Sorry.

- Earlier this week, a notoriously child-hating patron of the library came in and handed me a box of candy canes saying, "There'll be kids in here soon, maybe you can hand these out." I thanked him, put them in the office, and didn't give them to anyone. They were still wrapped, so I'm pretty sure they weren't poisoned, but you never can tell.

- I am still reading a lot of Revolutionary War-related nonfiction. The thing about reading about Thomas Jefferson is that I want to make notes that just say NERD in big letters on basically every line, which is probably not helpful. (Oh god, he was so hilariously terrible.)

- Yesterday, I told a coworker my theory about Washington having magical powers. She nodded and then asked if I had read Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, and we talked about that for a while. Sadly, she works mostly at Poulsbo and was only subbing at Kingston, so she can't be my new work-best-friend.

- I went to see Deadpool yesterday and it was pretty much everything I wanted out of a Deadpool movie, by which I mean that it was full of stabbing and jokes I would feel uncomfortable about if my parents were in the room. Sometimes, that is all I want in life.

- For the past few weeks, I've been attending a Quaker meeting on Sundays. (You can be a Quaker and not be a Christian. Who knew, right?) It is immensely satisfying. Which is maybe a weird thing to say about sitting in a circle with a dozen other people and mostly not talking at all while you all think about god/the gods for an hour, but yeah, it really is. I won't be able to go next week, and I'm pretty sure I'm really going to miss it.

- The reason I can't go is that next week is my grandmother's 90th birthday and all the aunts are coming. Also my cousin and his wife. And my sisters. And while I'm super happy that they can all come to celebrate Granny's birthday, oh my god, where are we going to put them all, what are we going to do with them, I have never met my cousin's wife and will have to make conversation with her, oh no.

And that's what going on with me!
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And then, I guess I fell off the internet. I mean, I've been reading my flist and all, but haven't really wanted to post anything. But here are some things:

- This is the Week of Birthdays for my family - Dad's is today and Katie's is tomorrow. So we celebrated Dad's last weekend (concurrent with Father's Day) and we'll do Katie's this weekend. Dad's was fun - we went to Port Townsend and hung out in a park and threw frisbees. We even had a bunch of little boys come and ask if they could play, so we taught them how to throw frisbees too. We are none of us any good at it, so our teaching may not have been productive, but we had a good time.

- I have been reading some Marvel comics. Mostly Daredevil, which I am thoroughly enjoying, but I'm also rereading Alias. Which was the first Marvel comic I ever read, probably around 10 years ago. I enjoyed it then but I think I'm getting more out of it now since, y'know, I know who some of the other character are. (My exposure to Marvel comics prior to the MCU consisted of a few cartoons, Alias, a friends continuing to try to get me interested in the X-Men. Protip: this has never worked.)

- In other, more ridiculous comics news, I'm gonna talk about Fourth World things. So, as you may know, one of the fannish things I do is make fanmixes. Mostly just for me, as they are always mildly ridiculous. I have an Apokolips fanmix, because of course I do, have you met me? It's pretty good (though there's at least one song on there that's tonally wrong but I keep it because it makes me giggle.) I keep thinking I should try to make a New Genesis fanmix and then I realize that all the songs I want to put on the New Genesis fanmix are absurd. Seriously, among the songs that would definitely be on the mix are In Time from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, We Don't Need Another Hero from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome and Donovan's Universal Soldier. I'm not even kidding.

( - No, man, We Don't Need Another Hero is actually a wonderful Mister Miracle song, you don't even understand, it is perfect. I have this whole big incoherent explanation for this, which includes tangents into how Scott is the ultimate embodiment of the Life Equation because of his absurd domestic sitcom life, comparing Scott and Orion's respective destinies, and also ranting about how everything involving the New Gods post-Flashpoint is wrong and terrible*, but I will spare you. No one actually needs to listen to me talk about Fourth World. There's a lot of flailing involved. Scott just wants to get beyond Thunderdome, you guys!)

- These are all pretty happy things, but I am actually currently kinda depressed. I mean, I will still absolutely do the animated flailing about Thunderdome thing, but there's kind of a grey flatness underneath it, which sucks. I mean, I'm pretty sure it will eventually go away but, y'know. There we are. Oh well.

- I think I will now go read more comics.

