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So, as I've mentioned, my library is moving. (My other library is not, but I am moving from it, because I am transferring all my hours to my main library and will only be working there after today.)

This is stressful in a lot of ways. There's the normal 'oh god, we're moving!' stress, and the 'the shelves have not been placed correctly and now we have to take all the books off and move them' stress, and the 'PR is making stupid decisions about things in our new library because they are PR and not actually library staff but now we have to learn to live with them' stress, and the 'we open on Saturday and stuff still isn't done' stress, and 'I still don't have a finalized schedule for next week - could you at least decide what hours I work on Monday?' stress. I mean, also it's good - our new library is beautiful and full of shiny new books and has an actual staff room - but I may have spent most of yesterday fantasizing about the extinction of humanity and that something I really only do when I'm anxious/depressed. So that's cool.

The move and the stress also means that I haven't been online much for the past few weeks - I don't have my usual 'projects are done and I'm between patrons - time to browse the interwebs!' desk time right now, of course. And when I get home, basically all I want to do on the computer is play Stardew Valley because that is the opposite of stressful. So if you have all been very exciting lately, I have missed it - sorry.

(The exception to the lack of internet time is the fact that I'm rereading Dracula and sorta kinda liveblogging it on tumblr. Wanna come talk about Dracula with me? There or here, either's good.)
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