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There is a lady who come into the library a lot. She's an older lady, with a good many habits I find irritating, and I don't much like her. It's mostly the pet names. She calls people by a variety of diminutive pet names and, well, I know I've ranted about that before. Lady, we have a professional relationship: I am not your "honey" or your "sweetheart" or (latest and worst) your "bunny".*

That's not germane to this story. I just needed to tell someone about it.

Anyway! Today, she came in to return books and check out new ones. After putting her books in the bookbin, she asked me if we had any particularly wide tape. I lent her the book tape. Then she asked me if we had a letter opener. We did not, so I offered her a pair of scissors, which she accepted.

She is currently sitting at our table, performing surgery on a paperback. (One of hers, not one of ours.) It's apparently too thick for her to comfortably hold, so she cut it in half and taped up the spine on both parts. So now it's essentially a two-volume novel.

She may speak to people in a terribly disrespectful fashion and hum in the middle of conversations, but that is an excellent solution to the problem.

*Every time she calls me that, I have to squash a terrible urge to squeak "Oh Raffles!" at her. Alas, this would not be funny to anyone in the vicinity but me. (Also, as much as I love him, I have no desire whatever to be Bunny Manders.)


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