*It continues to be wrong and terrible and yet I keep reading it, what is wrong with me?
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Tonight, at dinner, my mother at one point leaped up and yelled, "Oh! I have a present for you! Someone brought these in to work and I brought them home for you!"

She dug through her purse and produced these: )

Yes, those are balls with Captain America and Iron Man's faces on them.

That is amazing.
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- My mom went to a tea shop in Poulsbo that I haven't been to yet and bought me this tea that is almond cookie flavored. And it does, indeed, taste just like a drinkable almond cookie. It is amazing. I think I am going to have to go to this shop and buy everything they sell.

- I was seized this morning with the urge to rewatch Blakes 7. I can't think of any reason why that would be a bad idea and anyway, I need a new knitting show. So, the only reason I am not watching Blakes 7 right now is that I'm at work. Cursed need for employment!

- We have this sort of vague Adult Winter Reading program* going on right now that's mystery themed and I have to do a week-long mystery display next week. So far, my coworkers have done mysteries set in foreign countries, romantic mysteries, and mysteries about food. I am running true to type and doing spec fic mysteries, so I've been placing holds all afternoon. I'm calling my display "It Came From Beyond the Mystery Section" because I am nothing if not ridiculous. (While doing this, I have discovered that my library doesn't have a copy of The Demolished Man, which is obviously unacceptable.)

- Yesterday, my shelving story started out being about some sort of robot separatist colony and then I eventually realized that what I was doing was essentially telling myself the plot of The Dispossessed with added robots. So maybe I should reread that some time soon. I do still kinda like my separatist robots, though.

- And then, a man named Steve Rogers called to sign up for a program we're having this weekend. I am now imagining Captain America attending our little Kingston library mystery event. It is a happy-making thought.

*There are no prizes.
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This morning, my mom came into my room while I was doing my morning internet things and sat down on my beanbag chair to chat. I tend to read my comics in my bean and they're all piled up next to it. I offered her one so she'd have something to do while I was dinking about the interwebs and she picked up Hawkeye #1, which was on top of the stack. And started reading it out loud, as she is wont to do with comics. But either she wasn't paying attention or something, because the next thing I consciously heard was "I'm a orphan raised by canaries."

The best part is, she's in no way conversant with Hawkeye's backstory but is completely aware that comics are made of crack, so that didn't even phase her. She just kept reading like that was a reasonable backstory. Hell, considering some origin stories, maybe it is.

Clint Barton - raised by canaries. That is fantastic.
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- While driving to work today, I found myself behind a car with an "Agent Coulson Lives" bumper sticker. I don't know who you are, sir or madame, but you are officially my favorite person in Kitsap county today.

- The thing about being home alone is that it means that, if I want to spend extensive periods of time knitting, I can do so uninterrupted. Which is why the pair of socks I started last week is nearly finished. I'm pretty pleased with them: the cabling turned out pretty well and I've now learned how to knit an afterthought heel. (Like most things that I learned to do in crochet first, it is more fiddly and difficult but looks better.) Alas that it is not quite cold enough to start wearing handmade socks.

- All that knitting requires knitting tv. I have been rewatching Justice League, which is still immensely fun. I have also been reading comics about the Flash. Here is what I love about Flash comics today: ice skating themed supervillains. I have not actually read a lot with the Golden Glider, but her existence fills me with joy. Mostly, I like the Rogues in general. I find myself charmed by the idea of a group of supervillains who have basically all said, "Screw taking over the world - I just want to rob banks and watch hockey." Because, let's face it, that is exactly the kind of supervillain I would probably be - clever enough, but not particularly ambitious. Though, in my case, the hockey would probably be replaced with sci-fi tv.

- You could tell that school had started at the library today, because we already had kids coming up to the desk and asking for school supplies. Ah, September. (Also, the thing where school here starts on the Wednesday after Labor Day continues to confuse me. Why would you start school on a Wednesday? I mean, I suppose starting on a Tuesday makes just as little sense, but it's the thing that I grew up with and thus is Correct, right? Heh.)
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Today, la familia and I went to see the new Bourne movie because of course we did. Or, at least, of courseI did, and it seemed polite to invite everyone else. (From this experience, I have learned that probably I should not invite my dad to ridiculous action movies. He likes things to make a degree more sense than they often do and he requires more from a movie than me. Also, he has a harder time suspending disbelief. So he doesn't enjoy them, which is not his fault but does harsh my squee. So, lesson learned.)

