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Mom: So, I'm going over to Seattle today to hang with my sister, and we're going to meet up with Dad and Granny and Megan and Katie for dinner. Do you want to come over on the ferry and meet us?

Me: Y'know, as long as no one will be hurt, I really think I'd rather stay here and have a quiet day.

Mom: Oh, that's fine. You should do something fun for dinner yourself - order a pizza or Chinese or something.

Me: ...oooh, I could roast vegetables! I have a recipe I've been meaning to try.

And then I realized that I actually am an adult. Yup.
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So, I've started making fermented sodas. (IE, sodas where you add yeast to get carbonation, rather than making a syrup and adding sparkling water.) Last week, I made a ginger ale that turned out pretty well, despite the fact that I used cider yeast, rather than the champagne yeast suggested.

Now I have champagne yeast and am making blackberry soda, since we have bags and bags of frozen blackberries left over from the summer. I'm pretty excited about it.
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I'm trying to get back into the habit of making bread on the weekends, so that I can have it throughout the week. I eat a lot of sandwiches, and it's nicer if I've made the bread myself. So today I'm making sourdough with apples and raisins in it, as that feel sufficiently autumnal.

Sourdough is like the most low-key version of having a pet/animal husbandry ever. I captured wild yeasts and tamed them and now they help me out in the kitchen in return for being fed once a week! It's pretty neat. Plus, it is potentially a lifelong companion, assuming I keep up my side of the bargain.

I have named my sourdough starter Jerome, because I am that kind of person.
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- I have felt really kinda blah all week. No real reason for it - just feel bored and tired. However, I actually slept well last night, so maybe things will improve.

- Also, it is Friday and I have nowhere to go tomorrow and thus can just relax. And on Sunday, we are going to Seattle to see my sisters and have brunch and possibly (weather permitting) go to the zoo. So that's cool.

- Also also, Friday is now Family Movie Night. Tonight is my movie, so I have to provide snacks and a western. (I am doing westerns, Mom is doing mysteries/thrillers, and Dad is doing WWII movies. So far, we have watched The Third Man, which was great, and The Thin Red Line, which was so. very. long.) So we are watching Stagecoach and I am making salty honey pie. Which is a terrible name, but I think the pie will be good. ETA - I think I will call it a honey chess pie from now on. That name is accurate and I feel much better about it.

- So, the other day I read a semi-recommendation for a scifi book series* (semi in that it pointed out things that were really cool about it and also things that were really awful and I decided that I could deal with the awful because of the cool) and I got the first one from the library. And I am really enjoying it and am about halfway through, so I thought I'd put the next one on hold. But the library doesn't have it - it has books one and five, which is terrible. So now I am trying to decide what to do. I can submit a purchase request, which could take a couple of months and there's not guarantee they'd buy it, or I can buy the book myself, even though I just want to read them and don't have any sort of burning fire to own them. It is a conundrum.

- Speaking of which, what are your favorite books that you can't in good conscience recommend to people? Y'know, the books that absolutely do something for you and you love them but are maybe terribly written or are about things that you don't want people to judge you on. And while you read them, you find yourself constantly saying, "Why the hell am I reading this book?" but you can't put it down. I love those kinds of things. Mine are the Jurisdiction series by Susan R Matthews. They are kind of terrible and also written really weirdly in places but I got the first one from the library, read half of it, and immediately bought the rest of the series. Fortunately, the covers look like respectable space opera so you can read them in public. Unlike my other favorite terrible books, the Black Jewels series. I love these books and would never actually recommend them to anyone ever, because you can't without a page of caveats that make you look like a creeper. Tell me about your favorite books like that.

*It is The Myriad by R M Meluch. It is a fun space adventure with neat aliens and space romans and weird wormholes things and I am really enjoying it but oh god, the female characters make me twitch.
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- Yesterday's seed cake turned out to be delicious. It's very much a tea cake - not sweet enough to make me want to eat it as a proper dessert, but very tasty and a nice accompaniment to lunch. (Next time, I think I'd put more of the candied lemon peel. As it stands right now, I don't much taste it in the cake.)

- Today's culinary experiment is pickled apples. I love making pickles, because I love eating pickles, but I am particular about them. (As I am about all foods, really.) I like sweet pickles, and I find that I tend to like pickled fruit better than I like pickled cucumbers. Not that cucumber pickles are bad - my nana used to make delicious sweet cucumber pickles - but if I'm going to pickle something, why not have it be something I really enjoy anyway? Thus, pickled apples. They won't be ready to eat for a couple of days, alas.

- On Friday night, there was an in-concert version of Sweeney Todd on PBS starring Emma Thompson and...some other people, so I taped it. And I watched it last night. The great thing about watching musicals when I'm on my own is that no one minds if I sing along. (If there are other people in the room, or if I'm in a movie theater, I just mouth the words. Yes, I did that throughout the entirety of the Les Miz movie.) I was not super-thrilled with the guy playing Sweeney, but Emma Thompson's Mrs Lovett was pretty awesome.

