Apr. 6th, 2016

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So, there's a new position opening up at my library and I'm applying.

I have not applied for a job in 11 years, you guys, it's super weird. There is all kinds of stuff that I've never actually had to do before. Like, okay, I realize this is going to sound incredible to most of you, but I've never actually had to write a cover letter before? They didn't require one when I first applied to the library, lo these many moons ago, and I've stuck there ever since. Also, let me tell you, writing a cover letter to an organization and person that you already work for is super weird, because a cover letter is supposed to introduce you, but these people already know me. They encouraged me to apply for this job - they already think I'm pretty cool. Selling myself to them feels kinda redundant. "Hi, I'm Sara, I work with you every day, I am passionate about my job and devoted to my community, please pay me more moneys."

Anyway. I had a phone interview this morning (it was with someone from HR, rather than someone I see every day, which is good because a phone interview with people I see every day would have felt silly). I think it went okay. ::fingers crossed::


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