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Good things:

The other day, I discovered that a horror author I very much like and whom I thought had only ever written two books - T.E.D. Klein - had, in fact, written a third book. Or, at least, had a collection of some of his previously uncollected short fiction published in 2006. It was a limited release and copies now are prohibitively expensive, but a nearby library system had one. So I put in an ILL request and got it in less than a week! It is in my bag right now and I get to start it on my break! (And then maybe I will reread The Ceremonies, because it's been long enough that I don't remember the details of the scary bits.)

Not so good things:

One of my first patrons of the day brought in a book that he had to return because it was on hold for someone else, but wanted to put it back on hold for himself. Which I did for him, and then told him, in response to his question, that he was now 10th in line for it and it would be a little while before he got it back. And he frowned and walked away, loudly monologuing about how sad and disappointed his wife would be that they wouldn't be getting it again sooner. 10 minutes later, his wife came up to check out and loudly told me that she was, indeed, disappointed.

People, fussing at me does not get your book here faster. I do not control the holds queue.
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