- The other day, I found a book at the library on making friendship bracelets and took it home on a whim, since I've never known how to make those. (The ones you make with embroidery floss. When I was little, the ones make with gimp were a big deal.) And then I found this website And voila, I have a new craft obsession. They are absurdly fun to make and I'm going to make dozens of them.

- I had originally planned to do laundry today. I don't think that's going to happen.
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Well, the parentals are gone for the next week and I am off work till Wednesday. You know what that means - time to cook things that might be terrible! Because if they're great, I can make them again when the parental are here, and if they're awful, no one will know.

Today's experimental cooking project is seed cake. I am a fan of caraway - I love pumpernickel bread - so I'm excited to see how it works in a sweet-rather-than-savory environment.

(I'm also planning to begin the process of making a sourdough starter today, but that won't produce exciting results for a while. But! Capturing wild yeast! Pretty cool, right?)
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On the plus side:

- It is kinda sorta autumn! A bit! The sky is overcast, the weather is cool, and I saw my first pomegranate at the grocery store.

- I am wearing a totally cute skirt with robots all over it. And it has pockets! It makes me very happy. I hadn't worn it in a while because it had a small rip in one of the seams, but I mended it this morning and it is wearable again, hurrah.

- This weekend, I made excellent food things. I made a coconut custard pie on Saturday that was amazing and is now gone, and yesterday I made these pickled grapes, which are completely delicious and really easy to make. Mine have only been pickling for about a day, so they don't have a whole lot of tang yet, but they're already great and should only get better as the flavors meld.

- Also, I bought a new coloring book and markers and spent several hours this weekend coloring and listening to my backlog of Thrilling Adventure Hour. It was pretty great. I may continue coloring this evening - I find it very calming.
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Today, I made failure cake.

Tonight, we're having guests for dinner. Some weeks ago, my dad decided he was going to try his hand at making beer, and it should be ready by now. Tonight is the Beer Sampling Ceremony, and my sisters and my aunt are coming, and dad's making steak, and it should be lovely. And I said I'd make dessert.

So I went into my recipe bookmarks and found a cake recipe that sounded nice but that I had never tried before: a spicy mocha poundcake. Because poundcake is delicious and who doesn't like spicy baked goods? So I made it.

Oh man, you guys, it is the worst cake I've ever made. First of all, way too much cayenne. Secondly, even once you adjust to the spice, the chocolate and the coffee flavors are almost entirely absent. And it's not even sweet! (Also, it's not properly a pound cake - the dense solidity of the poundcake is totally missing. Just because you made it in a loaf pan does not make it poundcake.) It is a complete failure as a dessert, which is very sad.

So, with a heavy heart, I threw it away. And now I am making these instead. This time, I tasted the batter before I baked them, so I know they will not also be failure cakes.
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It is the weekend and the parentals have gone on a mini-vacation, so I have the house to myself. Which is awesome, because the last few weeks have been a little over-full of people. Not having to talk to anyone for a couple days is really pleasant.

To celebrate my solitude, I am making grape pie. Grape pie is delicious and I am totally looking forward to eating it, but cutting 4 cups of grapes individually in half is a pain in the ass. Alas, I cannot figure out a way to speed up that step. (Though at least my grape pie doesn't call for the grapes to be peeled. Because I would never make that.)
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Literally the only thing I like about St Patrick's Day is the fact that my dad has a tradition of making his own corned beef. He doesn't actually like corned beef that much - he just likes doing things like that. (He also makes his own bacon and prosciutto sometimes, and is moving into making sausage. We are looking forward to homemade linguiƧa.) I, on the other hand, love corned beef. So much.

Since I won't be home tomorrow night, due to choir, we had the corned beef tonight.

It was so delicious, OMG.
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This past weekend, I bought a box of these honey ginger crystal things. Which are pretty delicious, but if you actually follow the directions on the packet (empty packet into mug, add 6 to 8 ounces of water, stir, drink) are so spicy as to be almost undrinkable.

So I emptied all of the packets into a tupperware and put it in my tea cabinet. This morning, I made lemon tea in my travel bottle, which is 16 ounces, and replaced one of my normal spoonfuls of sugar with the ginger crystals.

Oh man, it is super delicious.
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First of all, Auntie Moe made it safely to Auntie Lamb's house and they seem to have reconciled somewhat. Or, at least, they went thrifting together, and thrifting with Auntie Lamb is not an activity for the faint of heart. So that's good.