I enjoyed it, but have no proper spoilers. Stuff blew up, Jeremy Renner shot people, I am easy. However, my mind tends to wander somewhat during especially extended action sequences and I started wondering where are all the stories where a scared and inexperienced civilian guy is taken under the protection of a female badass superspy/assassin. Because I would watch that movie. And then, after a moment's more thought, I realized that that is, in fact, what happens with early Black Widow and Hawkeye in the comics, except we don't actually get to see it. So now I want, like, pages and pages of Natasha and Clint's wacky adventures being...I don't actually know what, considering the constantly moving timeline, but whatever kind of spies/enemy agents they were, with Natasha being competent and scary and Clint shooting stuff and being a hilarious asshole.

Someone should totally write that and then link me to it.
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Continuing to read 60's Avengers comics.

I have to say, I really love (and by "love" I mean "find incredibly hilarious") the Avenger's continuing tendency to go, "Oh, hey, you tried to kill us! Do you want to join our team?"

You guys, I'm pretty sure that is not an effective recruitment strategy.
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Nerdiest thing I have done this weekend: Worked out how to read comics on my phone.

(I have a lot of comics on my computer, okay? And I can't take the laptop everywhere and not being able to read my comics when I am out of the house is stupid and frustrating.)

The only real problem with this is that I am reading comics from the 60s and they are ridiculous so, when I'm at home reading them on my computer, I end up talking to them a lot. Well, mostly, I end up saying "What." at them a lot. And "Oh my god, [insert character name here, usually Tony or Clint], what the hell do you think you are doing?" And "Shut up, Hank, no one cares about your stupid shrinking problems, pick a codename and stick with it, for god's sake." And then I catch myself doing it in public when I read them on my phone, which is weird and embarrassing.

But still. Comics on my phone! Technology is pretty awesome - I am glad that I live in the future.
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I took today as the last day of my vacation, in order to recover from my trip. Since I had a day off at home and nothing pressing to do, I went to see The Avengers again. Because why not, right?

Okay, so here is a weird minor problem that I have that I am going to share with you, and I have it with the Earth's Mightiest Heroes cartoon as well. Does anyone else occasionally find themselves yelling "Melee weapons!" at Hawkeye while watching him fight? I mean, total badass and I like watching him fight stuff and I know that you obviously want to have at least one dedicated ranged fighter in your party but for gods' sake, you give the ranger a sword as well as a bow. Melee weapons - often useful.

Now I kinda want the fic where the Avengers all play D&D. Someone should write that.
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Brief reactions to The Avengers, because it is late and I am both keyed up and about to fall asleep )

Two non-spoilery things:

1) I am totally going again on Sunday. It is a plan.

2) We can have a Black Widow&Hawkeye movie now, right? (Or Black Widow/Hawkeye. I would be totally down with that.)
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Things I have thought about today:

- The degree to which I hate the AR reading program cannot adequately be expressed in words.

- Sometimes, I regret that I couldn't listen to some of the music I have now when I was a teenager. I was not and am still not a radio listener, so I didn't start getting properly exposed to music that was not my parents' music until I got to college and discovered Napster. Good times. However, this meant that, mostly, I expressed my teenaged angst via Broadway musicals. In retrospect, that is a little embarrassing. I mean, Sweeney Todd is acceptable because I still express a lot of angst in the form of "I will kill everybody"*, but the rest of it was just kind of sad.

- Although my normal reaction to fannish obsession is to make up stories, they come in two different kinds. About fifty percent of the time, I can make up proper fanfiction. The rest of the time**, I end up with serial-numbers-filed-off vaguely original fic that's heavily based on the fannish obsession. Apparently, the Avengers are the latter. Which means that I have spent the last several days making up superheroes. I don't have, y'know, plotlines yet or villains, really, but I do have pretty awesome superheroes. (They are all ladies. Because shut up, that's why.)

- I have a plan for tomorrow. That plan is to do absolutely nothing except watch tv and read fanfiction and probably knit. It is an excellent plan.

- Does anyone else spend ridiculous amounts of time trying to figure out where to put footnote asterisks in relation to other punctuation? It worries me.

