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Things of lately:

- I am over my terrible cold (mostly) and my Dad is back from Taiwan. He was there for a month, that is entirely too long.

- This past weekend, I went to see Assassins in Seattle, which was SO GOOD, OMG. I'm so glad I decided to do the ridiculous thing and buy myself two tickets, because I need to see it again. I just - I have a lot of feelings about that show. It's possible that Assassins is my favorite musical, and if that's not true, it's at least in the top five. The ACT's production is really great, if you're in Seattle and can get tickets you really should, and I'm super happy that I'm going again in April.

- I have finished reading Wizard and Glass and have started Wind Through the Keyhole. I always think I don't like Wizard much until I'm reading it and then I remember that it's actually really good and that I do actually sorta kinda care about Roland and Susan's doomed romance. Plus, Cuthbert. Wind Through the Keyhole is entirely new to me, which is exciting.

- Vaguely relatedly, I decided I needed something new to listen to after getting through a large portion of Saga Thing, so I spun the dial of "Things Sara is Interested In" and ended up with old time radio westerns. So I am listening to Gunsmoke. There is a huge amount of it, it's really quite good, and the episodes are almost exactly the length of my daily commute, so I can do exactly two a day if I want. I remain astounded and immensely pleased at the sheer amount of old time radio the internet wants to give me for free.

- We are now about a week and half out from the day the Kingston library closes for three weeks so that we can move into our new building! I'm super excited about the new place, but also weirdly excited about the closure. I mean, I'll still be working, but I'll be working in a library that's closed so all the really annoying people won't be there to bother me. My least favorite patron (who only comes in when he has a hold to pick up, but has a lot of holds so that's nearly every day) came in yesterday to suspend all of his holds till after we reopen (because he refuses to go to the next closest library which is 10 minutes away), so I don't have to see him for a month! I like most of our patrons, but it's still nice to have a break now and then.
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- I have done something to my back, it is most annoying.

- This past weekend, I went over to see my sisters and we had a Hamilton singalong, in the style of the ones Megan and I used to do when we were kids, where we assigned parts and had to sing five things at once in ensemble numbers. Except this time, we included Katie as something other than dead people. It was absurdly fun.

- When I was reading Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell a couple of months ago, I got distracted while Mr Strange was in Venice and wandered off to read other things. Yesterday, I finally finished it and am currently a little bereft. So I went and started the audiobook from the beginning, like a goober.

- The 5th Avenue Theatre is showing Assassins next year and I bought tickets today. My sisters (and possibly my Mom) want to come as well, which will be fun. (And I also bought myself a second ticket for a different day, because I love this show so much and the chances that I will ever see it staged professionally again (or at all) are slim to none.)

- The Bainbridge library is having a Halloween movie double feature on Friday, which I've promised my coworkers that I'll attend. (One of my favorite coworkers at Bainbridge runs the movie nights and I think he's a little worried no one will show.) They're showing The Serpent and the Rainbow and...one of the Invasion of the Body Snatchers films. I don't actually know which one. Not the first one or the most recent one, anyway. I have seen neither of those movies, so that should be cool.

- Other than that, my Halloween plans at this point mostly involve going to see Crimson Peak and then watching every Peter Cushing movie I own. (Except maybe Night Creatures, since that's not a horror movie. Though it is pretty awesomely swashbuckly, so I might watch it anyway.) I feel like that's a good plan.
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So, I have a bunch of musicals on my ipod, of course. Most of them are set to not play when on shuffle, because it's weird when the songs come on out of context. The two exceptions to this are Rocky Horror, which works perfectly well out of context, and both versions of Assassins, which doesn't but for some reason I'm okay with it.

Today, while driving home, both versions of Another National Anthem came up in the shuffle within two songs of each other.

a) That is probably some sort of horrible sign.

b) My throat hurts now - I think I sang along too hard.
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- Yesterday's seed cake turned out to be delicious. It's very much a tea cake - not sweet enough to make me want to eat it as a proper dessert, but very tasty and a nice accompaniment to lunch. (Next time, I think I'd put more of the candied lemon peel. As it stands right now, I don't much taste it in the cake.)

- Today's culinary experiment is pickled apples. I love making pickles, because I love eating pickles, but I am particular about them. (As I am about all foods, really.) I like sweet pickles, and I find that I tend to like pickled fruit better than I like pickled cucumbers. Not that cucumber pickles are bad - my nana used to make delicious sweet cucumber pickles - but if I'm going to pickle something, why not have it be something I really enjoy anyway? Thus, pickled apples. They won't be ready to eat for a couple of days, alas.

- On Friday night, there was an in-concert version of Sweeney Todd on PBS starring Emma Thompson and...some other people, so I taped it. And I watched it last night. The great thing about watching musicals when I'm on my own is that no one minds if I sing along. (If there are other people in the room, or if I'm in a movie theater, I just mouth the words. Yes, I did that throughout the entirety of the Les Miz movie.) I was not super-thrilled with the guy playing Sweeney, but Emma Thompson's Mrs Lovett was pretty awesome.

- The other day, I found a book at the library on making friendship bracelets and took it home on a whim, since I've never known how to make those. (The ones you make with embroidery floss. When I was little, the ones make with gimp were a big deal.) And then I found this website And voila, I have a new craft obsession. They are absurdly fun to make and I'm going to make dozens of them.

- I had originally planned to do laundry today. I don't think that's going to happen.
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On the one hand, I just had a several minute conversation about how I could be both very religious and not Christian. Grar.

On the other hand, the library isn't open yet, no one else is here, and I can listen to Assassins on my mp3 player. So there's that.
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- Made chicken empanadas this morning before work. Alas, they are for Christmas Eve dinner, so I don't get to eat any till then.

- This morning, when I got the library, I turned the heaters on. This necessitates climbing up on a chair. During which, my skirt ripped. Fortunately, it is a small rip, near the bottom. I have temporarily mended it with tape and either no one has noticed or they've all been kind enough not to comment.

- Earlier today, I checked in a book about President Garfield and Charles J Guiteau. I have had the relevant song from Assassins stuck in my head ever since. I can't tell yet if that's annoying or not. (Well, the fact that I don't have the soundtrack on my mp3 player currently is annoying, yes...)

- The number of people who log onto the library computers, open Internet Explorer, look at the library website, and then call me over because they can't figure out "how to get on the internet" never fails to astound me. I'm hoping the coworker who called me over to help just didn't want to deal with the problem, rather than also not understanding what the address bar/search box is for.


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