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Things people have said to me today:

1) At the dentist, my hygienist told me one of my fillings was leaking. Oh my god, why would you say that? Just tell me it needs to be replaced - that is literally all I need to know about these foreign objects you have inserted into my teeth. When the cyborg revolution comes, my teeth are also something that I will upgrade.

2) At the library, a patron asked me if I could check and see if he'd checked out a certain item before. I told him that I can't, because we don't keep a record of what you check out after you've checked it in, in order to protect our readers' privacy. But this patron is a little bit of a crank and acted surprised that we aren't spying on him. "Just the CIA, then," he said, "and the Democratic party." I told him that I couldn't speak to that but that we don't keep records of check outs after the items are returned, at which point he said, "I bet you approve of pornography in the library, don't you?" Sir, you are old enough to be my grandfather - I do not want to talk about pornography with you, or indeed any of my library patrons. (For the record, though: I have no objection to porn in the library, if you're not breaking the law or bothering other patrons. Maybe don't watch porn on the patron computers, though - that's tacky.)

Date: 2015-04-25 12:54 am (UTC)
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I can see the link between those two ideas, but it requires having taken several sets of dark alleys instead of a bright street to get there. But yes, that's never a question we want to deal with, because people almost always get shirty about it.


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