Jul. 16th, 2015

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Oh, library drama!

So, we are a small library with a small Friends of the Library group and as such, our Friends only put on something like four booksales a year. Far and away the most popular, best attended, most lucrative sale is the summer sale, which is always held at the Kingston Farmer's Market. And is scheduled for this Saturday.

Except the Friends can't get enough people already in the group to schlep the books down to the market and run the sale, and don't have enough time to find and recruit new (younger) people to do so. So they told my manager today, that they're cancelling it. Two days before the sale.

Not only that, but just now, we got a call from the person in charge of the Farmer's Market, who needed some clarification as to the date of the sale (he had two dates listed on his calendar), so I got to be the person to tell him that the whole deal was off.

Now, I'm sympathetic to the Friends' problems but a) it is your job to let the Market guy know, and b) OMG, could you not have realized this last week?
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Recently, my brain has decided that it's tired of listening to my Discworld audiobooks and has rebelled by refusing to go to sleep to them. (It does this every year or so.) Thus I have been forced to find different bedtime listening material and have started revisiting Sherlock Holmes.* I have started with Valley of Fear.

You guys, I think that has become my favorite Holmes novel. How did this happen? Why did this happen? I even really like the extended American flashback, it's ridiculous.

The codebreaking sequence at the beginning is pretty great, though.

*It was either that or Nero Wolfe - those are my general non-Discworld fallbacks. I've tried other things - Lord Peter mysteries, the Harry Potter books - but those three are the most reliable for me.


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