I am having a baking day! I have made peppermint cherry cookies, because those are my contribution to the panoply of Christmas cookies, and bread dough. The bread dough is for the tradition Christmas-Eve-morning cinnamon rolls, but since the dough can be refrigerated after the first rise until I need it, I decided to make it ahead of time. (Actually, I made about double the amount of dough I need, so I'm planning to freeze the other half. Then I will have bread dough/potential cinnamon rolls at some as-yet-unforeseen future time. Hurrah!)

I was planning to also make pie crust for a thing I'm doing later in the week, but I think that may wait till tomorrow.

And now, I am taking a break.
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Adventures in cheesemaking!

So, I enjoyed the leipajuusto I bought last week so much that I decided it would be fun to make my own.* And now I have a huge pot of various kinds of milk slowly heating on my stove.

It's always exciting when you go to a grocery store and ask if they carry something and the person you asked looks at you like you're speaking Sebacean. I mean, I realize that rennet is not exactly the most popular item on most people's grocery lists but it's not that weird, right? The lady I asked had to call two other people for help and advice, and we finally found the rennet right next to the gelatin.

So far, cheese is slow and mostly hands-off, with temperature checking. I've never really done any cooking that required me to know the exact temperatures of things. I suppose that is why it's an adventure.

*This is not quite economical, nor practical, so unless it's amazing, it probably won't become a regular thing. Though, now that I have rennet and reusable cheesecloth, the cost is basically just the milk, so you never know. I will have to make it at least one more time, if it's good, as the site I got the recipe from calls for a quart of heavy cream but mentions in passing that you can substitute eggnog. That is, of course, amazing and must be tried.
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Went to the grocery store to buy a tiny pie pumpkin, and somehow ended up also buying leipajuusto. This is why I should not be allowed to go to the store by myself.

The tiny pie pumpkin has been dismantled and is in the process of becoming a pumpkin spice shrub. Every year, I decide to make something with pumpkin that requires me to use the whole vegetable and not the canned kind. Every year, I swear to myself that I will never do it again because, good gods, pumpkins are annoying as hell to cut into manageable bits. And every year, I manage to forget this. Still, pumpkin spice shrub! That's exciting, right?

I pan-fried the leipajuusto and drizzled honey over it and it was amazing. And apparently, it's not that hard to make (though it does require rennet), so that is totally a thing I'm going to do. But not today, because I don't want to go back to the store to buy milk.
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I am making cheese!

Because a) I have always wanted to learn to make cheese, b) this adds an item to my list of skills that will be useful after the apocalypse*, and c) I feel kinda nebulously grumpy and that means that I should distract myself by doing something productive. Thus, cheese. Hopefully, it will be delicious, because it is easy enough that I could do it often. And then I could progress to more difficult cheeses!

Someday, I will make my own cotija. That is my eventual goal.

*Currently, the list is "I can knit my own socks, bake bread, make a variety of variations on 'crust-stuffed-with-meat', and I know a lot of stories and songs. Also, I own a drop spindle, though I don't have any skill with it, but I imagine I could master it given enough practice." Cheese-making will be a valuable addition.
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Today is cooking day!

This week has not really been a good food week. I haven't been home for dinner much, which means that la familia tends to cook things that I don't like. This is awesome for them, since I have an absurdly restricted diet and they like a lot of things that I don't, but it means that there aren't a lot of edible-to-Sara leftovers in the fridge for lunches or days when we don't cook for dinner. Thus, I am taking matters into my own hands and making little honeyed chicken pies to have for the week. I made these once before and they were fantastically delicious, so I'm looking forward to them.

Technically, they are going to be tiny honeyed chicken empanadas, rather than pies, as I don't feel like messing with muffin tins today. Also, I'm going to sub in dried cranberries for half the raisins, because I like them better. 8)

Also! Our big everyone-in-the-library-all-day-meeting is coming up, and the branches always donate baskets to raffle off. This year, Kingston's basket is going to be full of various homemade goodies, so I am making a shrub to put in it. I started it this morning - it is asian pears, basil, and black pepper, with white sugar and white balsamic vinegar. I think it's going to be pretty awesome and I'm a little bit jealous of whoever is going to eventually win it.

Yay, food!
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So, today, on a whim, I bought squid-flavored peanuts from the Japanese snackfood aisle of my grocery store.

(I would here like to note how much I love my local grocery store.)

You guys, they are amazing. Like, seriously-deliciously-addictive, I-am-going-to-eat-these-all-the-time amazing. I am now a little sad that I only bought one bag.

Squid-flavored peanuts. Who knew?
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PSA - If any of you do decide to make the cantaloupe pickles I mentioned a couple posts back, they are absolutely delicious chopped up over a bowl of vanilla ice cream.

