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Things of lately:

- I am over my terrible cold (mostly) and my Dad is back from Taiwan. He was there for a month, that is entirely too long.

- This past weekend, I went to see Assassins in Seattle, which was SO GOOD, OMG. I'm so glad I decided to do the ridiculous thing and buy myself two tickets, because I need to see it again. I just - I have a lot of feelings about that show. It's possible that Assassins is my favorite musical, and if that's not true, it's at least in the top five. The ACT's production is really great, if you're in Seattle and can get tickets you really should, and I'm super happy that I'm going again in April.

- I have finished reading Wizard and Glass and have started Wind Through the Keyhole. I always think I don't like Wizard much until I'm reading it and then I remember that it's actually really good and that I do actually sorta kinda care about Roland and Susan's doomed romance. Plus, Cuthbert. Wind Through the Keyhole is entirely new to me, which is exciting.

- Vaguely relatedly, I decided I needed something new to listen to after getting through a large portion of Saga Thing, so I spun the dial of "Things Sara is Interested In" and ended up with old time radio westerns. So I am listening to Gunsmoke. There is a huge amount of it, it's really quite good, and the episodes are almost exactly the length of my daily commute, so I can do exactly two a day if I want. I remain astounded and immensely pleased at the sheer amount of old time radio the internet wants to give me for free.

- We are now about a week and half out from the day the Kingston library closes for three weeks so that we can move into our new building! I'm super excited about the new place, but also weirdly excited about the closure. I mean, I'll still be working, but I'll be working in a library that's closed so all the really annoying people won't be there to bother me. My least favorite patron (who only comes in when he has a hold to pick up, but has a lot of holds so that's nearly every day) came in yesterday to suspend all of his holds till after we reopen (because he refuses to go to the next closest library which is 10 minutes away), so I don't have to see him for a month! I like most of our patrons, but it's still nice to have a break now and then.
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So, I'm rereading The Wastelands - which, you guys, I have so many feelings about this series, so many. I'm always worried, when I take a long break from something I love, that I'm going to come back and find that it was visited by the suck fairy in my absence, or that I will have somehow outgrown it or something. That has not happened to the Dark Tower, I'm so relieved. It's not perfect, and it's still one of those things that I'm a little hesitant to recommend to others, because it was so Important to me that I'm not sure I can' properly gauge its actual quality, but I am still filled with the crazy love.

Anyway. Rereading The Wastelands and I'm nearly to the end and I swear to god, this happens every time I read this book. I'm all, "Wait, they're not even on the train yet, how do we possibly have time for the riddle contest?" And I flip to the back of the book (I've read it before, I'm allowed), and there's the frelling terrible cliffhanger and every time I am surprised. My brain insists that the riddle contest must be in book three, even though it has never actually been there, because that cliffhanger is just cruel.

I didn't start reading Stephen King till I was in highschool, which means that I didn't start reading the Dark Tower till after Wizard and Glass was published. And now, all of the books are on my kindle, so when I finish book three, I get to go straight to book four. Those of you who actually read the books as they came out and so had to be in suspense for five years - you have my sincerest sympathies, because that sounds awful.

(I mean, I had to wait between books four and five with the rest of you, but that wasn't nearly as bad.)
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Friends, I have an important question:

Because of reasons, I currently desire to revisit the Dark Tower series. It's been about 5 years since I last did so and I have not yet read The Wind Through the Keyhole.

So. Should I start at the beginning and read through to the end with Wind Through the Keyhole as the last book, or start with the one I haven't read? Or is there another place in the order that Wind Through the Keyhole should go?

Tangential question: do you have opinions on whether this reread should be original flavor or revised Gunslinger?
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Okay, so I still haven't found The Gunslinger, but I decided that I know what happens in it* and just skipped to The Drawing of the Three. Which I hadn't read in forever - I haven't read any of the Dark Tower for about...god, five years now and unlike (apparently) the rest of the Dark Tower fandom, I never liked Drawing of the Three and much preferred The Gunslinger.

But now, I am done with Drawing of the Three and have begun The Waste Lands, which is probably the book in the series that I like the best. There has been the gunslinger's catechism and the giant cyborg bear and Eddie's carving stuff and Roland is going crazy and oh man, I love this book. So much love.

In other Stephen King related news! I have been watching Haven. It's still very monster-of-the-week, but it's fun and I'm enjoying it, though none of the characters have really grabbed me as yet. But, y'know, I'm only about halfway through the first season. I am looking forward to future revelations and hoping that the headline in the credits that mentions Reverend Flagg actually comes to something eventually, as opposed to just being a sort of easter egg.

*Desert, Tull, flashbacks, David, Speaking Demon, "Go then, there are other worlds than these", "Death, gunslinger, but not for you", giant freaking blade of grass.
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Tonight, Mom and I went to see Cowboys and Aliens. About which, two non-spoilery things:

1) Every time I see something with Clancy Brown in it, I have the following conversation with my mom:
Me: Hey, Clancy Brown!
Mom: Who's that?
Me: ::tries to think of anything she's seen with Clancy Brown in it:: ...he was in Justice League.
Mom: ...oh.

2) I remain incapable of watching any sort of sci-fi/fantasy western without spending a good third of the time thinking about the Dark Tower. (No Eddie or Susannah in this movie, but there is an arguable Jake and, surprisingly, an Oy.) Daniel Craig has been put on my list of "actors I would not mind seeing play Roland Deschain."

I should read the Dark Tower again.

Also, it was a pretty fun movie.


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