*I do not actually want to kill everybody.

**Well, not quite. Every once in a while, there's a fannish obsession that I can't manage to do either with. Sherlock Holmes is one of these, for some reason. I can't write actual Holmes fic and filing the serial numbers off makes it unsatisfying. Fortunately, there is no lack of Holmes fic out there, both published and on the interwebs, so I make do.
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So, Beth showed me the Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes cartoon while we were at con and I may have now watched all of it. Possibly. So now there is no more cartoon (alas!) and I went browsing around Netflix to find something else to take its place. And yeah, this is old news, but the 90s Spider-Man cartoon is streaming in its entirety. And the 90s X-Men cartoon.

What you have to understand is that, until I got to college, tv was a thing that only happened on Friday afternoons and weekends. Superhero cartoons did not come on during the weekend - they came on weekdays in the afternoon. That was fine for Batman: TAS (which was my favorite) because it was fairly episodic, with few multipart episodes. But Spider-Man and the X-Men? They sometimes did serialized stuff that expected you to have watched previous episodes. Which meant that I never had a frelling clue what was going on (especially on the X-Men), but I watched them anyway. (I was also often confused by Gargoyles, but that one isn't streaming. And Beth and I watched a good bit of it in college.)

Guys, tell me it is a bad idea to now try to watch these shows in their entirety. I am pretty sure that they are terrible, but my inner 12 year old really kinda wants to do it.
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What I Learned From the Incredible Hulk, by Aimee Nezhukumatathil

When it comes to clothes, make
an allowance for the unexpected.
Be sure the spare in the trunk
of your station wagon with wood paneling

isn't in need of repair. A simple jean jacket
says Hey, if you aren't trying to smuggle
rare Incan coins through this peaceful
little town and kidnap the local orphan,

I can be one heck of a mellow kinda guy.

But no matter how angry a man gets, a smile
and a soft stroke on his bicep can work
wonders. I learned that male chests

also have nipples, warm and established--
green doesn't always mean envy.
It's the meadows full of clover
and chicory the Hulk seeks for rest, a return

to normal. And sometimes, a woman
gets to go with him, her tiny hands
correcting his rumpled hair, the cuts
in his hand. Green is the space between

water and sun, cover for a quiet man,
each rib shuttling drops of liquid light.

I have no Marvel comics icons. DC characters will have to do.
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So...I continue to read old Avengers comics.

It is more than a little disquieting the way that Wanda and Pietro keep being drawn as though they are about to kiss. See?

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Reading more comics.

So, the thing is, I think that if you are a Nazi scientist and you are making a super-adhesive that you are planning to somehow weaponize and use against the Allied forces* and then you accidentally end up sticking what appears to be a badly-knitted pink stocking cap to your face with Nazi Crazy Glue and haven't managed to get it off decades later, then I really don't have to take you seriously as a supervillain. Because you are clearly incompetent.

I was kinda hoping that got retconned to something less ridiculous later but I checked wikipedia and no, apparently not. Oh, comics, what the hell?

*Which is considerably more ridiculous than your standard run-of-the-mill comicbook villain plan, I have to say. I mean, this is plastic daffodils levels of ridiculous.
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So. I have been reading Marvel comics. I plan to blame [profile] bethos for this, I think. Specifically, I have been reading really old Avengers comics, because the internet allows me to start from the beginning and I am kind of an obsessive completist nerd sometimes. They are surprisingly fun, if somewhat overfull of exclamation points. And it's kinda neat reading comics where I don't really know the universe well at all. I keep being surprised by things because they are not the way the DCU is. For instance, wow, everybody lives in New York, huh? Which is, y'know, really New York. It's bizarre.

I am terribly confused by the fact that the Hulk speaks in complete sentences. It's like the flashback in Watchmen where Rorschach uses pronouns - weirdly unsettling. Ultimately though, I care about Rorschach and could not possibly care less about the Hulk, so the effect is somewhat different.

Anyway. The real reason of this post is so that I can post this one panel. It is from Avengers #4, and is for [profile] bethos. I find it unaccountably hilarious, and so I share it with you.

I kinda want to make that speech bubble into an lj icon. I have no idea what I'd use it for, mind, but it would make me laugh.


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