Jul. 31st, 2015

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So, we had a patron complaint about a movie. Which is a thing that happens fairly regularly: we listen to their complaint and try to explain the reasons we have the item in our system and refer to our manager if necessary. Which is what we did with this one.

The thing is, I just find the nature of his complaint hilarious. It's a movie for adults. It says "For mature audiences" on the front and the plot description on the back also indicates that it's not appropriate for young audiences. The patron in question took pains to let us know that he thoroughly enjoyed watching it and would recommend it to other people. He just doesn't want it on our shelves.

"What if I had checked it out and was watching it at home, and then I got up and went to the kitchen for a snack and a kid wandered in and saw part of it. Then I'd have to have a conversation with them about sex!" This is a thing he actually said to us.

Sir, I know for a fact (because I know you and your family of old) that all your children are adults and that you have no small children living with you, so this entire situation that troubles you is entirely hypothetical and affects only imaginary people. Also, once you take a library item home, it is no longer my concern or responsibility what you do with it or who you show it to, as long as you bring the item back in good condition. I mean, what do you want me to do in your hypothetical situation? Am I supposed to be in your house with you, blocking the child's view of the tv somehow? Or I am just supposed to be the one having the conversation about sex with them? Because you probably don't want that - I am a queer asexual lady and 95% of everything I know about sex comes from fandom. I feel like that wouldn't work out the way you want.

People are so weird.


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