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Today, work is stressful. We are short staffed - one of my coworker's mother died late last week, so she's out all this week for obvious reasons and we're scrambling to cover her shifts. There were extra people here this morning, doing inventory before our move to our new building and trying to fix the furnace in this building because the room next door (which serves as an emergency shelter for the community during inclement weather) isn't getting any heat. We have mice in the office. And the internet went out system-wide for several hours this afternoon, which also knocked out the phones and with them all our usual avenues of communication. And later this week, on Thursday, I have a meeting in a library I've never been to before that only has street parking (I hate street parking) and then I get to come back to my library and run a program.

So that's cool.

I really want to take a mental health day, but we're short staffed as it is, so I would feel terribly guilty doing so. (And if I did, my mom would decide that we should "do something fun together!", which would rather defeat the purpose. Not that Mom isn't fun, but it is not a proper mental health day if it includes time where I have to worry if other people are enjoying themselves. Which I would do.) It is a problem.

I have a jury summons for next week and let me tell you, it is probably some kind of warning sign when you start fantasizing about being called for jury duty because it would be a day off. But I am absolutely doing that - ideally, I would get called in on Tuesday and then not actually get put on a jury but not have that decided till the end of the day. Because then I could spend the majority of the day sitting quietly and reading while I wait for things to be decided around me. Doesn't that sound lovely?

With my luck, I will get called for Monday and put on a jury for a trial that lasts for days so that I'll have to call into work every day (which I hate doing) and then feel guilty for adding extra stress to my coworkers' lives.

Maybe I will go live on the moon instead.
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