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So, I'm rereading The Wastelands - which, you guys, I have so many feelings about this series, so many. I'm always worried, when I take a long break from something I love, that I'm going to come back and find that it was visited by the suck fairy in my absence, or that I will have somehow outgrown it or something. That has not happened to the Dark Tower, I'm so relieved. It's not perfect, and it's still one of those things that I'm a little hesitant to recommend to others, because it was so Important to me that I'm not sure I can' properly gauge its actual quality, but I am still filled with the crazy love.

Anyway. Rereading The Wastelands and I'm nearly to the end and I swear to god, this happens every time I read this book. I'm all, "Wait, they're not even on the train yet, how do we possibly have time for the riddle contest?" And I flip to the back of the book (I've read it before, I'm allowed), and there's the frelling terrible cliffhanger and every time I am surprised. My brain insists that the riddle contest must be in book three, even though it has never actually been there, because that cliffhanger is just cruel.

I didn't start reading Stephen King till I was in highschool, which means that I didn't start reading the Dark Tower till after Wizard and Glass was published. And now, all of the books are on my kindle, so when I finish book three, I get to go straight to book four. Those of you who actually read the books as they came out and so had to be in suspense for five years - you have my sincerest sympathies, because that sounds awful.

(I mean, I had to wait between books four and five with the rest of you, but that wasn't nearly as bad.)
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