Sep. 18th, 2015

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The library patron who calls me all the pet names came in today, and called me "Sweetiepie" and "Lovey" and "Bunny". And, y'know, I hate that. So, I figured that I've put up with that for 10 years and, other than that, we have a pretty amicable relationship, so in the course of conversation when she said "Bunny," I said, "Please don't call me that."

And she blinked at me and said, "Why don't you like being called that?" So I told her that I don't really like being called pet names. And she said, "Why not? I mean, do you have no inherent sense of self-worth?"

Do you have no inherent sense of self-worth. That is a thing that she actually asked me, actually said to my face.

So, y'know what? Fuck you, lady. I do indeed have an inherent sense of self-worth, because that's what makes me not want to be called demeaning pet names by someone who can't be bothered to use my fucking real name after knowing it for ten fucking years. I also have an inherent sense of courtesy and respect for other people that makes me a) address people respectfully, b) not argue with people when they ask me not to do something, c) not do terrible shit like accusing people of having a lack of self-worth, and d) talk to you respectfully even after you said that shit to me. As well as a sense of restraint that leads me to not punch you in the face.

You want to know the real reason I don't want you to call me pet names? Because you don't know me, and I don't like you. So back the fuck off.

I am so angry about this. Thank the gods I'm off tomorrow and don't have to do any kind of bullshit customer service anything.


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