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We had a windstorm yesterday, which knocked out the power in a lot of places, as well as leaving debris all over. So I got to the library this morning a half-hour before opening, to find that the computers are all funny because of the outage, there's debris everywhere outside, our clock that's supposed to reset itself for DST hasn't, neither have the automatic locks on the doors, and my coworker is out sick. So it's just me and my manager, who's busy doing managerial things.

Okay, cool, so I'm running around trying to get all the opening stuff done that usually has two of us to do it, plus all the extra stuff due to the power outage and DST. And I get all of the inside stuff done, we open okay, and I run out to get the newspapers, because if we don't have the Wall Street Journal in its place first thing in the morning, the cranky guy who reads it every day will be the first person through the door and he'll crab at us.

While I'm digging through the bookdrop for the newspapers, a patron walks past me. So I put on my customer service smile and cheerily wish her a good morning. And what do I get in return?

"You need to sweep that stuff up."

Gosh, I am glad that I came out to open the library so you could get your books today, ma'am, instead of staying home to drink tea and reread The Gunslinger. It's awfully nice to know that people are so kind and appreciative.
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