I know it sounds like a bad pregnancy joke but, really, OMG so good.
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- Today, I am making cantaloupe pickles! Technically, I started making them yesterday, as they have to sit in a vinegar-and-spice mixture overnight. Now the pickles are simmering on the stove and the whole house smells like vinegar. I'm not actually canning them, which is nice, as I find the process of canning somewhat scary and also I don't have any new lids.

- Yesterday, I went swimming! And kinda sucked at it, since I hadn't gone swimming in about a decade, but it was still fun. Today, my arms are sore, but it's a good kind of sore. And I will be going again on Wednesday.

- I've started working on my quilt again, so that possibly it will get finished sometime this summer, before it's too lightweight to be the main bedcovering. I have discovered that, if I keep the laptop actually on my lap, I can watch subtitled episodes of Sailor Moon while sewing. Which is easier than doing so while knitting, so the resurgence of my desire to work on my quilt was well-timed.

- I am enjoying Sailor Moon to a somewhat ridiculous degree, btw. Last night, I watched an episode with an evil tennis demon. It was great.

ETA - The pickles are now in jars, waiting for the pickling liquid to reach syrup consistency. I poked one of the pickles to check on consistency and texture - I wanted them to be soft but not mushy - and then licked my fingers and, wow, you guys, these taste awesome. If you like cantaloupe and pickles, you should totally make these.

I halved the amount of pepper in them and found them exactly spicy enough for my taste, for those of you who want to play the home game, but YMMV.
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I am making dandelion jelly!

I saw a recipe for it in a library book on eating wild plants several months ago and filed the idea away but it's only today that I noticed we had a whole bunch of dandelions blooming out back of our house. So I picked a bunch, made a dandelion tea with them, and I am currently turning that tea into jelly. After which, there will be jelly processing.

The dandelion tea turned out to be a somewhat disquieting dark brown color and the finished product may not be any good at all, but all I will have wasted is time and the money I spent on pectin. And maybe the jelly will be wonderful!

And now, a picture! )
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Today, I am Cooking All The Things.

This morning, I made a Buttered Toast and Jam Pudding, which looks gorgeous. And, right now, I am making Honeyed Chicken Handpies.

Sometimes, I worry about the fact that 90% of all the savory dishes I can make are basically fancy variations on the theme of sandwich. Seriously, I can make excellent bao, bierocks, empanadas, and at least three kinds of meat pie. All of which are basically "meat inside a crust, sometimes with vegetables".

And then I think about the fact that, basically, I eat a lot of sandwiches anyway, so if I can fancy them up and occasionally impress people with them, that is all to the good.

ETA - Okay, I've now properly tasted the pie filling, rather than just smelling it.

You guys. You should make the Honeyed Chicken Pies.
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Today seemed like a pie kind of a day so (because I have meant to make one for quite some time), I have a Schadenfreude pie currently in the oven.

Though, I left out the Kahlua (since I'm not really a coffee person) and added a teaspoon of ginger (because there is nothing that cannot be improved by the addition of ginger, especially not desserts). The uncooked filling tastes amazing, so I have high hopes for the cooked version.
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Yesterday, on a whim, I made this.

It looks totally fun and tastes good (I would make the bread again without coloring it) but you have to knead the bread in order to get the food coloring in. I don't usually knead bread by hand when I bake - I either make no-knead bread or I let the stand mixer do it for me.

This morning, my abs are totally sore. From kneading. If kneading bread is going to provide some sort of muscle-working exercise as well as tasty baked goods, maybe I should hand-knead bread more often.
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This is concert weekend and we provide refreshments, so I am making cookies.

One of the great mysteries of my life is that every cookie recipe I've ever made reliably produces about double the amount of cookies that it's supposed to. I mean, I'm not complaining - more cookies is always better - but it's weird. It's not like I make particularly small cookies or anything.

Martha Stewart especially. Her recipes will say "makes 1 dozen cookies" and I'll inevitably end up with 4 dozen. Woman must make frelling enormous cookies.
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Radish pickles were, in general, a success. I think I would ideally like them a little sweeter, but they have a very nice taste and a very pleasant crunch and are bright pink. So that's exciting. I put some in my lunch today, along with some pumpkin pickles, and they were delicious in combination. Tomorrow, I will try them on a sandwich.

Since today is Tuesday and thus a two-meals-at-work day, I went to the grocery store to buy dinner and stopped in the bulk section to look at dried fruit, because I was out of apricots. And they had new things, so I had to try them. They had dried pluots and dried apples with cinnamon. The pluots were, alas, much too sour for my taste, but I only spent 36 cents on them, so I don't feel bad about not eating them. The apples, on the other hand, are amazing. I mean, dried apples are pretty good on their own, but these are like eating apple pie filling except less messy, more portable, and I can pretend that I'm eating healthy things. Seriously, this is my best dried fruit discovery since the dried cantaloupe.

Today, thus far, is being a very good food day.


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