Feb. 24th, 2016

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Today, I am conflicted.

See, I am dizzy. This is often the first warning I get that I'm coming down with a cold: a constant feeling that I'm leaning to the side, slightly greater difficulty walking in a straight line, a certainty that I'm about to fall over. I went home early from work yesterday because of it, and I've still got it, and I basically feel that I would be best served by sitting quietly in a chair all day.

But! I don't have any other symptoms, and I feel dumb calling in sick to work for dizziness.

It is a dilemma.

ETA - Took a shower, still feel dizzy. Am calling in sick.
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So today, instead of going to work and feeling miserable, I stayed home, sat in a chair listening to audiobooks, and made a tiny paper city.

Wanna see my tiny paper city? )

I really love making paper models, you guys. It's fiddly enough to hold my attention for a long time without being so hard that it's frustrating, it's a pretty inexpensive hobby, and I get to feel like I've made something cool at the end. Plus, when I get tired of whatever it is I've made and want to make something new, the old thing is recyclable.

And now I have sat quietly all day and feel much better, so that's two accomplishments in one.


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