Jan. 19th, 2016

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I have this one coworker who is about 10 years younger than me. He's pretty geeky and sometimes we talk about geeky things. And I constantly forget that, unlike other geeky people that I have geeky conversations with, he is about 10 years younger than me. We may both be geeks but we don't share the same formative cultural touchstones. He'll come in and be all, "My friend lent me these dvds and they're great - have you ever heard of a cartoon called Gargoyles?" And I have to blink for a moment and remember, oh yeah, he's too young to have watched Gargoyles when it was on tv.

This sounds like the kind of post where I'm going to complain about feeling old, but it is, in fact, something different. See, we had a patron donate a bunch of old sci-fi/fantasy paperbacks today and he was looking through them. One of them was an Anne McCaffrey book and he showed it to me, saying "What is this?" And I said, "Oh, it's Anne McCaffrey - she wrote the Pern books." He had no idea what that meant*.

I just - Anne McCaffrey. Every nerd I knew in middle school and high school had read Pern, or at least the Harper Hall trilogy. She was like Mercedes Lackey or Piers Anthony - maybe not always great, but omnipresent. It seems super weird to me that this is no longer true.

Let me tell you, friends, trying to explain Pern to people who haven't read it, especially if you haven't yourself for quite some time. Crazy names and color-coded telepathic dragons and Thread, oh my.

*I count myself fortunate that I didn't go with my first thought that always comes up about Anne McCaffrey and mention something about tentpegs. But a) I realize that that is perhaps a more specialized reference and b) this is a public library and that is inappropriate.


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